Personal Training for Kids

Our personal trainers will help your children to modify their dietary aspects. As a routine our personal trainer will help your kids to learn healthy behaviours including fun fitness activities. These trainers will teach your children to manage weight issues, sports performance and healthy eating habits. Working with our personal trainer will be a safe environment for the children to get in shape without being embarrassed.

Our health coach will teach them to exercise safely, effectively and most importantly guidance will be given in using machines. Because using machines imperfectly and following wrong techniques can be dangerous. This kind of training will be taught by the health coach till they develop a habit of exercise on their own. Our health coach will help your children to fine tune their performance in sports. Athletes often need specialised training and kids who are interested in high performance need a special guidance from a professional trainer to strengthen their body and to shield them from injuries. These trainers are experts and will help, motivate and guide your children throughout the training.


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Program Benifits

  • Increase confidence
  • Improve posture
  • Injury prevention
  • Weight management
  • Work on balance and agility
  • More energy in school
Shao Ming



School is stressful but I need to keep fit so that I can concentrate on my schoolwork and shooting which I do as a CCA. Thank you coach Azmi for helping me get fitter and stronger although I can get lazy at times.

Extra Read

  • High Physical fitness levels in children make their bodies fit and it also energizes their brain.
  • Jumping is an activity which makes kids more enthusiastic and at the same time getting their muscles more robust.
  • Kids are generally natural runners. However, they need special care, encouragement, attention, proper footwear and training to make them the best.
  • Sit ups are generally given as a punishment in school. It is one of the best exercises to do to keep them fit and at their best. The core is worked and thus making it stronger and efficient.
  • Extra charges apply for sessions conducted from 10pm to 6am

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