Pre & Post Natal

We help to promote exceptional physical and mental recuperation among postpartum mothers and their newborns, thereby elevating the cherished bond they share. 

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Enhance Strength & Fitter Lifestyle with Pre & Post Natal Program

Strengthening the muscles located in the limbo-pelvic-hip complex is important during pregnancy. Our experienced fitness and nutrition experts will assist throughout the pregnancy period to ensure that you have a safe delivery. They will work on doing back exercises for you with regards to the different body changes you go through during the different trimesters.

Assisting Expected Mothers to Be Fit During & After Childbirth

As one of the pioneering personal healthcare service providers, Ezfit Singapore provides an effective and safe fitness program to expectant mothers. Through our exercising regime, we make sure that mommies-to-be are at their peak level of fitness when it is the time for the delivery. Flexibility and strength are the major ones that contribute to a positive delivery experience and helps in easier recovery.

Why Ezfit Singapore?

Experienced Personal Coaches & Trainers

Our experienced personal trainers will prepare a customized pregnancy fitness program. This will help you to gain the required stamina and strength for the delivery and labor, alleviate pregnancy pains and aches, improve sleep and mood patterns, reduces anxiety and fatigue, increase energy levels as well as muscle tone. All these are done from the comfort of your home.

Major Benefits of Our Prenatal & Postnatal Exercises

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Our services include:

$1800 for a block of 10 sessions
$200 for a single session

*15 Min Phone Consultation