Online Training Programs

We help to keep our clients engaged and accountable for the fitness regime that they follow with our training app. At EzFit Singapore, we deliver an experience to our clients like never before to motivate and inspire them to stay healthy.

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Online Personalized Training App For Customized Workouts

We developed this app to help people that want to do workouts differently as there are many individuals that want to do their own training. Also, they want new ideas with their workouts as well as have someone accountable for.

Personalized Fitness At Any Place & Anytime

It is common to come across various individuals that have no time or knowledge of the best exercising regime to follow. With our online training app, people can do the fitness training of their choice as per their convenience.

Personalized App

With our app, you are directly linked to your trainer in real-time, that too from any part of the word.

Using the app is simple. We will upload all the necessary programs as well as the instructions to make sure that you are aware of the exercises you must do.

The exercises present will be ones that you can do in your home, hotel, or even outdoors. With our interactive exercising app, you can add variety to your workouts as well as plan the best workouts for your body.

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Our services include:

$450 for 3 months(minimum requirement)

*15 Min Phone Consultation