Fit for photo Program

No time to go to the gym? PT being too expensive? Too lazy to step out from home? If these were few of the reasons you always gave yourself as an excuse, then we have the solution for you. We have come up with a 63 day program which focuses on exercise and proper nutrition which you can do from the luxury of your home.

The only commitment we want from you is to be disciplined for 63 days to see the change in physique. We require you to do a before, during and after photoshoot at your own privacy so that it’s legit for both parties. You will have a dedicated FB private group for all communication and we advise everyone to be positive as negativity is strictly prohibited.

I think the other biggest issue everyone has is we give all sort of excuses rather than to commit to a program. You will not be starving in this program rest assured. It is about eating the right stuff and learning the balance of food, exercise and rest to have a complete holistic approach. Lastly, as the program’s title suggests, we want you to look great in your future photos. Photos do not lie and we want to help you achieve that fitter and sexier YOU.

$500/63 day Program

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Program Benifits

  • Lose weight
  • Lower your body fat levels
  • Look better in photos
  • Better time management
  • Learn to exercise and eat right
  • At home solution
Sudheer Vijapurapu



Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure, I know I had to make a change in life. Azmi from Ezfit is a great motivator and a coach as he has guided me to higher energy levels and a slimmer me! These guys are bespoke and they care about you most imporatantly.

Extra Read

  • This program is for one who does not work hard or makes excuses when wanting to workout. Follow the procedure with the help of the coach to get fit.
  • Have a group of like-minded individuals supporting each other.
  • Home based and picture taking before and after will reveal your success.