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Kids Personal Trainer Singapore

Helping Kids To Enjoy Exercise & Develop Their Overall Well-Being

Our personal trainers will help your children to modify their dietary aspects. As a routine our personal trainer Singapore will help your kids to learn healthy behaviours including fun fitness activities. These trainers will teach your children to manage weight issues, sports performance and healthy eating habits. Working with our personal trainer will be a safe environment for the children to get in shape without being embarrassed. Our health coach will teach them to exercise safely, effectively and most importantly guidance will be given in using machines. Because using machines imperfectly and following wrong techniques can be dangerous. This kind of training will be taught by the health coach till they develop a habit of exercise on their own. Our health coach will help your children to fine tune their performance in sports. Athletes often need specialised training and kids who are interested in high performance need a special guidance from a professional trainer to strengthen their body and to shield them from injuries. These trainers are experts and will help, motivate and guide your children throughout the training.

Committed & Experienced Singapore Personal Trainers

Our certified personal trainers are extensively committed to bringing a change in your kid’s life using the power of positive encouragement and reinforcement. At Ezfit, our certified trainers will assist your kids on how to play games, exercise in many ways to make their growing body fitter, educate on learning new habits to have a healthier lifestyle and become overall fit. As a parent, you will easily see the huge difference in your kids’ social behaviour and self-esteem.

Benefits Of Our Kid’s Training

Perfect Solution For Working & Busy Parents, Kids Personal Training

In the current modern world, parents are juggling various responsibilities like home, work and kids. Here time is the real issue.

With our kid’s personalized training session, you won’t need to make time in your schedule to take them out to the park or play sports. Most importantly, you don’t have to exercise with them. The best part is that you know the training is home-based and you don’t have to worry about logistics like travel time and who should be picking up my child.

Do You Think Kids Personal Training Is Good For Your Kids?

Sometimes kids can feel embarrassed or awkward and even self-conscious while exercising with other children. Well, this is precisely true if your kid is overweight. Sometimes they might make various excuses to get out of exercising at school. However, with personal trainer services, the trainer will work with your kid individually. Hence, your child gets the whole attention and the entire workout will be tailored to suit the little one’s requirements. Our personalized kids training programs are safe, fun, and promote good body awareness using carefully chosen exercises. These will use the bodyweight of the child as opposed to lifting weights and machines. Being more functional will lead to a happier, healthier and more confident child. Still eager to know more about how your kid can be fit and healthy?
Just drop a mail or speak to our personal trainers right away.

Program benefit

"School is stressful but I need to keep fit so that I can concentrate on my schoolwork and shooting which I do as a CCA. Thank you, coach Azmi, for helping me get fitter and stronger although I can get lazy at times."
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?
Working with a personal trainer ensures safety for clients and learning the right way to do exercises. A trainer will move you along with constant progress and be held accountable for.
What is your training philosophy?
Our training philosophy is to keep exercise fun and for our clients. clients be better equipped with knowledge and also to reach their goals.
What can I expect from a typical training session?
Sessions are customized for each unique client. It will include a warm-up, strength, cardio and flexibility components. People see are for different reasons hence a session is geared towards their set goals.
What should I do if I'm injured during a personal training session?
Your trainer on hand will handle the situation. As far as we are concerned, we always put our client’s safety as a top priority. Hence, there shouldn’t be any injuries.
What are your qualifications and experience?
All trainers are certified from the Ezfit team. The difference is in regards to experience and sub specializations as all of them have different niche.
What are some common mistakes that people make when working with a personal trainer?

Not being regular with trainings, not altering their eating habits, not sleeping enough and also bad communication with your trainer. Trainers are here to help you with any questions or doubts you have.

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