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Home Based Personal Training

Home based personal training services at your doorstep

We offer personal training for total fitness, fat-loss, strength and conditioning, improved sports performance. You set your goals and we will help you achieve them! We take great pride and privilege to play a prominent part in guiding you to your goal. Let us motivate you to start on a program in which you see results. We bring the fitness to your doorstep at your preferred time. Furthermore, we keep updating and upgrading our techniques and we also use the latest fitness tools in the market to give you the best results and variety.

Now here are some of the basic reasons why one would need to have services of personal trainer. The first thing that you need to is that a good personal trainer would design the required fitness programs which can easily meet the required needs. Every individual is unique and there are various goals. This means that one particular size will not fit or be the perfect workout which you often see in most of the magazines. So, if you want to achieve any results quicker, then choosing a health coach at Ezfit Singapore is the best option that you have.

Convenience at its best

Just think about it! You won’t have to commute to and from the gym. You won’t need to pack the gym bag or face the evening crowd and stuffed locker rooms. With our personalized gym coaches and trainers, you can work out any time – day or night, whenever it is convenient for you. We are Singapore’s 1st 24/7 private PT company.

Embrace your fitness journey!
We will plan everything for you

Right from the first session, we will find out your starting point as well as your required physical fitness goals. Once those things are done, we will work together to develop the most appropriate and customized workout plan for achieving your goals.

One of the major reasons why people in Singapore, prefer EzFit over other traditional and personal training service providers is because we prepare our customers to achieve success. We provide all the necessary equipment and training tools you need and take them with us when we leave. Hence, this helps you to save money on various gym equipment, and you can avoid cluttering your home and garage with exercising equipment.

Our services include:

To know more about the best personalized training services, talk to our representatives now.

Program benefit

$130 - $170 / session
" I have been working out with Vanan from EzFit since 2005. Great professional who puts in a lot of passion into his work. My sessions are done at my doorstep and worked around my hectic travel schedule. You won’t have regrets working out with the EzFit Team"
Ezfit Review Anand Tharmaratnam
Anand Tharmaratnam

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