What We Do

Fitness and Health Coaching

Ezfit is a holistic health and fitness company providing solutions to our clients. Our goal is to educate and get clients to enjoy the journey. Fitness shouldn’t be boring.

*15 Min Phone Consultation

Personal Training & Health Coaching

At EzFit Singapore, we provide total health and fitness solutions leading to best weight-loss, strength-gains, and active lifestyle. We provide our clients workouts that are customized to their needs.

Personal Training For Kids & Teenagers

We help to create a positive impact on the health of your children through our training program. Our exercising regime is filled with fun ways, thereby increasing their enthusiasm to become fit.

Health workshop and Corporate Talks

EzFit Singapore provides customized corporate wellness solutions that make your employees healthy. Also, through our exercising regime, we help employees lead a healthier lifestyle.

Online Training Programs

Through our online training app, our clients can do workouts anywhere. Also, they can easily practice the required workouts at their own convenience.

“I miss my training sessions! My hubby, Chris, and myself used to train with Vanan while we were living in SG. Vanan got my bad posture fixed while as for chris, he strengthened his weak lower back muscles so that he could go back to playing basketball. That’s what I call being objective & terrific.”

Tessa Myers