4mths Holistic Health Program

Lazy to go to the gym? Everything has been downhill in terms of health for the past 5-10 years? If these were few of the reasons you always gave yourself as an excuse, then we have the solution for you. We have come up with a 120 days program which focuses on exercise, proper nutrition & lifestyle changes which you can do from the luxury of your home.

The only commitment we want from you is to be disciplined for 4mths to see the change in a holistic way. We require you to do a before, during and after photoshoot at your own privacy so that it’s legit for both parties.

I think the other biggest issue everyone has is we give all sort of excuses rather than to commit to a program. You will not be starving in this program rest assured. It is about eating the right stuff and learning the balance of food, exercise and lifestyle balance to have a complete holistic approach. Lastly, as the program’s title suggests, we want you to look & great going forward. Photos do not lie, and we want to help you achieve that fitter and sexier YOU.

$5999/4 months Program

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Program Benifits

  • Lose inches
  • Lower your bodyfat levels
  • Look better in photos
  • Learn what works for you
  • Learn to exercise & eat right
  • Integrate it into lifestyle
Sudheer Vijapurapu



Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure, I know I had to make a change in life. Azmi from Ezfit is a great motivator and a coach as he has guided me to higher energy levels and a slimmer me! These guys are bespoke and they care about you most imporatantly.

Extra Read

  • This is meant for individuals who want a customized program for themselves. It will look into exercise, food & lifestyle habits.
  • Your program is geared up for long term sustainability
  • Home based & picture taking before & after will reveal success.