Best Dance Workouts and Major Benefits of Doing Them Regularly


Sometimes you may be super-stressed, and you would want to burst out in an impromptu dance party. Well, it would be a great healing aspect for you as some doctors recommend that dancing can be a great healer.

Well, when you are shaking or moving your body, you are trying to become healthy. This is not just a fitness and weight loss kind of thing. Do you know that dancing can easily boost your brainpower?

Well, multiple studies show that it can easily improve your outlook, improve your social circle, and secure the important organs of your body. Most importantly, you don’t need to have any kind of rhythm.

Are You Born With a Beat?

Have you ever thought about the automatic tapping of your feet when you hear the latest chart toppers? You might notice that you slowly move to the beat or even your friends shaking their body when the song hits their sensual mind.

Many doctors feel that it is an instinctive response. You would be surprised to know that it can be hardwired and synchronized to the own movements you do regarding the music. Primitive cultures used the rhythmic movement for expressing themselves. Frankly, it is a universal phenomenon. You can even see the bees and birds dancing to communicate.

The instinctual rhythm response would be being on your brain, that is where then musical vibration would begin to light up the timing circuits. It leads to the promptness of your reflexivity and busting the move.

Plus, these same kinds of circuits would be intertwined with your brain’s communication and memory systems. This is the major reason why songs can trigger emotional reactions. Plus, you may find yourself singing, swaying, and choking up to latest hits, without being conscious.

The best aspect of dance workouts is that you can do them anywhere. You will not need any special home gym equipment. Also, they would be scalable no matter what level of dancer you consider yourself.

Does Dance Workouts Suit Beginners?

Some people might not be natural on the dance floor. Well, do not worry about them. When it comes to dance workouts, they are the best methods for beginners to increase their confidence. Plus, they can learn some latest moves and allow shaking off the self-consciousness.

Of course, various dance workouts are easily suitable for beginners. It might take some time for them to get in the groove of the dances that happen in the dance class. But one needs to know that each person is different and have multiple levels.

Well, it is all about having fun and no one cares about how technically best you are in grooving to the dance beats. Not only that each person would be at different levels and they would really want to have fun. The best part is that you are working out at home, and you will not need to switch on the camera. You do not want any person to see you if you feel that moves must not be shared to anyone.

Dancing at the privacy of one’s home and confinement helps to buster the confidence and makes them avoid the social norm of being made fun of.

Are There Any Special Equipment for Dance Workouts?

Keep in mind that many of the popular dance workouts you would be doing, will not need any equipment. If you check some of the classes like the ballet fitness workouts have some floor work and they could finish with a floor stretch. You would need a yoga mat or the comfy flooring. The major important one that you need is your body and energy.

Are There Individuals Who Are Not Apt for Dance Workouts?

Like always, there would be certain individuals who are not suitable for dance workouts. They would need to take care just before they try on the latest workout styles. Sometimes you will have to communicate to the instructor if you feel certain dance movements are dangerous for you.

Most importantly, you must be careful when you are suffering from hip, ankle and knee injuries. Of course, most people would be unsure. In such case, they need to check out with the instructor before beginning the class and try to prevent the dance moves if there are any discomforts or pain they are going through.

Many doctors recommend that people listen to their bodies. Their body would tell something if it were not right and it is not something to ignore. Some people would be advised not to do any dance moves or workouts due to medical conditions. Seriously, they should follow that advise and avoid any kind of further damage or injury to their body. Some cases, certain people would have reduced mobility. In that case, they should search for dance classes that are easily suitable for their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Dance Workouts?

Irrespective of whatever your age is, i.e., whether you are 7 or 90, there is no harm in engaging in physical activities, especially the ones that have dance in them. Right from the better mental and physical health to boosting the social and emotional well-being, you can move your body to the sound of the music, and it can convert your life.

There are certain physical advantages of dance moves. Some of them are –

Improving Ones’ Cardiovascular Health

There is always the heart-pumping benefit of dance moves. As per various doctors, they provide good amount of benefits to adults. For that adults or you can say that young and old people should do at least 150 minutes or 300 minutes each week of moderate-intensity exercises.

This should be followed by 75 minutes to around 150 minutes each week of the vigorous-high intensity aerobic exercises. Do you know that many of the professional ballroom dancers and even certified trainers recommend going for dance classes?

As per them, these dances lead to excellent cardio workouts. Also, it can keep your heart rate challenged from doing all kinds of variety moves.

Helps in Improving One’s Strength and Balance

Many people feel that dance is a great form of physical fitness. It incorporates movements on all planes of motion and from all directions. The movements that are specified are the ones that we do.

In our daily life, like walking, taking the stairs, and common workouts like treadmills and cycling, occur in the sagittal plane. However, many people never realize that dance works and pushes your body from all planes, including lateral and rotational, which turns on and conditions all muscles, meaning no muscle is left behind. Hence, it means that such kind of movement would increase the strength and it can help in improvising one’s balance.

Being Gentle on the Body

Nowadays, various forms of dancing, like ballroom, are suitable for individuals having limited mobility or chronic health issues.

If you have concerns about the intensity of a class, talk with your doctor and the instructor before starting the class. They can help you with any modifications, if needed.

Mental Booster and Cognitive Performance

Are you planning of doing some movement-based exercise, then try out dance related? They can easily help your ability to think as you age.

Now the question is how does this happen? As per some studies, scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control memory and skills, such as planning and organizing, improve with exercise like dance.

Plus, unlike other forms of exercise, dance has the additional benefits of improving balance through rhythm and music.

Helps to Challenge One’s Brain

Have you ever tried tap dancing? Well, you know that such a dance can just challenge your brain. Various doctors state that the brain power for accessing the dance, especially the one that need you to remain focused on both the current changing movements and it even recalls the moves and the patterns.

Frankly, this is the best part of the mental exercise for your mind and that too irrespective of your age.

All Can Do

The best emotional aspect of dance is that anyone can participate in it. Well, even if you can move, and that too the upper body, still you can dance. Hence, such equalizer is one that can make you dance and even increase its popularity among people. That too among those who are very much shy from other kinds of exercises.

A Great Social Activity

Some people like to bust the move when no one is watching. In that case, you would feel that dancing with others would be somewhat incredible. You might be planning to join the ballroom and the belly dancing class, or it can even be a dance with your friends, whatever the reason is, dancing is best for your emotional and social health.

Known to Boost Your Mood

Of course, dance and movements are quite expressive. They can allow one to escape and be loose. The letting loose is one that helps to improve your emotional and mental health. Here this is by lowering the stress, reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety along with boosting the self-esteem.

What You Need to Have in a Dance Workout?

As you are looking for the best dance workout video, especially online, it is important to have certain basic factors in mind. Some of them are –

  • Enjoyment: As we all know dance needs be fun. Hence, it is necessary to find a routine that a person can enjoy.
  • Appropriate Level: You might come across dance workout videos online to accommodate all levels of dancers. In such a case, it is necessary to find a class suitable for an individual’s level. Sometimes the advanced classes may intimidate beginning dancers, and some more experienced dancers may find beginner classes boring.
  • Qualifications: Certain individuals like the dance instructor with a strong background. You might come across various certified dance teachers specializing in different styles, and these may be best for people looking for a more formal approach.
  • Types: The type of dance and instruction can make a difference for many people. From programs such as Zumba to freestyle, there are dance styles suited for everyone.
  • Length: The length of a video may be a determining factor for many people. Some prefer to make their own playlists using single songs, while others prefer a longer session including many songs.

Are Dance Class Best for Kids?

Rhythms and movements are something that comes naturally to kids. That means when a kid is involved or going to regular dance class, they get regular and best health benefits.

During the dance, kids can release energy out. Also, it is a great and safer method for them to express themselves. Many choreographers, Broadway dancers, fitness instructor dancers, etc feel that the artistic side of the dance can provide kids with the chance to learn on speaking another language, and here the language is the one regarding movement.

Through dance kids learn that diligence pays off. When kids put continuous effort in their class, they can see the results immediately. They can find out the concrete methods for kids to observe their actions and hear the guidance from the teachers. This would be combined with hard work that can lead to the chances of getting positive results.

Also dance helps kids to learn a lot about discipline. They get to memorize and execute the specific steps. Also, the body movements can be easily practiced and bring in good perseverance. Most importantly, kids learn a lot about teamwork when they become dancers as they are along with others trying to achieve the common goals. That can translate to many kinds of areas in life.

Wrapping Up

All kinds of dance are the best way to express you and even become healthy. Each of the dance move you do would pump your heart and move the whole body. Hence, you have strong bones and muscles that help you to do the day-to-day activities, and dancing can make them more recharged.

Well, just go ahead and try some of the dance moves that you see online. Break some sweat and see how much further your body can move.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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