Couple Training in Singapore

Couple Training in Singapore

Every day, all over the world, individuals are unrolling their yoga mats, hitting health clubs, pounding payments, and signing onto the latest fitness challenges.

Now they might or should not be doing these exercises or new workout regimes by themselves. The time has come for you to think not only about the benefits of physical activity for you but also for your romantic relationship. Just think about it. Why not grab your partner’s hand and invite her or him to be your workout partner? Various studies show that couples who work out together and sweat together, end up staying together.

Couples Training Together End Up Staying Together

Couple workouts have been around for various centuries. However, thanks to social media, they are becoming the best fitness craze in Singapore and are even in the spotlight. Just think about it. There is a girl that you really want to impress, and she sees you sweaty and gasping for air while working out and building muscles. Surely that could turn her on.

Of course, working out as couples can bring in great and impressive results. Most importantly, the best benefits are just beyond physical. Various studies show that couples that sweat together ends up staying together too. Working out together as a couple brings in a good amount of romantic attraction and deepens the bond among two individuals that are in love or relationship.

Impressive studies show that individuals gravitate to physical behaviour, especially concerning those around themselves. This cements the basic bond you have with them in fitness. Now if love is not enough for motivating you, then working out together will improve your sex life too. Various research work shows that couples training together frequently are more likely to have regular sex, which is more than once a week.

A closer look at the mental effects of fitness will show you that people who regularly exercise rate their own happiness level as 10 out of 10 compared to ones that do not exercise. Here, clearly one can see the fact of the positive effects of exercising is far beyond the physical aspects that are primarily focused.

Most importantly, there are emotional and mental benefits associated too. Recently, a study was published that showed that weight loss results are faster when one is training with a fitter partner. Furthermore, the study clearly shows that the more time one spends with a fitter partner the more weight he or she will lose. Well, this might seem like a one-way street if you are the fitter one in the relationship.

Is Group Activity and Exercising A New Concept?

Well, group activity is not a brand-new concept in Singapore. However, it has seen a huge international up-trend in the last twenty years through the increase in aerobics, spin cycling, dance-based classes, and the emergence of CrossFit.

Of course, workouts in a motivational pack or as a pair help to entice the external and internal competitive performance of individuals. Also, it is becoming one of the fastest and most preferred kinds of exercising.

Necessity of Couples To Exercise Together

Frankly, the benefits of working out together are vast. The basic social support that two individuals provide together helps to increase the bond when they are embarking on the fitness journey together. Plus, various studies point out that couples that work out together easily increase their level of happiness and attraction in any relationship. Also, they help in reaching fitness goals much faster.

Nutritionists and health experts feel that exercises can be the best method for busy couples to reconnect. There are other major advantages like providing support and encouragement, witness each other’s success, building trust during the vulnerable and bad phases, suffering together and laughing about it, etc are some of the best methods to strengthen relationships and bring couples closer while exercising.

Benefits of Exercising Together

The following are the benefits of exercising together –

1) Gaining Quality Time Together

Sometimes when jobs, life, and kids get in the way, it would be hard to have alone time for you as well as your partner. There might be best intentions during the date nights however, sometimes even those might be put off if you end up in working late nights or something unexpected comes up.

However, you might be prioritizing your workouts and have that added into your schedule, making it difficult to break. In such a case, you can make time in the day, so why not try it a couple. Exercising together builds quality time and the more quality time the healthier your relationship becomes.

2) Leading to Better Sex Life

Studies show that exercise leads to endorphins and this makes people happy. Feeling happy is the natural by-product of exercising and this is because of endorphins that are released.

This so-called endorphin assists in ramping your sex drive. This means that by working out together you are happy, and it will increase your desire too. Besides boosting your self-confidence, exercising will assist in getting touch with your body. This will easily increase the arousal of your body and lead to better sex.

3) Leading to Healthy Competition

If you feel like the spark of your relationship needs some reigniting, then couples’ workout can be a great remedy. Somewhat a little healthy completion will bring in the playfulness back into your relationship. It is common for couples to forget the playful flirtatious behaviour after a hectic lifestyle filled with child-rearing, bills, and obligations. The playful pranks and flirting are what keeps the bond strong in your relationship. No doubt, working together will bring back the relationship on track in the form of friendly competition.

Just think about it. You are challenging your partner to a mini-race or finding out who can finish the circuit workout first. Also, you can challenge each other to see who does the greatest number of burpees or squats. Here you do have the option to keep the workouts interesting as well as this will help in making your relationship interesting too.

4) Opting for Something New Brings Couples Together

When you are trying something new will bring you closer as a couple. Whether it is yoga, cross-country skiing, surfing, etc, you along with your partner are trying something new for the first time. Well, this would be an amazing method to bond with each other.

Such a new experience will flood your brain with the required dopamine, the feeling good chemical. By experiencing such a thing with your partner, your brain starts to link the positive feeling with her or him.

5) Creating Accountability

No doubt, people that are accountable for their workouts are more likely to be successful. Who better is it to be accountable for, the one person that knows you the best? Here when you are only answerable to yourself, you are bound to skip the workout if you are having a bad day or not feeling motivated.

However, by allowing your partner to get motivated and keeping you accountable, as well as vice-versa will make you closer and ensure that you get a killer workout. Various studies display that 99% of couples followed the workout plan when they did it together. Here it is all about motivating each other and encouraging one other. You are bound to feel the positive energy when you are working out with your partner.

6) Sharing Goals Brings You Closer

Experts feel that having a similar goal can bring people closer. And that is what couples training does. It is common for couples to have a disagreement and fight with each other. This is what brings them closer and makes their relationship stand against tough times. Of course, it is difficult to have couples with the same trait or feeling. Over time as the relationship progresses, couples change, and they start to bond with each other.

This is what relationships are about. With a shared activity or goal, the relationship ends up being healthy. One thing you must keep in mind is that working out together helps you to share the goals of being healthy together and it prioritizes your fitness too. Not only that the experience of being on the same page is one of the biggest things that will bring you closer.

7) Deepens and Increases Your Emotional Bond

Various psychologists feel that one of the best ways to feel you are bonding with your partner is by practicing nonverbal mimicry. Here matching or nonverbal mimicry is when you are coordinating your activities with other individuals. Just think of it like lifting weights at the same time or trying to match your running and walking paces with your partner or a simple dance to the same beat. Seriously, working out together will bring in tons of opportunities for the nonverbal mimicry, thereby helping you and your partner to feel more emotionally attuned with each other. 

Fun and Safe Exercise Options For All Kinds Of Fitness Levels

To make your couples exercising more fruitful, then follow the given procedures –

Hiring A Trainer

Consider this as the first step in not only the couples training or exercising but it is also for those who are venturing into the fitness program in Singapore. With an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, you can take you and your partner through various exercising options. Also, you can assign a program that helps in removing the controlling aspects of hitting the gym.

Opting for Cycling Classes

An indoor cycling class will provide the best cardiovascular workouts. This is easily accessible to all levels of fitness. Your partner and you can handle the tensions on your own bikes. This will allow you to sweat side by side with each other. Also, this would be great even if you guys are at the different ends of the fitness spectrum.

Water Fitness Classes

If you think water fitness classes in Singapore are just for old ladies wearing swim caps, then you are wrong. Currently, this water fitness class is starting to appeal to all levels of fitness. Right from pro athletes to seniors, they take part in such exercising regime.

Do you know water exercising can help in unloading the bodyweight? It will easily help in reducing the impact on your joints. You can even use it as resistance to make exercising harder.

Here every level of fitness you do as a couple will be safe as well as it will be a challenging one to do at the pool.

Circuit Training

Nowadays, many couples in Singapore enjoy setting up circuits together. Your partner and you can choose a few exercises. Also, you get to select the amount of weight and the resistance that you are comfortable in using. The best part is that you can move through the circuit together as a couple or even at different stations. This will provide both of you with the required motivation; however, it won’t be a necessary side-by-side comparison.

TRX Training

The major benefit of the TRX Suspension Trainer and the TRX training classes in Singapore is that these are applicable for all fitness levels and they can easily adjust to the intensity of the exercises by the amazingly simple movement of the feet. Just like water fitness and cycling, this one is easy to do and will not make your partners feel less adequate.

Coed Sports

Now rather than risking for the head-to-head competition, you can opt for a friendly coed sports team workout. This can be great to stay fit and socialize too. Of course, a team with huge ability levels is the best place for adding fun to the workouts. The best part is that this can be done without making you and your partner feel insignificant. Here you need to remember that this is just for the weight loss which is your goal. Also, avoid too much beer consumption too.

Wrapping Up

Working out as a couple can help in making your exercising regime more fun and romantic. You and your partner get to spend time more with each other and this will help in taking your relationship to the next level. You guys end up doing things a team and gain to know more about each other.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.