Yoga & Pilates

From dynamic vinyasa flow to general and gentle restorative practices, we provide finest yoga and Pilates classes that fit your requirements. At Ezfit Singapore, our yoga and Pilates instructors combine their deep knowledge and professionalism to create fun class environment that enhances strength, mindfulness, flexibility, and overall well-being.

*15 Min Phone Consultation

Yoga and Pilates as Per Your Interest and Needs

Being a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, yoga is all about breath control, simple meditation and adoption of specific bodily postures for finest health and relaxation. Learning to breathe deeply is a different exercise which the normal individuals are not accustomed to.

Gaining Inner Peace

With our yoga and Pilates programs, clients can reduce their stress and physical pain through simple breathing control, meditation and following specific bodily postures.

Our services include:

$1500 for a block of 10 sessions
$170 for a single session

*15 Min Phone Consultation