Personal Training & Health Coaching for Adults

We provide personalised training to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s total fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning or improved sports performance. Our pride lies in guiding you towards your objectives, with flexible doorstep fitness sessions at your preferred time.

*15 Min Phone Consultation

Being Fit & Healthy Through Fitness Goals & Exercising

We offer Health coaching for total fitness, fat-loss, strength and conditioning, and improving sports performance. Here you set the goals and we help you to achieve them. We take great pride and privilege to play a major part in guiding you to your health goals.

Convenience at its best

Just think about it! You won’t have to commute to and from the gym. You won’t need to pack the gym bag or face the evening crowd and stuffed locker rooms. With our personalized gym coaches and trainers, you can work out any time – day or night, whenever it is convenient for you. We are Singapore’s first 24/7 private PT company.

Embrace Your Fitness Journey With Us

Right from the first session, we will find out your starting point as well as your required fitness goals. Once those things are done, we will work along with you to create the most appropriate and customized workout plan for achieving your goals.

Our services include:

$1800 for a block of 10 sessions
$200 for a single session

*15 Min Phone Consultation

“Revitalize your fitness journey with EZFit! As a Canadian makeup artist managing a hectic schedule and two hip replacements, Vanan’s tailored gym and pool sessions have been a game-changer, ensuring peak performance for high-profile photo shoots and celebrity clients.”

Andrea Claire

Other Ezfit's Specialised Programs

Rehab & Recover Program

At Ezfit Singapore, we provide unique sports physical therapy approach, both to injury rehabilitation and prevention, thereby helping you to get back in the game and remain fit. Our trainers provide extensive care to athletes all around the continuum of the care.

Pre & Post Natal Program

Being a women’s fitnes provider, we provide effective and safe pre and post natal program at every stage of mothers. We help mothers on their unique fitness journey and guide them with specialized techniques and knowledge related to pregnancy.

Yoga & Pilates Program

We provide the best yoga and pilates program that help you to be calm and find peace in today’s highly stressful lifestyle. This is done in the comfort of your own homes.