Tessa Myers



I miss my training sessions! My hubby, Chris, and myself used to train with Vanan while we were living in SG. Vanan got my bad posture fixed while as for chris, he strengthened his weak lower back muscles so that he could go back to playing basketball. That’s what I call being objective & terrific.

Sherry McIntosh



High stress levels isn’t good for anyone. I decided to work with Yi Nuo from Ezfit to focus on flexibility and breathing techniques. I must say I have got more flexible with just a few months of training and I am better at managing stress. We need to respect our body and I am glad I have taken the right step forward.

Andrea Claire



Being a celebrity hair & makeup stylist is demanding. Plus the fact that I have had a hip replacement done makes it even tougher. Thank god I met Vanan through a mutual friend, whom now I train with Regularly with gym and pool rehab sessions to keep me up and about during my photo shoots and assignments. There aren’t a lot of trainers who do rehab work in Singapore fyi.

Sudheer Vijapurapu



Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure, I know I had to make a change in life. Azmi from Ezfit is a great motivator and a coach as he has guided me to higher energy levels and a slimmer me! These guys are bespoke and they care about you most imporatantly.

Jasmine Chyle



Four months of training and I’ve shed 7 kilos plus 3 inches off my waist, tum and hips. That totals to 9 inches off my body. The best part is my weight loss is maintained. Vanan is so motivating that he just keeps me going. So I would strongly recommend EZ FIT to anyone that wants to lose weight and feel good.

Anand Tharmaratnam


I have been working out with Vanan from EzFit since 2005. Great professional whom puts in a lot of passion into his work. My sessions are done at my doorstep and worked around my hectic travel schedule. You won’t have regrets working out with the EzFit Team.

Glenn Williams



EzFit partnered up with Blackbox Negotiators to bring in Fitness programs for my executive team for AXA during our retreat. We learnt more about ourselves through the program as well were educated on what to do going forward. Thumbs up!

Ruth Perrin



Team Ezfit used to run our private boot camp sessions at our residence, Ardmore Park, for myself and my friends. Losing weight, having fun and at your doorstep….what more can a mum ask for? Thank you Vanan and team for your efforts. We miss you guys.

Nadine Heydenrych



As a CFO, I am always on the go. Ezfit has an online personal training program which links up to your phone to make sure you are keeping up with your workouts. It comes with instructional videos so that helps. It’s real time from anywhere in the world and it keeps me in check of my routine.

Shao Ming



School is stressful but I need to keep fit so that I can concentrate on my schoolwork and shooting which I do as a CCA. Thank you coach Azmi for helping me get fitter and stronger although I can get lazy at times.

Being more flexible at 60 is great.

– Kyung-Ae Lee

I could climb up the stairs without catching my breath.

– Gary Dwor Frecaut

Lost weight & inches! What more can a woman ask for?

– Jasmine Kaur Chyle

My workouts are always different!

– June Mahadevan

I have more energy to handle the corporate world

– Helen Wong

I have my sessions at 10pm.Dedication to their work is Ezfit

– Shiran Dias

Vanan unlocked my sluggish metabolism!

– Janine Hill

Team Ezfit comes to my condo in the wee hours and takes care of my needs to being fit without compromising safety

– Pauline Goei

No one I know in Singapore trains anyone past midnight time. Vanan does that for myself and my hubby as we run a business and the only time we have is before sleep. You can’t hide from him
– Aditi Nayak & Vinod Menon
Reliable health coach whom I have been training with for years. Plus, I get to eat my cheat meals

– Jannifer Ang

My problematic back is so much stronger thanks to Ezfit’s Training

– Cameron fiddler

I have so much energy at work and have lost 10kg in the last 6 months. Thank you Yi Nuo & Vanan

– Sherry McIntosh

Diversity and flexibility to my work schedule. I have no excuse not to exercise

– Tracy Philips

I used to hate squats but Vanan has got me to squat more than my bodyweight in a good manner.Now that’s what I call a terrific Motivator

– Aditya Kumar

I hate to wake up early but sessions with Ezfit, I actually look forward to getting up early for my sessions and I dearly miss my fun sessions as I am in UK right now.

– Sonali Kewalramani

I had high bp,cholesterol,stress etc.You name it. A year working with Vanan and my reports are all good. I wished I had started earlier

– Jay Jhaveri

Azmi teaches me how to lift the weights properly and how to exercise and eat right. A regular 13 year old won’t know this. Thanks Coach

– Shao Ming

Eating right and learning about nutrition from Mr V was worth my training fees. I could drop from 49kg to 43kg

– Shan Yee

I come down and my trainer is already there at my Residence.

–Angelique Teo

Team Ezfit takes care of my own family’s well being, including my wife and my 3 sons.

– Dr. Anand