5 Simple Steps to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

5 Simple Steps to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Ting! Ting! The fridge beeps when the door is still open for 20-30 seconds. Well, the beep reminds you to avoid grazing the food. You take your head out from the fridge but with the only difference is that your mouth is stuffed with the chunk of the left-over pizza or the handful of crackers. Your excuse will be “I am not really eating” or “It is just one slice of pizza”.

Seriously, this is a common problem that most people go through who are on the mission to reduce the extra pounds. Your weight loss efforts get sabotaged because of your own behaviour. You shed some pounds and as soon as you look into the mirror, it scares you. Then you go back and continue to hog on high fatty food.

Well, the common excuse will be that you would be on a strict diet and regime in the morning. As you move along the day and into the evening, you lose your self-control. You end up grazing or picking some burgers and fries or some juicy steaks to go. “Well, I will start tomorrow” is what you console your mind.

Creating Havoc in Our Life

It is common for us to want something special or different in our lives. However, we behave in ways which are simply contrary to what we want to achieve in terms of our goals. The process of achieving your weight loss goal an entire process which is very uncomfortable. Why is it uncomfortable? Well, you might feel disheartened and sad to let go of your food, and waiting until you are physically hungry to eat again.

Of course, you will feel resistant to search for new ways in treating yourself, which doesn’t involve the cookie jar or the leftover sandwich. Frankly, it is not surprising to see that it is a bit uncomfortable and uneasy. Do you want to know a secret? You can still feel comfortable even though the whole process is uncomfortable. Well let’s check out how it is.

Holding onto The Weight

There are many reasons why we lose weight and even regain it. Seriously, you might not feel bad that you gained a few extra pounds. Keep in mind that still extra weight can really create issues. Some people feel awkward as well as uncomfortable while receiving attention or compliments on their weight loss.

While others would be a little bit anxious regarding the increased sense of confidence and personal power the weight loss brings in. Having a new slim body means getting a smaller version of yourself. Here you would no longer need to have the fat armour to protect you.

Of course, you might feel vulnerable, fragile, or even sometimes exposed. Most people will even confess that they felt sad and threatened if they lose more weight. Now there might be a small doubt in your mind whether you would be aware of the specific anxieties or fear you might go through. Seriously, if you are really concerned with the air of confidence, you might give off regarding the weight loss, then don’t worry.

The only thing that matters here is that you remind yourself that it is fine to feel the extra confidence. In the same way if you are uncomfortable with the extra attention, you just need to assure that you can cope up and handle it with ease.

Having Difficult Emotions

Keep in mind that it is not easy to be with the feeling of anxiety, fear, or stress. Some might ease the bruised feeling with half packet of cookies or soft crusty bread. Especially if they had a tedious or long day.

It takes a huge amount of courage to be yourself while feeling upset and being self-aware of taking courage, rather than avoiding yourself to be slave to food craving. The only question you might have in your mind is whether you can be comfortable with the difficult emotions. Here you don’t have to like them. However, you can really understand them and even tolerate them.

Making Yourself Get Hungry

You are managing your weight. Hence, it is important that you get comfortable with the feeling of being hungry. Not the feeling of very hungry else you might end up going on a hogging spree and raiding the fridge.

Can you feel hungry and get tune with the fullness and hunger signals? Are you eating just because people besides you are eating, or someone is offering food? What would it be like to not graze the whole day and simply wait until you feel hungry? The crucial thing is that it is normal, and you might feel uncomfortable in the beginning.

Provide Yourself with A Chance in the First Step

People go with the feeling that there is no point in trying and they will anyway fail. Rather than sabotaging yourself before giving in or when you feel there are no immediate results, it is better to have a positive approach. Think of it as an opportunity to figure out what this extra consumption of food is about.

Get a chance to connect yourself rather than simply focusing externally on the rules you need to follow while dieting.

Self-Sabotage Will Happen When You Are Scared of The Success

Here it is critical to think why you would be scared of success. If you are successful, then all the fears you have can be realized. Like for instance, you won’t be consuming food just to escape or maybe quiet your mind while at home or work.

Even it could be because you might have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling like regret, self-doubt, disappointment, and even fear. Well, you are not suppressing them with food. It is fine if you lose the “As I am losing weight, I will finally…” safety blanket. Well, this was the one that prevented you from taking any kind of action on intimidating prospects.

Here these are the real psychological roadblocks. However, these can be easily overcome. All you need to do is break from the pattern of self-sabotage. For that you need to get to the root of why you are on the path of sabotaging yourself.

Why We Fall Off Track

We fall off track because there is a part of us that is not sure about the goal. A constant doubt might come across in our minds whether the goal will make your life better. This will lead to inner conflicts. Hence, when there is an inner conflict, the easiest thing we do is nothing at all.

1) List Five Reasons You Believe Your Life Will Be Worse If You Achieve Your Goal

Most experts feel that many people have doubtful questions or queries in their mind. Some of them are –

  • They don’t think it is possible, so why should one bother trying. Not only that, but these people also feel that nothing will work long term and even failing in front of everyone will increase the embarrassment.
  • My best friend likes beer. Hence, I will go to the breweries and drink beer, forgetting about the carbs or calories.
  • I fear dating. So, if I lose weight, then there will be no excuse to get out of it.
  • People worry that they will not be able to consume their favourite food again. They feel that they will be deprived of it.
  • Some people don’t like or even want to exercise for hours every day.

Here all the reasons have a single thing in common. The powerful subconscious mind of ours feel that rationalizing ourselves from the weight loss will protect us. However, once we can find out the major reason which is holding us back, we can easily counter them.

2) Challenging Your Fears

Here you need to question your reasons and even poke holes into their logic. This will remove their power. As stated above, the first fear you had was that you feel it might not be possible so why should you bother trying. Here you really need to think whether it is true that nothing works long-term.

You might have seen other individuals accomplishing their weight loss goals. In the same way you are also capable of doing the same. Perhaps the thing you had tried won’t not have been sustainable. The only thing you must really think about is that you are worth taking another short.

Here we end up either realizing our goals or rationalize them away from achieving them with the concept that it is challenging. Hence, if you are honest, then you need to know that the challenge in losing weight is rather simple.

Your friend likes to have beer and you might go to the breweries with him or her. The only thing you must keep in mind is that there is a balance among living for today as well as living for tomorrow. The only solution you must have been that you need to be selective of what, when and where you are indulging. Just try to ask yourself whether you would remember this beer somewhere in a week or two. If so, then go ahead for it.

Ways To Avoid Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Avoid or Switch Up Your Snacks

Most health or weight loss experts feel that you need to watch out for the mindless snacking. These foods have a good number of calories, and they will really add up. Rather than grazing on the baked goodies in front of you, just plan to have some healthy snack that has a good amount of protein, fat and crunch. You could try apple slices that is smeared in peanut butter.

If you are counting the amount of calories, just do the math. It might help you to know that a pound is equal to about 3,500 calories. Hence, if you are cutting down the 100 calories from the everyday consumption, you will end up losing a pound each month.

Anticipate the Temptation You Have

If you are aware that you won’t be able to resist a baked brownie, then don’t keep it in your pantry. In addition, if you are going out with your family or friends for a dine-out, it can be hard to resist. In such case, before you get there, plant of what you want to have and stick to it.

Go with The Veggie-Loaded Plate Method

Dieticians recommend using your plate in guiding your food selection as well as the portion sizes. Here, one half of your plate should be filled with veggies. The other half can be split into starchy carbohydrates or proteins. If you plan on having the second plate, make sure it is filled with veggies. People who consume five or more servings of vegetables and fruits each day are more successful with weight loss.

Limit the Calories You Drink

Most people are aware that sugary soda will add calories, still there is a misconception about sweet tea and juices. Keep in mind that sweetened tea is no less calorie-dense compared to soda. It is better if you eat fruits rather than drinking juices.

Order Smaller Portions

Studies show that people who order smaller portions or share the plate at restaurants will be more successful in losing weight. Dieticians recommend that ordering lunch portion, children’s meal, or an appetizer. Also, you could put up half your meal into a doggy bag just before you begin to eat.

Losing Weight Is Easy. All You Need Is Self-Control

If you are planning on losing weight or find it difficult to be on track, just think about the people who have done it. Get to read or know stories on how celebrities or your friends, family members or acquaintances have done successful weight loss transformation.

Well, don’t be hard on yourself if you feel that you are struggling with weight loss. Yes, distraction will happen, but you need to set your mind to the major goal i.e., losing weight and being fit. Just think about it. If you can have a healthy and good body, it will make your day-to-day activities as well as life more interesting. Plus, you will end up living a healthy and long life.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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