Personal Training in Landed Property in Singapore

Personal Training in Landed Property in Singapore

You can shop for all your necessity from home and even finish your office deadlines or work from home. The best part is you can be fit and healthy right at your home. Hence, how is it possible to improve your health by being at home?

Well, it is not about the half-hearted push-ups you are doing until the microwave informs you that your food is ready. Here it is all about personalized training. The one where an actual trainer will come to your door armed with the necessary tools and methods for achieving your fitness goals.

Yes, you really get a health expert right at your doorstep and that too without stepping down to the gym. Well, this is just a single reason. There are various reasons why personalized training in Singapore can be great.

Benefits of Private Home Training in Singapore

If you are living in Singapore, you must be surprised to know that various personalized training service providers provide the best training schedule as per your needs. These personal trainers will help in exercising you and achieving your goals. All this will be done in the given gym schedule. Following are the benefits of hiring a personalized trainer –


Having a personalized trainer, you get to exercise and do all kinds of workouts at the time that is suitable for you. The best part is you will not have to force yourself to get used to the gym schedule. Also, there is a lack of commuting.

Plus, you will not have to worry about the traffic as you are exercising at your home. The trainer will come to your home and this is the perfect way to avoid all kinds of excuses to work out.


Just think of the feeling you get while doing a full-body workout and burning calories right in the comfort of your home. Here it is all about getting out of your bed, putting on some comfortable working out dress, and then heading to the workout space. Frankly, you will not need to have a gym bag as all the things would be present at your home.


The best part of having an in-home personal trainer is that he or she will push you to achieve a lot. Also, you would be able to focus on your exercise without any kind of distraction. Well, this will not be possible when you are at the gym. Plus, you will not have to worry about being late for the workout as your trainer will be the one to inform you that the time has come for you to get into the race of being fit.


Sometimes you might be lazy or feel that the time has not come for you to work out. In such a case, you do need the assistance of a person to motivate you and make sure that you are continuing to exercise. Having a personal trainer at your home will be of great assistance.

You will know that at the given time you have an appointment. This will push you to be motivated as you begin to remember that you are paying for a service and that your money will go down the drain if you do not start valuing the exercising regime. Here motivation will even come from trainers. He or she will start to encourage you, and this will help in challenging yourself for achieving more. Not only that, but it will also help you to spice up the workouts to get the best or appealing results. Additionally, the trainers are specialist and they would customize the workouts for achieving your needs and avoiding all kinds of boredom.

Saving Time

Since you are not walking a few blocks or commuting to the gym, this allows you to save some time. Here it will not matter that you are saving ten minutes or one hour. Slowly, these periods will amount to saving a lot of hours.

The extra time you have in your hands can be used at home, where you can achieve the fitness goals along with the guidance of your home trainer. The assistance of the in-home training will help you to avoid the waiting time for someone to finish their workouts and give you the tools. You are at your home gym and you have the freedom to work out as long as you want. Also, hurrying up through workouts will even lead to injuries.

Flexible Schedule

Sometimes you might be struggling with having a busy schedule. In such a case, the in-home personalized training would be great for your workout session. It will assist you in being fit right at your own schedule. Well, this way, your job will not be the biggest excuse for not being fit. Sitting and standing for a long hour at the desk is bad for your back. Also, it will affect your posture too. The major benefit of in-home personalized training is that it helps in providing flexibility.


You must realize that not everyone would like to workout at the gym. Some like to avoid overcrowding and even sharing equipment with other people. Some people never care about hygiene. Rather than worrying about getting or spreading germs at the gym, you can just go for personalized training at your home.

The best part is you will not have to share the bathroom or locker with other individuals that come for exercising. All you must do is get to the workout, shower right at the comfort of your home. Besides these reasons, working out in the public can be uncomfortable as people might be watching you working out.

For example, you might be a part of an aerobic group and there are chances that you are not able to master a certain motion. This can be embarrassing if people are watching you and they might even demotivate you by laughing or taunting you. But with personalized training, it is different as the only people present in the vicinity will be you and your personal trainer.

The best part of working out at your home is no one will be watching you. Even if you make any mistake, the expert trainer will rectify it for you, and you won’t feel embarrassed about it.


In personalized training, accountability goes together with motivation. Along with the guidance in doing various kinds of workouts, the personalized training will make sure that you are following the given program’s stipulation. The trainer will be keeping track of your activities and will make sure that you work out and easily achieve your fitness goals. As you have someone to follow up on your basic workouts, you end up being motivated and this will help in pushing forward for improving your performance.

Doing Personalized Workouts

What you need to realize is that people have different workout needs. Well, certain individuals like weightlifter would need strength training while there might be others like the elderly that would require exercises to improve their balance.

Sometimes you might be recovering from a certain injury and for that, you would be taking physical therapy. With personalized training at your home, you can customize your workouts, making sure that it matches your requirements. Personalized exercising will improve your efficiency as they target those body parts that provide the required results.

Personal Attention

At times working out in the gym, you might not get personal attention. It would be rare to have the floor trainer in charge to sit with you or even pay attention to you when various people are exercising. However in personalized home exercising the trainer will be attending to your requirements personally.

Here he or she will visit your house, show you the method of doing each of the exercises, and will motivate and monitor your progress. Frankly, his or her whole attention will be on you and no one else.

Having Good Knowledge About the Exercises You Do

With the assistance of personalized trainers for exercising you gain suitable advice and tips for improving your performance. Here it means that you are not trying to be fit but trying to learn some new things that can easily help in improving your well-being. The instructor will rectify all the mistakes you are doing, and you can even ask questions and gain satisfactory answers.

No Need of Equipment

Sometimes you might not be having the required equipment for an exercise. Do not worry. Your personalized trainer will be having various kinds of workout tools.

All you must do is provide the required workout space for using them. As you are lacking the exercise equipment, it means you are sharing the equipment of the trainer with other clients. Most of the experienced trainers always maintain hygiene standards. Therefore, you will not have to worry about hygiene.

Bring Your Own Equipment Is Great and You Gain Good Amount of Privacy

Everyone cannot enjoy the atmosphere of a crowded gym. Sometimes people hate to wait for their turn on using the exercising machine.

Now having a personalized trainer means you are not just limiting your working out based on the availability of the equipment. Your personal trainer will be having the required equipment and they would bring it to the location of your choice where you are exercising.

Irrespective of whether it is right in the comfort of your home or in your neighbourhood park, you have the flexibility of working out where it suits you. Now you are planning on exercising at your home, however, you don’t have the required equipment, or you aren’t sure how to use the one you have, don’t worry. Your personalized trainer will assist you and is a perfect choice.

All you must do is look out for trainers in Singapore that provide that option and you gain various benefits too. The trainer will be coming to your home. This means that you will not have to pack your bag or drive to the gym. Also, there is an aspect of privacy. You will not want to work out in front of other work, especially at the gym. Working out at your own place will be more comfortable and it will make you feel less self-conscious.

Personalized Exercising at Your Home Will be Based On Your Needs & Goals

Sometimes while you are exercising on your own or without any guidance, you might not gain the required results. After continuously exercising, you feel that you are not losing any weight. With the assistance of a personalized trainer in Singapore, you can easily gain a better perspective.

The personal trainer will be able to evaluate your current program. He or she will check out what you are doing and will find ways to change or rather tweak your workouts for making them effective and efficient. Plus, trainers will help you to figure out if your goals are realistic or not. They will even help you to remain motivated throughout the training session.

By having the knowledge that you are having an appointment with a pro, it will help you to be motivated and improve your exercises. Another major benefit of personalized training is that you get to push harder. Sometimes people are not working out or doing their maximum. This is the major reason why they do not see the required results. Most importantly, it will be easy to slack off when you are doing exercise by yourself. However, having someone to challenge you would be great and really make a difference.

Wrapping Up

Having a personalized training session with an expert in Singapore will make you accountable for your exercise. He or she will set up the weekly goals based on the results you want. Also, they would regularly keep a check on the exercises you are doing, which ultimately results in getting the required body that you planned for.

In short, having a personalized trainer is a great way to exercise and be healthy. There are various personalized trainers in Singapore. Hence, make sure that you choose the one that is experienced and expert in various kinds of exercises.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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