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Postural Correction Program

Postural Correction Program to take away pain from your life

It is so common nowadays for us to see a lot of Adults and teenagers with bad posture. We have integrated ourselves with modern technology like the smartphones and tablets which do offer their pros and cons. 3 muscle groups that get affected the most are your shoulders, hip and core. For a client, it means that you can train longer and harder without having any pain.

Shoulder issue arises from a few factors like driving, excessive usage of smartphones or computers, carrying your bag on 1 side of your shoulder. You may argue that these are daily chores need to be done but we can advise you on changes to be made so that you don’t end up in pain.

Learn how to activate your TA (transverse abdominus) is crucial. Learning more about your spine may help you reduce lower back pain. Hip flexors are also very important in our daily life as we walk half the time. Being flexible and strong in these muscles are a must.

Let us help you take away the pain from your daily life so that you can do things more at ease. It is not going to be an easy fix as it is a habit but you definitely will appreciate the pain free movements which you used to have.

Pain-Less Free Posture Correction

Nowadays, it is common to see a lot of adults and teenagers with bad postures. Our day to day life is integrated with modern techs like tablets and smartphones, providing us with the required pros and cons. One of the major disadvantages would be bad posture.

Bad Posture - A Bad & Unhealthy Life

There are three major muscle groups affected by bad posture – hip, shoulder, and core. With our singapore postural correction program, our clients can get stronger and reduce any nagging pains.

Bad Shoulder

As per our health coaches and experts, bad shoulder is caused due to certain facts like driving, excessive usage of computers or smartphones, and even carrying your bag always on one side of your shoulder. Of course, you might feel that these are daily chores however, with proper correction you can make the necessary changes which will make you pain-free.

What We Offer

Through our singapore postural correction program, you learn to activate your TA (Transverse Abdominis) which is one of the crucial body parts. By learning more about your spine, you will lower the chances of getting back pain. In addition, hip flexors are significant in our day-to-day life as we often walk half the time. We have extensive programs and exercises to make your hips complex move better. It is important for people to be strong and flexible as such muscles play a major part in your day-to-day life. Allow us to take away the unwanted pains from your day-to-day life. Enjoy and do things more freely.

Program benefit

$150 - $170 / session
"I miss my training sessions! My hubby, Chris, and I used to train with Vanan while we were living in SG. Vanan got my bad posture fixed while as for Chris, he strengthened his weak lower back muscles so that he could go back to playing basketball. That’s what I call being objective & terrific"
Tessa Myers

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