When kids can start physical training:

General study on kids say that the specific foundation of motor skills, muscular strength, psycho motor ability and sport motor skills start at the age of two. So just as adults, the training can start with the right foundation of strength training with exercise in balance proper form movement.  Kids require regular practices and strategies that must match their age and fitness. Proper diet much be followed along with it.Let’s discuss on when the kids can start the training and how they can maintain their fitness levels.

Kids and Strength training:

In the earliest learning phase, children just learn the fundamentals and try to build their neuromuscular pathways which is needed to coordinate movements. The basic exercises are needed at this phase like bouncing a ball from one hand to another etc. Parents also need to make sure that the movements and exercises come with positive and social experiences. Next, the middle phase is where children need to be introduced to multiple sports activities. They should not be relayed upon one exercise which may leads to burnout, boredom and repetitive motion injuries. This phase is the correct time to teach the children the fundamental of skill movements, strength, endurance, ability and specific sport skills.

The last phase is when kids become teens and they can be get into the more advanced strength and conditioning training. They must be educated with the socializing, building their one’s self esteem, developing their regular and consistent workout on sports. The importance of fitness and workout should be emphasized to further develop attitude that will carry over to adulthood with the emphasis on healthy lifestyle.

Benefits on Kids Training:

Strength training and other exercises are targeted to improve conditioning, movement and overall fitness. Personal trainers must ensure that the kids develop proper form. The more complex exercises put more emphasis on multiple joints, flexibility and complicated muscle co-ordination. Below are important points which are handled by a personal trainer,

  • Exercises should be age appropriate and individualized for each children
  • Needs to start with good form and without weights
  • Exercise should be done with the slow progression
  • Trainers supervise children working out with correct form
  • Need to rest between each exercise
  • Vary exercises to keep kids interested and motivated.

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