24/7 Personal Training in Singapore

Most of us can exercise by ourselves. However, the reality is different. Many of us don’t and end up sitting in the couch with a bag of fries and beer. Hey! There isn’t a shame in getting a beer belly.

But one really needs to dive into the fitness mode to become active and more passionate in life. No doubt, if you really have the intention to make your life healthy and more active, get off the sofa and start making an appointment with a personal trainer/health coach.

Personal Training – Is It That Simple?

It is okay to have a healthy diet plan and DIY training. They really last for a long time and is up to your initial motivation, which won’t last long as you think. Plus, there is this aspect whether the plan that you researched and want to follow will really be the best for your body or not. Such queries can really make you feel dreaded and you really need to keep in mind of the injuries that you had on your knee, shoulder or other body parts.

You might be committed to a particular exercise and diet; still how can you know that you are doing the right one and it will help you to reach to your goals? Here you really need some advice or assistance form an experienced personal trainer so that you can become fitter, stronger and healthier.

Necessity of A Personal Trainers

Irrespective of what your fitness goals are, there are huge benefits in working one-on-one with a personal trainer. Especially if you are planning of losing weight or building muscles, personal trainers will design the entire workout as per your requirements. Fitness and health are the significant aspects of your life and this has increased the necessity of a trainer.

Personal Trainer – Fitness Buddy

Do you know that having a personal trainer is just like having a workout buddy? However, this chump of yours will motivate you and make you accountable for the results that you get. He or she will be entirely different from your normal buddies, as being a personal trainer, he won’t allow you to slack irrespective of how hard you have worked out. Plus, you won’t be able to cheat on the reps under their watchful eyes.

They would even keep track of you and motivate you to do your best and hardest, along with the encouragement of sticking with it. No doubt, personal trainer motivates you to do the hardest exercises and even push you to get to your potential. Just think of your trainer as a personal cheerleader, cheering you irrespective of whether you fail to achieve your daily exercising goals.

Accustom with Diverse Exercising Regime

One of the biggest advantages of having the services of a personal trainer is that you get to mix up your exercising regime. The best part is that you won’t find yourself doing the same exercise every time when you are in the gym. You get fresh and brand-new routines that is filled with new exercises to simply shake up the monotony involved in your daily workouts. So, this will assist in working on those muscles which won’t get the normal attention, and you start to lose weight and gain more muscles, ultimately becoming a healthier individual.

Besides diversifying and changing your workout after each session, your personal trainer will simply tailor the entire exercising routine as per your needs. If you are looking to bulk up or get washboard abs, your personal trainer will ensure that your session will be simply to achieve those goals.

Keep in mind that your exercising regime will differ for each person based on his or her needs like people who exercise to bulk up will have different exercises from ones who want to lose extra fats. The trainer that you choose must be equipped with the required knowledge to make you move in the right direction.

Sometimes exercising on your own might not be a great idea and you even must make sure that you do it in the right manner. If you have a trainer, you can easily make sure that you are going in the right direction where your workouts are maximized and even avoid all kinds of injury. Keep in mind that there isn’t any point in putting all these hard work at the gym if it isn’t done in the right manner.

With the advice of a professional trainer, you can make sure that your body gets adjusted to the correct posture while exercising and you can easily identify the basic difference from a great and good workout. It is all about following a proper technique which can help you to avoid any kind of injuries at the gym. Frankly, it is all about knowing how each of the exercising machine works especially for your safety.

These so-called health coaches aka exercise specialist can easily assist you in achieving your goals by displaying the various progress you have made in each stages. Irrespective of whether you have working out with a trainer many times in a week or simply once each month, the trainer will simply keep track of your fitness and health over time.

This will simply assist in evaluating what you must need to do. It is all about toning up, removing some excess pounds and trying to become a bit healthier compared to the previous version of yourself with the assistance of a trainer. Simply the best part of doing a session with a trainer is that the entire focus will be on you. With the assistance of a personalized trainer, you can easily improve your health.

Advantages of Group Training

Sometimes morning and evenings might not be the best time for you to exercise, as it will be difficult in getting the required motivation. Now the best part of group training is that it provides an extra kind of encouragement to you and the necessary boost that you need to get up and be active while ensuring that your health and fitness is at check.

Some of the basic benefits of group training are given below –

Necessary Motivation

If you are really in the mood for rejuvenating your exercising, then catchy music, fast paced moves, and a friendly instructor filled with huge amount of energy is what you might really need. The best part is that if you are ever in the necessity of pick-me-up, group training, then motivation is the best source. With other people exercising alongside with you, provides the required energy and boost that you need to keep your body moving. Plus, it makes sure that you aren’t falling behind others.

Planned Structure

Keep in mind that when you are on the workout regime, it is necessary to have a well-structure and consistent plan in place. This helps in displaying the required results. By combining your group training session along with the weekly workout routine, you will get the required structure formation that helps in developing the necessary strength, assisting in losing weight and toning your body.

Being Accountable

Like personal training, your group training session will make you accountable for bring in and putting 100% efforts in your daily workout session. There will always be a sense of accountability which you will feel and prevent you from being put inside your home and watching the latest Netflix or back to back Game of Thrones series marathon.

Having Fun

You know what makes working out and exercise better? It is getting exposure to fun and social environment. This is the major reason why individuals prefer group training rather than a lonely gym session. You end up doing variety of exercises that you undertake and there is the advantage of developing camaraderie with fellow exercising individuals, making group training the best way of exercising.

Getting Support

No doubt, both your trainer as well as fellow participants will be always there to support and assist you, all through your sweat session. Frankly, this is the support group which you always need for powering up your exercise regime, making you push a bit more and achieving your fitness and health goals.

Benefits of Having A Personal Trainer

From assisting you to reach your fitness goals to finding out how you can safely exercise, the following are the major benefits of personal training and why it is the best investment you are making in the entire well-being and health –

1. Consistency

The key to success in any program is consistency. By having a personal trainer, you can make yourself accountable and easily overcome the excuses that you might think of, for avoiding the gym. Frankly, it is simply hard to skip the gym when you know that there is someone waiting for you and especially the commitment you have made to them.

2. Motivation

Many of us work harder while in the presences of others as we don’t want to let them down. With a trainer at your side, you can get the required encouragement you wanted and the necessary motivation and energy to push yourself further. Plus, a trainer will assist you in setting realistic goals, developing a plan to achieve them and celebrating the day when you get to that goal.

3. Confidence

No doubt, gym can be quite intimidating. By working with your trainer, you can become more confident and perform exercises, by using machine and navigating the facility. Also, you really need to be careful as an ego boost while exercising can promote a stronger self-confidence and sometimes self-efficacy. This can help you to stick for a longer time with the exercising program on a long term.

4. Getting A Clarity

It is not surprising that for some people fitness can be a bit confusing. You might come across various misleading details that somehow needs to sort out. With the help of the trainer, you will easily find the required credible details and get a clear direction on how well your fitness journey will work out. By using the services of a trainer, you can overcome the guesswork and keep your energy on accomplishing the goals that you can attain.

5. Avoiding Injury

This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a trainer for exercising. You might be new to exercising or will feel that certain movements are quite painful. In such situations, it is worthwhile to go with a trainer so that you can make sure that you are going towards an effective and safe way. By taking some time to be accustomed to proper exercising methods, will surely improve your results and avoid the unnecessary and dangerous injuries.

6. Showering Individual Attention

Regarding fitness, each person’s interest or requirement is different. Keep in mind that your goals, unique body mechanics, likes and dislikes, fitness level will simply help your trainer in devising a plan that is simply specific to your exercising needs. If you have a program that fits, you will easily maintain that habit and get the needful results.

7. Exercising with Medical Condition

Do you know exercising is quite beneficial for managing and preventing most of the basic chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension? But if you are exercising and have some medical condition, then you need to take some additional precautions. With the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, you can enjoy exercising by following a training program that ensures your safety and gives a positive exercising experience.

8. Sports-Specific Training

Are you planning to go for a backpacking trip or any competition? You might be shaving some good strokes off the golf tournament. Your experienced trainer will provide you a fitness program which is specific to the sport you are playing, thereby improving your performance and lowering the chances of getting injured in the event.


Getting 24/7 personal trainer in Singapore is easy. There are various gyms and fitness companies that provide or employ personal trainers who assist you in your workouts. The only aspect you must do is make sure that you select one who is experienced and is the best.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.