Cardiac Arrest

As one grows old, one of the most common life threatening medical emergencies is getting a Cardiac Arrest. The term cardiac arrest means the failure of heart – a sudden unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and awareness. The heart, being an essential component of the cardiovascular system, should pump blood at equal intervals and quantities. When this process gets affected, it leads to the cardiac arrest.

In early times, most people who cross their sixties are highly vulnerable  to get affected by this condition. But now, due to modern evolution and life standards, the vulnerability level has reduced to forties! Firstly, one should be aware of “What a cardiac arrest is”, before the medical diagnosis.

The Cardiac Arrest occurs when the heart unexpectedly quits pulsating. This may be caused by abnormal or irregular heart rhythms. Without prompt intervention, it can lead to the death of that person! The time and mode of its occurrence are always unexpected. It occurs instantly or shortly after the symptoms show up. The most common symptoms of the cardiac arrest includes:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Abnormal or absent breathing
  • Pain areas – usually in the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling nausea – dizziness, fainting or low oxygen in the body

If not treated immediately within minutes, death usually occurs. The treatment in such cases is the immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If someone suddenly collapses, and if you are not trained with CPR, you can just save a life by using your hands – firstly, pumping the heart by external push and inflating the lungs by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The cardiac arrest turns out to become more common with age. It influences males more frequently than females. Reports say that, the rate of individuals who survive with treatment is just around 8% only.

But, according to a popular saying “Prevention is better than cure” – anything will be better and safe to some extent, if prevented accordingly. The various preventive measures are:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

To keep a healthy weight, one must do some physical activity on a regular basis. As the health of people above sixties are sensitive, they should not overdo such activities.

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Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.