Rehab & Recover Program

At Ezfit Singapore, we provide a state-of-the-art rehab services specialized in all aspects of physical health including physical therapy, rehabilitation and nutrition. Our licensed professionals help to promote overall wellbeing of our clients that strengthen their body and mind.

*15 Min Phone Consultation

Getting You Back on Healthy Track

Being an experienced fitness company, our goal is to bring your fitness back to where you were before getting injured. Before starting the rehabilitation procedure, you would need to seek the advice of your doctor to ensure your injury is amply recovered. Also, our qualified trainers will work with your doctors to ensure the recovery program is efficient and done in a safe manner.

Rehabilitation - A Slow & Steady Process

Rehabilitation should be done slowly, so that one can gain a good amount of confidence and strength. Our trainers will help you to do effective and safe post- surgery rehab exercises, especially if you are recovering from various injuries, and treatments.

Expert Rehab Trainers

Our experienced rehabilitation trainers have been in the business of treating individuals suffering from chronic pain to catastrophic injuries for many years. At Ezfit Singapore, we help individuals in reducing their pain. With the assistance of our experienced health coaches, our clients’ can easily improve their condition.

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Our services include:

*15 Min Phone Consultation