Online Personal Training in Singapore

Online Personal Training in Singapore

Sometimes you do not have the motivation to get up. At times when you move, it feels non-existent, and sometimes you will not be knowing what to do at your gym or whether you would need to level up your workouts. Whatever it is, technology has always a method to assist you.

Opting for online personal training can provide the kick to start living an active and healthy lifestyle. However, is online personal training in Singapore as good as face-to-face training? Do you think it is worth to pay for any exercising regime that you watch on your smartphone or laptop?

Online Personal Training – Making Your Life Healthier

Like one-on-one training that you do in person, in the online training, the workouts are tailor-made as per your goals and fitness levels. However, how you select the best training course or material and trainers, entirely depends on your choice.

For example, if you are using any kind of apps, you get access to various coaches that develop the customized program. Not only that, but you also get to share your experiences and goals related to your exercise in such apps and even the trainers will be able to formulate the plan. Most importantly, you can send messages regarding your progress back and forth and even provide details of the exercises that you are comfortable with.

There is another method of doing online personal training and this comes from the coach. Do you know that various trainers provide services outside of their gym or studio? The best part is that you can take personal training wherever you want. Just think of it as a direct-to-consumer training model.

Here the trainer will develop a huge month-long based program filled with reps, exercises, and sets. Also, they will be providing instructional videos on how to do each of the moves in your program. They will even check your progress virtually all through the month and provide answers to your queries and concerns.

Hence, in a nutshell, online coaching is nothing but when you are getting online nutrition and fitness coaching from a nutrition or fitness coach. These will be done through the training videos or online dashboards present in the fitness app that is managed by your coach.

As soon as you have the coach that is apt for you, make the necessary contact, and discuss exactly what your goals are. You can find out and explain your personal needs and limitations to such coaches. Based on that, they would write a program and even work along with you in achieving your goals.

If you check, there are plenty of online training program in Singapore. Among them, some provide hybrid services that are a mixture of an online and face-to-face session.

Benefits of Online Personal Training Courses

The pros of online personal training courses outweigh the cons. Some of the major benefits are – 

Gaining Access to A Personalized Coaches

As you are online, you have great access to personalized coaches compared to what you are getting during the face-to-face session. Just think about it. You might be getting the 3x PT session in a week. This would be hugely expensive and besides that, you would be seeing your coach only for three hours a week.

However, with online coaching, it is different. You get access to your personalized coach anything and anywhere. Most importantly, you have the chance to be in contact with them and ask a lot about your training session, the program that is present to you, the feedback you got, the nutrition consist of meal prep, diet recommendations, recipes, etc.

Convenience of Training at Your Own Space

Sometimes it can be tough to organize yourself during the best of times. Let alone, it can be a difficult task if you are trying to fit some extra trips to the training studio or gym so that you can get some workouts in your day-to-day life. Of course, it can sometimes be intimidating to work out in a gym.

Along with this, lies the cost involved in the gym subscription, making an extra payment to the trainer, etc. By this time, your stress level would have skyrocketed, and you would feel that it would be hard to achieve it.

With online training, you get to train right from the convenience of your home, office, park, or anywhere you are feeling comfortable. Most people really like working right in their convenience and even find the best method of making their training fit into their lifestyle. Of course, each person’s routine is different.

Irrespective of whether it is a short session right in the morning or a tiny session in the evening, you can even add a full session after working or even during your lunch break. Here the more flexibility you have, the easier and enjoyable it is going to be for you to hit your daily exercising goals. Hence, your session ends up in being your mini break and that too for thirty minutes each day, thereby making you focus on your health. Ultimately, it is your body, your space, and happiness.

Timesaving and Management

With the convenience of training anywhere you are comfortable, there is no doubt that online training will save a lot of your time. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a lot of time just organizing the pickup and drops off your kids, going to your gym studio, or wasting time in planning, thinking when you can get fit into the session.

Here the only time you would spend is jumping into your comfortable training costume, finding the perfect space, and beginning your session. Well, this might sound something that is not easy, but the simplicity of online training makes it the best way for you to take care of yourself and your body.

Being Cost-Effective

Have you ever checked the cost of having a private session? Sometimes it can be quite steep. A single 30-45-minute session might be around $100-$200. It would not be a great cost-effective option.

In addition, there is a cost involved in traveling to and from the training area. Let us face it, the transportation cost irrespective of whether it is private, or public is not getting cheaper. The best part of online personal training is that you get more time as well as support from coaches each week and that too without having to pay high rates.

How Can You Know Whether Online Personal Training Is Apt for You?

Whenever you are opting for your personalized training, just think about your fitness level. Sometimes you might be new to working out and exercising, in such a case you might gain benefit from the in-person training.

It is important for beginners to get some help in correcting their form and exercising regime. This will easily help you to avoid any kind of injuries and make you get your goals faster.

Plus, if you are only planning to show up to workouts when you are having a set of appointments, then you might have to skip the virtual method and go for training at the gym. However, some people would have the self-motivation to go to the gym, and they might be overwhelmed in having their own virtual training. In such a case, this would be greatly helpful.

Furthermore, you might not be having any gym in your area, leading you to have a huge amount of trouble in achieving your goals. You would have been busting your move on your own or would be having a jam-packed schedule. In such a case, you would need a workout that you can easily squeeze out. In such situations, online personal training can be the best option.

How to Get the Best Online Training and Coaching Centre In Singapore?

The first and foremost thing you would need to do while selecting for a good online trainer or coaching centre is their certification. It is important that these online personal training centres and coaches need to get certification from recognized councils and centres.

If you want to really make sure about their certification, you can simply ask them. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with asking the trainer to send in their certification proof and even to prove it. Various influencers are not certified, and you must ensure this. Furthermore, you need to make sure that they are continually educating themselves to keep up with the stamp of expertise.

Sometimes you might be having certain specialized requirements like the post or pre-natal or any kind of specific injuries or even goals like getting stronger or finishing a half marathon. In such cases, you really would have to consider the specialization of your trainer and even whether they have in-depth knowledge in such areas.

How to Make the Most of Your Online Personalized Training Program In Singapore?

When you are meeting the personal trainer, he or she should ask in-dept questions regarding you, your goals, and the history of exercises that you do. Here you need to be as much specific as possible when it concerns defining your goals.

Sometimes it might be to incorporate running or learning some specific kind of moves like jump squat or pull-up.

Once you get your program, just make sure that it is matching or continues to match your goals. Also, it would need to match your fitness level. Here all you need to think or care about is whether it is getting the individual attention that you always wanted.

Generally, you would want to see a balance between lower and upper body exercises as well as the core ones. Plus, it involves mobility in the work and even variety among various programs. Furthermore, the plan needs to progress each week.

In case you are falling flat on what you are planning to achieve through online coaching, then never be afraid of speaking up. Here your workout is what you make even if it involved in training virtually.

Why Online Personal Training Can Be the Next Big Thing?

Many people like expert trainers and medical experts feel that online personal trainers are the next big thing. Some people feel that it is better than conventional personal training. The following are the insights you must know from the perspective of trainees and trainers.

Benefits from Trainee Perspective

There is no doubt that some trainees would be having ego issues. Hence, they would be shy or hesitant in asking for assistance or doubts from personal trainers. This can be regarding the form and techniques for doing a exercise. Well, the concept of personal training is to overcome such hindrances among trainers and trainees.

In personal training, the trainee will get access to the trainer 24 hours compared to the conventional training method where the trainers would be accessible only for an hour or until he or she is present on the gym floor.

Benefits from Trainers Perspective

Of course, online personal training in Singapore is the best cost-effective method of reaching maximum individuals. This further assists the trainers in reaching many geographical areas that are difficult to travel.

Basically, in the traditional method of training and exercising, the trainer would need to block his or her time slot for a trainee. Whereas in the online personal training, trainers have no constraint and their reach gets amplified hugely.

No doubt, even though there are ample benefits of online personal training, still it is a great idea if you are aware of your trainer and the personalized exercise that you are going to do.

Do not Wait! Just Go On

Ultimately you have decided to go on the route for a healthy lifestyle. Online personalized training can be a great deal-breaker as you have the best trainers and exercises right at your fingertips. Most importantly, you do not have to leave your home or office to do the exercises. That is not only economical but even affordable for you as these online training exercises are budget friendly.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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