3 Minute Intense Core Workout

Recently, there are various researches which have shown that a relatively short term exercising (intense exercising) can provide a lot of health and fitness benefits. Even if the exercising is done for few minutes or hours in a day, still it is similar in terms of the results and energy which conventional exercises provide. A three minute intense core workout or high intensity training (HIT) for a week or a month will show the desired and significant changes in a person’s health.

Now the question is how does this work? To put in simple terms, the HIT consist of hard exercising movements which uses a lot of muscle tissues when compared to the classic and struggling aerobic exercise. While doing a HIT, you are using not only the muscles of the leg, but even the upper body like the shoulder and arm. By this about 80% of the body’s muscles and cells get rejuvenated and activated. This is better in comparison of the 20-45% in walking, moderate and intense cycling as well as jogging.

However, how is this HIT going to work is still depending on the genetic makeup an individual has. Most people often believe or assume that exercising will people in the same manner. This is nothing but an overs implication when one realizes the less exercising he or she is doing and still is able to digest the oversimplification. This is common in doing small exercise and you can easily get away with and still be healthy.

Somewhat it is truly nice and amazing and even if aerobic fitness is quite significant. In addition, maintain and improving the current level of insulin is great. So, there is no doubt that a good insulin plays a great role in the significant aspects of having an optimal health. Previously researches were done to show that how much effective three minute workout was. This particular research or video was shown for 20 minutes along with high intensity workout which showed on how exercising helps in developing body and mental health.

A good timely investment if you at least keep aside that one hour per month is something which keeps and controls the diabetics and helps in providing a slower and steady exercising which takes about more than one hour, when done for two months. A virtual exercise or environment is all which is needed. No need for any kind of physical existence of a gym or equipment for doing exercise. A person can easily do all the given intense training followed by professionals as and when he is free. A simply walking or running outside or outdoors is what would recumbent the elliptical machine and bike.

Frankly, exercising is a great means of occupying yourself and helps in being involved in something that keeps you less tiring and more interested. The fitter you become, the more energized and active your lifestyle is. It is much better to live a healthy life rather than keeping yourself always in the lookout of any disease or illness taking over you.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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