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Small Group Boot Camps

Small-Group Boot Camp to improve your fitness and stamina

We, at Ezfit, only do small group boot camps. It’s a minimum of 3 pax and a maximum of 6 pax per class. We do not believe in having big groups as we want the group to know what they are doing is right and at the same time get the fullest attention from the trainer in charge.

Anyone who is interested in getting their hearts thumping, sweating it out with close friends or family members should slot in this. Boot camps help in maintaining your cardio vascular fit to a high level and thus improve your stamina. You can burn anywhere around 500 – 1000 calories in a single session. Primary locations would be Holland Rd, Orchard Rd and East Coast and Sentosa. We conduct sessions either indoor or outdoor at a place of convenience and suitable to our clients.

Our Bootcamps can be both catered for Adults as well as for kids.

Inspiring & Conducting Fitness Outdoor

At Ezfit, we only concentrate on small group boot camp classes. It will be a minimum of 3 pax and it will goes up to 6 pax per class.

We don’t believe in creating big groups as it is difficult to keep track of the exercise form our clients do and at the same time, getting full attention from our experienced trainers becomes difficult.


The primary locations of our boot camps would be Orchard Rd, Holland Rd, Sentosa, and East Coast. In addition, we do sessions either outdoor and indoor at places convenient and suitable for our clients.

Our boot camps are available for both kids as well as adults. (Goal Specific)

Intense Fitness Boot Camp

We design intense programs that help our clients to get in shape as well as to lose weight. Each of the program is inspired by integrating movement patterns which challenges the group to give their best without compromising safety. We call it 3D training. Our boot camp exercises provide participants with long-term as well as short-term benefits.


Sometimes exercising or dieting by yourself can be difficult. Our small boot camp provides the required support by grouping like-minded individuals together. It makes sure that experienced and qualified staff of ours are there to educate, motivate and inspire you to work towards achieving your fitness or health goals.

Are you planning on joining a great boot camp? Just check out what we provide and talk to our boot camp experts.

Program benefit

"Team Ezfit used to run our private boot camp sessions at our residence, Ardmore Park, for myself and my friends. Losing weight, having fun and at your doorstep….what more can a mum ask for? Thank you Vanan and team for your efforts. We miss you guys."
Ezfit Review Ruth Perrin
Ruth Perrin

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