5 Natural Fat Burners

5 Natural Fat Burners

For losing weight one needs to burn a lot of calories compared to what they take in. There are certain natural fat burners, and they can easily help in burning more fat for the body. This is done through metabolism or reducing hunger.

For burning fat, individuals would have to depend on a supplement or single food. Furthermore, they would need to lower the whole calorie intake and even increase the physical activity levels. However, when it comes to the healthful based lifestyle and diet, you should select the correct fat burner that can easily help to speed up the whole weight loss of yours.

Basics of Fat-Burner You Need to Know

Well, just think of the fat burners like the scope present on any kind of hunting rifle. Here in this case, you are trying to hurt the fat cells. Well, the metaphor means that your diet is just like a gun and the exercise is like the ammunition.

The fat burner can easily help you to aim better and even easily target the fat in an efficient way. However, without any kind of heavy artillery of your diet, and presences of certain bullets in the chamber, the scope is good, only when the things are far away. This won’t bring home any results.

Defining a Fat Burner

Most of the health expert define fat burner as nutrition supplement that would easily help one to increase the fat metabolism and even energy expenditure. Also, it would help to impair the fat absorption, increase weight loss, and even lead to the increase of the fat oxidation while exercising. This is a kind of a huge range of functions, and when it is in the pill form, it would mean a lot of things.

Working of a Fat Burner

Well, some of the major key ingredients used in the fat burner are ones that can help to stimulate the hormonal reaction of the body. Also, it can help in breaking the fat and use it as the fuel source.

The major ingredient in most of the fat burners is caffeine. This helps one to lose weight and that is by increasing the metabolism and using the body fat as the fuel. Also, it would help one to gain the necessary energy for exercise and even doing other calorie-burning activities.

When caffeine enters one’s body, it would help in breaking down the fatty acids that are present in the adipose tissue. These kinds of tissues are called as belly fat. Hence, as soon as the fatty acids are broken down, they would have to enter the bloodstream and have to be burned by our body for creating the necessary energy.

Do You Think the Fat-Burning Ingredients Have to Be Effective?

Some studies don’t clearly show that fat-burning pills and supplements would effectively burn the necessary fat. However, they have the required ingredients that can’t hurt you when taken in small dosage. Frankly, some of them help to burn fat as and when they are consumed naturally.

However, it is kind of impossible to be aware of how much can be used as supplement. Here the amount would be something to put off. That is sometimes more than what the bottle specifies. Sometimes it is tough for manufacturers to assess the whole amount.

In addition, manufacturers never list all the ingredients on the label. Also, regulators are not bound to investigate about the products fully unless there is certain complaints and medical consequences from using such supplements.

For some people, they would end up suffering from disaster when they get allergic to ingredients present in the supplement, and in certain cases when they take too much of certain nutrient.

Begin With a Low Dosage

When it concerns the fat burners, they are created for providing the correct doses of many ingredients that can support the fat loss. However, that won’t mean that the more amount of ingredients you have, the more and better results you would see.

Supplement manufacturers always give certain guidelines and even directions. That can help one to measure what kind of dosage can work best for anyone. Always it is better to begin with then lowest dose that is commonly listed on the package and follow the dose for around two weeks at least.

Getting Your Priority – Building Muscles

One of the most common approach is just to take up the thermogenic. Well, this can be followed by hopping on to the nearby cardio machine. However, your body needs a better approach that this.

With nutrition and supplement, you would have to follow the comprehensive training program. That would allow you to maximize the fat loss and even minimizing the muscle loss. Here the major aim is the weight loss, and you need to understand that muscles are your friend. Muscles would burn calories and provide your body with a necessary shape and make you stay always active.

Do You Think Fat Burners Are Safe?

Well, if you can take somewhat a reasonable approach to the whole nutrition factor, it is fine. Plus, a little bit watch on the intake of stimulate and fat burners would be the safest means for increasing the results.

The biggest rule that you must always think about are-

Never Diet Forever

Well, let’s get the things clear. Avoiding being on a diet for rest of your life when you are planning on losing weight. Most dietitians recommend that you opt for the 10-14 week of dieting. This way you have enough time for fine tuning the diet you want as per the food preferences and the activity level.

Suppose you cheat on the plan, occasionally, then just get back to it and move forward.

As soon as you are on the diet, and once you cycle off your fat burner, it’s necessary to bump up the calories back up to or above what is known as maintenance. Here your calories and calorie burn would be roughly equal. One of the popular methods to do this is through reverse diet, which involves you gradually and systematically raising calories.

Avoid Going Too Low on Calories

When it involves the targeted phase of diet, the key aspect is to be on the slight calorie deficit. It means you would be consuming very less calories compared to what you would be burning. Frankly, don’t assume that fewer is always better. A common myth of fat loss among women is this and the extreme kind of calorie deficit is the best means of getting more out of your fat burner.

After a certain point, restricting calories doesn’t lead to weight loss. If it does, it’s in ways that won’t be healthy, and it won’t feel pleasant or sustainable for anybody.

Keep in mind that the goal is feeling good and being healthy. It is not just about being lean. A good goal to have in mind is to eat the highest amount of calories you can, while still losing some weight.

Being Careful With Unwanted Stimulants

When you begin your day without any cup of coffee and you drink another 3-4 throughout your day, be careful when you are going with a stimulant fat burner. Of course, most of the fat burners are stimulant-free. Some of them would contain caffeine, yohimbine, or other stimulants.

No doubt, you can easily like the energizing benefits you’d get from such a high caffeine intake. If you are going to mix fat burners along with various cups of coffee or any other caffeine-containing beverage, try to understand one thing. There is various upper limit for the major effectiveness of stimulants. Plus, it can be different for everyone.

Five of the Major Fat Burners That Are Natural Ones

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a normal substance commonly found in coffee, green tea, and cocoa beans. Frankly, it is one of the popular ingredients present in the commercial fat-burning supplements and that too for good reasons.

Do you know caffeine boosts your metabolism? It would help your body burn more fat easily. Multiple studies shows that caffeine can temporarily boost your metabolism.

Furthermore, many studies show that caffeine can help your body burn more fat as the fuel. However, this effect would begin to get stronger among lean people compared to obese people.

2. Green Tea Extract

Like the caffeine, the green tea extract is just a concentrated form of green tea. Here it can provide all the required benefits of green tea in a convenient powder or capsule form.

Well, the green tea extracts are extremely rich in caffeine and the polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Here both are the major compounds that can help you burn fat. Furthermore, such two compounds complement each other. Also, they would assist your body to burn fat through the procedure called thermogenesis.

That means in simple terms, thermogenesis would be a major procedure in which your body burns calories to produce heat. Well for instance, certain studies showed that taking a combination of green tea extract and caffeine helped people to burn 16% more fat compared to a placebo.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Think of the cayenne pepper as somewhat related to the bell pepper and jalapeno. This is the part of the capsicum family. You can easily see that as the staple food of the Southwestern cuisine, and they easily add flavours to the various savoury dishes. Also, they make the best powdered spice as soon as they are dried and even grounded for all kinds of Asian food palate.

There is various research work that show that the major and active ingredient present in the cayenne pepper is called as the Capsaicin. That would be great for various health benefits like weight loss.

This can act as the thermogenic based chemical agent. It means it would speed up your metabolism and even lower your appetite. Frankly, both properties make it as one of the ideal ingredients for weight loss.

When you add cayenne pepper to each of your meal, that can easily increase the feeling of being full and even reduce the craving. That results in lowering the intake of the calorie and loses weight easily.

Along with acting with your metabolism, the pepper would burn the huge calories as it is very much spicy. The benefits of the cayenne pepper reduces as soon as the body becomes tolerant to the effects it brings.

Furthermore, the adjusting proportions of the ingredients to the day-to-day diet would be a huge uphill task and that can reap the benefits of the weight loss.

4. Turmeric

Well known as the golden spice, the turmeric has been a huge part of the traditional Indian medicine for centuries. The presences of the natural polyphenol in the turmeric are known as the curcumin. That would play a great role in the imparting of the key attributes of the turmeric.

Furthermore, curcumin would lower the expression of the many inflammatory markers. These are hugely responsible for the obesity of the human body. Not only that it can lower the fat tissue growth and even curb the weight regains.

Many studies clearly show that curcumin leads to the positive influence on the body weight, weight, and hip circumference, etc. Sometimes the turmeric would lead to increasing the insulin sensitivity and the hormone adiponectin. That are the major ones that regulates the metabolism. Now the current promising results can be easily supported with a lot of research as well as human trails. That easily validates that turmeric is a great fat burner.

5. Fenugreek

One of the most precious herbs that is present in the alternative medicine would be the fenugreek. This is one of the multifaceted ingredients that leads to many health benefits.

Furthermore, the fenugreek shows a great potential as the fat burner. Fenugreek would easily help to reduce the whole caloric intake and that too from the dietary fat. Also, in the fibre foam, it leads to satiety.

Now you can use the fenugreek for and in many forms. The feasible one would be as a spice.

Wrapping Up

Well, the above five are some of the natural fat burners that you could try. Go ahead and try them out.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

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