Rehab Training

Our goal is to bring your fitness back to where you were before the injury. Before starting the rehabilitation you should seek the doctor’s advice to make sure your injury is amply recovered. Rehabilitation in the first level should be taken slowly to gain confidence and strength. This training will teach you how to build up safe and effective post rehabilitative fitness exercises for clients with various limitations that are recovering from a variety of injuries, disease and treatments.

If an injured person requires a session with the therapist/physio/doctor it will be arranged. The therapist and the trainer will work together to direct the client. The swiftness of your rehabilitation will depend on your age and strength at the time of the injury. Doing exercises on your own will create further injuries; with the help of a personal trainer it will be easy to improve your condition. All our trainers are well qualified and will work with your personal doctors to make certain that the things are done in an efficient and safely manner.


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Program Benifits

  • Professional link-up with doctors and physios
  • Speed up recovery process
  • Back to pre-injury state
  • Progression techniques taught
  • Increasing confidence
  • How to prevent future injuries
Andrea Claire



Being a celebrity hair & makeup stylist is demanding. Plus the fact that I have had a hip replacement done makes it even tougher. Thank god I met Vanan through a mutual friend, whom now I train with Regularly with gym and pool rehab sessions to keep me up and about during my photo shoots and assignments. There aren’t a lot of trainers who do rehab work in Singapore fyi.

Extra Reading

  • We work with Doctors, physios and therapists to identify muscle imbalance so as to aid recovery process from the perspective injuries. Constant communication will ensure if the injury is healed or not. This also helps the client to build on their strength and confidence level.
  • Working with a qualified personal trainer after recovering from the injury makes sure you don’t push yourself too much too fast.
  • Levels of progression will be taken care by the personal trainer.
  • Extra charges apply for sessions conducted from 10pm to 6am