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Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training App for customized workouts

We have come up with an app for this program. We at ezfit just like to do things differently. We do encounter people who want to do their own training but want new ideas with their workouts as well as have someone accountable for. With this app, you are linked up to your trainer real time from any part of the world. No more excuses!

We will load up the programs together with instructional videos so that you know exactly what to do. You may also want to include if you want to do a workout in your hotel room or if you would have access to the gym. By doing so, we can add variety to your workout as well as plan something up where you on your part can say ‘I can do this’.

Highly recommended for jet setters or those who find PT too pricey. This is a fraction of the cost.

Personalized Fitness At Any Place & Anytime

With our fitness app, our clients can be in the best shape and mind all the time. Ezfit Singapore likes to do things differently and it is clear from the various achievements and exercises that we create.

It is common for us to come across various individuals who have no time or knowledge in doing the best exercises. There might be people who like to do their own training at their own convenient time and maybe that time personal trainers or coaches might not be available

Personalized App

With our app, you are directly linked to your trainer in real-time, that too from any part of the word. No more excuses!

Using the app is simple. We will upload all the necessary programs as well as the instructions to make sure that you are aware of the exercises you must do.

The exercises present will be ones that you can do in your home, hotel, or even outdoors. With our interactive exercising app, you can add variety to your workouts as well as plan the best workouts for your body.

Our app is best suitable for jet setters and one who finds PT very expensive.

Do you want to know more features of our app? What are you waiting for?

Call us and talk to our representatives now!

Program benefit

$150 / month (minimum 3 mths subscription)
"As a CFO, I am always on the go. Ezfit has an online personal training program which links up to your phone to make sure you are keeping up with your workouts. It comes with instructional videos so that helps. It’s real-time from anywhere in the world and it keeps me in check of my routine"
Ezfit Review Adine Heydenrych
Nadine Heydenrych

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