Cardio Respiratory Performance


Not many people are aware of what cardiorespiratory performance is all about. Well, to define it in simple terms, it is just the endurance that indicates the overall physical health of a person. Cardiorespiratory performance would help one to monitor how well the lungs, heart, and muscles function when there is high intensity to moderate exercise being done by the human body.

Additionally, when you increase the cardiorespiratory endurance, you can improve the intake of oxygen into the lungs and even the heart. This can assist a person to do physical activity for a longer period.

Do you know there are other names of cardiorespiratory endurance? They are even called cardiovascular fitness, cardiovascular endurance, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

What Do You Mean by Cardiorespiratory Performance?

Just think of cardiovascular endurance like a normal exercise. Here this measures how well your body performs when it is doing exercise for a longer period. Now a person doing a high amount of cardiorespiratory exercise would be able to sustain high-intensity activities and that too, over a longer period, without becoming tired.

Whenever you must measure the cardiorespiratory endurance of a person, it contains various examinations of how well the human body can take and consume oxygen. As soon as a person inhales, their lungs get filled with air. And some of the oxygen presents would pass into the bloodstream. The oxygen-rich blood would travel to the heart and it would circulate the whole body towards the tissue and even to the organs.

The human muscles need a good amount and supply of oxygen. Other nutrients can work in a proper way and that too during the extended period of high-intensity exercises. Sometimes the muscles will not get enough nutrients. In that case, the waste products would get accumulated and that can make one feel tired. Keep in mind that an individual’s level of cardiorespiratory performance can affect their physical performance.

How Does One Measure the Cardiorespiratory Endurance?

There are multiple tests that you can do to measure cardiorespiratory performance. These are –

Metabolic Equivalent

MET(Metabolic Equivalent) means the ratio among the energy expanded when you are doing the physical activity. It considers the energy that gets expanded when it is at rest. You can easily find the MET of a person and that would just involve measuring how much amount of oxygen the body is using when at rest.

Maximum Oxygen Uptake

Through the maximum oxygen uptake test, one can find out how much maximum amount of oxygen the human body can use. That too from the high-intensity exercises like biking and sprinting. The maximum oxygen uptake test contains running on the treadmill or just pedalling on the stationary bike as faster as you can.

When the test is going on, the person would have to wear a chest strap or any other body attachment. Those would record the heart rate and the face mask would measure the consumption of oxygen. Whenever experts are testing cardiovascular endurance in the lab, they do simple things. Some of them are measuring how well your lungs and heart are delivering oxygen to the muscles that are working. In that way, they would work harder while exercising. When the muscles of your body do not get the necessary amount of nutrients, the waste products get created and they would lead to extreme fatigue.

But certain scientists would measure cardiorespiratory endurance differently. They would just simply test the air that you are breathing out whenever you are doing hardcore exercises. From the analysis of the air that is exhaled, one can easily estimate the efficient way the muscles are using the oxygen.

In the maximum oxygen uptake test, one would have to do extremely vigorous and intensity-filled exercises. Keep in mind that the test will not be safe and suitable for everyone. The test must and commonly be done in any laboratory setting, which can be a medical clinic or hospital.

You might come across in health clubs and gyms, those submaximal cardiorespiratory tests that are becoming very much common. You can even try such tests given below which are safer for people that exercise and are out of shape. These are the common ones you can do even by yourself –

  • Bike tests
  • Treadmill tests
  • Step test
  • Outdoor fitness walking test

In each of these tests, the personal trainer would evaluate how well the heart rate is changing whenever you are exercising. Based on these results, they would provide the ratings for your cardiorespiratory fitness.

Do You Think Cardiorespiratory Test Is Necessary for Your Body?

Through a cardiorespiratory performance test, one can find out the level of the person’s aerobic health as well as the fitness level. Frankly, such information would be a huge benefit for everyone and these even include professional sportspeople.

When you are having high cardiorespiratory endurance, it would mean that the person is doing high-intensity exercise for a longer period. Sometimes there would be individuals that are trying to lose weight. They would really want to focus on increasing the cardiorespiratory endurance as such high-intensity aerobic activity would allow people to burn more amount of calories.

You might come across much scientific research suggesting other major health benefits through improved cardiorespiratory endurance. For example, a study was conducted in late 2017, and it was found out that people having higher cardiorespiratory endurance would likely suffer from high blood pressure compared to the ones having low cardiorespiratory endurance.

A particular study done in 2015 found that there was a positive correlation between multitasking performance and cardiorespiratory endurance levels. This was among adults who were between 59 to 85 years old. Sometimes improving the cardiorespiratory performance would lower the chances of getting coronary heart diseases and lead to better mortality.

Cardiorespiratory Study Is Great for Understanding More About Your Body

Keep in mind that your muscles would require oxygen. Here it would be more when you are active and training. The organs that need a good amount of oxygen are the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Well, it is clear from the word ‘cardiorespiratory’. They deal with both respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Ask any experts and you can easily know that the cardiovascular system is one that would keep your heart pumping and even heating it. The system would be controlling the heart, and these include the arteries, veins, capillaries, etc. All of these would pump oxygen and blood around the body.

Our respiratory organ is one that allows us to breathe. The system is wholly controlled by your lungs however, even it includes the mouth, nose, diaphragm, etc.

Frankly, the system would be taking air and that would get oxygen transferred to the blood and from there it gets pumped into your organs and muscles. When you are strengthening the cardiorespiratory endurance of your body, it would be able to take in and carry out the required amount of oxygen.

That can result in an increasing number of red blood cells and even hemoglobin. Plus, your heart would become stronger, and they can be pumped out huge volumes of blood and get it to distribute oxygen better.

Doing a Good Physical Performance

There would always be thought in your mind regarding how good physical performance is related to cardiorespiratory endurance. Both systems are slow. Additionally, they would be less efficient too. If they are very much slower, then it would be tough for your body to pump enough oxygen all around the body.

There are chances that it can affect your endurance and performance. Any doctor would tell you that you must add more energy for pumping oxygen to your body. That can help you to perform in a shorter period and you can end up losing breath faster.

How Can You Improve Your Cardiorespiratory Endurance?

You would not be sure regarding how well you can fare into the test for measuring your cardiovascular fitness. Well, not to worry about that. You would be able to estimate the results as soon as you begin evaluating the daily activity level of yours. Sometimes you would be physically active every day and that would make you better than a person who is sedentary.

You might be sedentary for a long period of time. At times you would be suffering from lung or heart issues. In such cases, you should make sure that you go to the doctor just before you plan to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness.

As soon as you are aware that you are very much healthy to exercise, the time has come for you to boost your lung and heart health. At times doing a beginner’s workout at home, jogging, or walking outside with your friends can be a great idea. Even you can join a gym or even swim or take aerobic classes.

You must make sure that you are selecting those activities and exercises that you can enjoy. Sometimes it would be better if you can ask your family member or friend to join the session with you. At times having social support can help you to be on the track and it could make each of the workouts you do enjoyable.

As soon as you begin exercising, you need to be a bit cautious. Start slowly followed by a few minutes of moderate and easy activity. This must be done two to three times each week. Slowly, you would be able to improve your cardiorespiratory performance each time whenever you are doing aerobic exercises. Those would help in increasing your heart rate and help in deep breathing.

More importantly, you should be consistent with the program you are doing as much as possible. Gradually just start to add time to the session. After that, you can eventually increase the activity level.

When you are doing a certain kind of cardiorespiratory exercise each day of the week, the whole exercise would be easier as you are participating more often. Of course, you would want to see and check out the results of your cardiorespiratory performance. In that case, just talk to your doctor and get tested at a nearby clinic. Additionally, you do have the option to speak with your personal trainer to see what the other options present at your disposal are in the local gym. Basically, for certain people who do exercise, they want to track progress and have the same importance of incentive for keeping you to move.

Jumping Jacks

First, start by standing in an upright position. Here your legs must be placed together, and your arms must be at the sides of your body. After that jump up. When you are in the air, open your legs for spreading the feet wide apart. Then raise your arms overhead. When you are landing, bring the feet and arm into the starting position.


Start by standing with your feet kept at the shoulder-width apart. After that, you need to bend your knees and place your hands right on the floor. Make sure it comes down in somewhat a squat position. Get your legs to jump out behind, making it to the push-up position. After that shift the weight of your body into the hands.

Then jump the feet back right into the squat position. Jump up into the air and make sure that your arms are raised just above your head. Return to the squat position.


Doing some of the best cardiorespiratory exercises would be great for young as well as old people. When children do, they become fit and healthier. Plus, as it concerns the heart and lungs, keeping these two major organs healthy is very much important.

A healthy life would make sure that you are able to live peacefully and disease-free. Plus, if you have any doubts or issues, just talk to your doctor or physician. They would provide a clear picture and even guide you on the cardiorespiratory performance-related exercises.

A healthy body is a balance of having muscles and having strong heart muscles. You wan to achieve a balance for healthy living.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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