Best Singapore Women Exercise

Women are familiar with all kinds of tricky trouble zones. All it takes some extra work to get it toned and tighten. Of course, you need to go through various trial and error methods, but that is not always. It is all about feeling the confidence in wearing a swimsuit, your favorite and adorable skinny jeans, a sexy (ahem…ahem) and seductive cocktail dress to impress your lover, and more.

Let’s check out some of best exercises available for women and which are quite famous in Singapore –

Aerial Yoga

You must have tried various forms of yoga. Some might have been interesting while other never gave the results you wanted. Have you tried aerial yoga? It is something to try. Here you use a special kind of fabric swing for supporting your weight. Here individuals can defy gravity and perform poses which otherwise were impossible or too difficult to do on the mat.

Aerial yoga is not dangerous if you are doing it under the supervision of trained aerial yoga instructors. No doubt, many people simply like to enjoy the great amount of adrenaline rush that is experienced when suspended in the mid-air. You will definitely feel like going back for more. The biggest advantage of practicing aerial yoga is that it helps in toning the upper body and strengthening the basic core muscles.

Stand Up Paddling

This is an ancient mode of transportation. Now the stand up paddling has evolved into a great and interesting form of exercise. Here one needs to stand on a paddle board. This exercise not only builds strength but helps in creating balance as well.

You can do it as an individual or as a pair. Somewhat this makes it an ideal sport and activity for couples who like or want to spend some time together. If you feel that the stand up paddling is kind of easy for you, there are various other options like stand up paddling (SUP) yoga which you can always try.


Do you want an exercise that makes you feel and look toned and lean? Try out the Surfset. This is a simple and easy workout which mimics the waveriding process (which is done in an air-conditioned room). The Surfset exercise engages the pectoral and core muscles and even helps in increasing the strength of your legs and improves flexibility. No doubt, this is one of a kind of workout and can be easily found in various parts of Singapore.


Many people like to do energy-pumping and full body workout and that too in a fun environment. And the best choice is indoor cycling. This exercise comprises of endurance workout along with HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Indoor cycling has risen to popularity as it is quite effective and fun exercise to do in the nature. Just imagine, with a charming instructor motivating you and the explosive and engaging beats blasting from the HD speakers, most of the cycling classes feel like a huge party.


Women like to have a perfect figure. Besides dieting, exercising is the best way to get the lean and sexy looks which makes the viewer drools over you.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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