Exercise to Do During the Quarantine Period at Home

Exercise to Do During the Quarantine Period at Home

Exercise to Do During the Quarantine Period at Home

Currently millions of people in the whole world are sitting in their homes, finding ways to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Even small and large gyms, yoga centres have closed, thereby leaving millions of their customers without their sweat destination and avoiding the chance to be fit and healthy.

Making the Best of Quarantine Period

You are in self-isolation and for the next couple of weeks, practicing social isolation doesn’t mean you end up viewing a marathon of your favourite TV sitcoms or 24 hours of news. Of course, most of us would be working from home and some might even be glued to their devices. At times it can be a breath of fresh air if you could just get some exercise or sneak out of your room and head to some other place or your home gym.

At present times of the coronavirus, it is better if you maintain at least three to four feet of distance from the next individual. In such a case, a home gym can be the best means for the safest workout. Here it will not only avoid the loss of momentum of working out in the gym but also, home workouts will lower your anxiety and even help in boosting your endorphins especially in the time of collective anxiety.

Boosting Your Immunity

The basic way of overcoming a negative situation is through positive action. Through exercising you can easily relieve stress and feel great. Most experts feel that boredom can often lead to bad food choices, thereby leading to low energy. Poor choices in food would lead to gaining weight and increasing inflammation, ultimately compromising the immune system.

The best part of exercising is that it will help you to keep moving thus burning calories. It will even help in maintaining body weight and building or preserving muscle tissues. Another major advantage of exercising is that it provides mental benefits. You will get the required endorphin rush, get rid of stress and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are exercising. You are doing something positive for your brain and body as you are stuck up in your home.

Check Out Your Home Setup

Just before you try to work out, it is advisable to have a glance over your home setup. Well, if you already have a home gym then it is great. Hence, you will easily gain the benefits of a great workout. However, if you don’t have a home gym, there are some equipment that provide the necessary external load like dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, etc. They can be a great option too. Frankly, there are various kinds of exercises and workouts you can do using such weights.

Some people might be those who like to leave the gym equipment at the gym. If you are such a person, then don’t worry. You can try the resistance exercises that would challenge your muscles. The best part is that you can make modifications to the exercises you are doing at the gym like lunges, squats, pulls, planks and pulls right at your home environment just by using your own bodyweight.

So, If You Are A Couch Potato?

Health experts feel that even couch potatoes should get up and do the same kind of bodybuilding exercises. Now the best part of the bodyweight exercises is that it isn’t very much difficult to get them wrong. Basically, they are quite simple to do and all it contains are basic movements that we do in our day to day life.

Guidance Provided by WHO in Terms of Exercising During Coronavirus Outbreak

Since new cases of COVID-19 are continuously emerging, especially in the WHO European region, various healthy people are being requested to remain indoors (i.e. at their home) in self-quarantine. Also, in certain countries, fitness locations and gyms where people are often active, and exercising are temporarily closed.

Of course, staying at home for a prolonged period will lead to significant challenges and that too in terms of being physically active. Low level of physical activities and sedentary behaviours will really have a negative impact on the health, quality of life and well-being of the individuals. Nevertheless, there are chances that self-quarantine can lead to additional stress and it might challenge the mental health of the citizens. Here relaxation techniques and physical activities are the best tools to be calm and they will easily help to secure your health during this time.

As per the WHO, one must do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or somewhat 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity each week or just go for the combination of both. You can easily achieve these recommendations right at your home using no special equipment and even in limited space.

The following are some of the major tips you can use for staying active and even lowering the sedentary behaviour while being at home in the self-quarantine mode –

Going for Short Active Breaks In The Day

Sometimes doing short bouts of physical activity will even add up the required and weekly recommendations. You can use the suggested exercise by your doctors and gym trainers to be active every day. Playing with children, dancing, and doing domestic chores like gardening and cleaning are some of the major ways to remain active at home.

Following Online Exercise Classes

It is good if you can take advantage of the wealth of the online exercise classes at your disposal. Here most of them would be free and even you can find them on YouTube too. Now you might not be experienced in doing such kind of exercises, still, it is better if you are cautious and be aware of the limitations you have.

Go for Walks

To remain active, you can go for a walk even in small spaces. Walking around or walking on the spot will make you healthy and active. Also, if you have a call, just stand or simply walk around your home while you are speaking rather than just sitting on the chair. Now if you are planning to go outside for a walk or exercising, then make sure that you maintain at least one-meter distance from other individuals.

Standing Up

If you want to reduce sedentary time, just stand up whenever it is possible. Here you need to simply avoid sitting and reclining every thirty or forty minutes. You can think of establishing a standing desk either by using a high table or just by stacking some files of books or other materials while you are continuing to work standing. During your sedentary leisure time, you must prioritize cognitively through stimulating activities like board games, reading, puzzles, etc.


Deep breaths and meditation will help you to remain calm. For gaining optimal health, it is important that you eat healthily and remain constantly hydrated. As per WHO, it is better if you drink normal water rather than sugar-contained drinks.

Also, you might have to limit the amount or avoid consuming alcoholic beverages especially young kids must simply prevent it. The same goes for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Furthermore, you need to make sure that there are various amounts of fruits and veggies in your home, and try to reduce the intake of sugar, salt, and even fat. It is better if you go for the whole grain rather than refined food.

Examples of Best Home-Related Exercises

The following are the exercises individuals can do at their home to remain fit and healthy.

1) Knee to Elbow Exercise

Here first you need to touch one of your knees with your opposite elbow, alternating the sides. Make sure that you do this at your own pace. Perform this exercise for about one to three minutes. Then take rest for thirty to sixty seconds and continue to repeat this till five times. Through this exercise, you can increase your breathing and heart rate.

2) Plank

In this exercise, you need to support your forearms firmly on the ground, using the elbows right under the shoulder. Make sure that the hips are right at the level of your head. Continue to be in this position for about thirty to forty seconds (more if it is possible). Then take rest for about forty to sixty seconds and do this for five more times. This exercise will help in strengthening your arms, belly and even legs.

3) Back Extensions

Touch your ears using your fingertips. Then lift your upper body by keeping your legs right on the ground. Slowly lower your upper body again. You can do this exercise ten to twenty times or more. Then take rest for forty to sixty seconds and repeat this exercise five to six times. By doing this exercise, you can strengthen your back muscles.

4) Squats

Put your feet right at the hip distance and placing your toes right-pointing slightly outwards. Then you need to bend your knees as much as possible until you feel comfortable. Make sure to keep the heels right on the ground and even the knees over (here it must not be right on the front) the feet.

Also, try to bend and stretch your legs. Do this exercise at least ten to fifteen times. After that take a rest for forty seconds and do this for five more times. By this exercise, you can strengthen your glutes as well as legs.

5) Side Knee Lifts

First, touch your knees using your elbow. Then lift your knee to the side, and then in the alternating sides. Go at your own pace while doing this exercise. Continue to do this exercise for about one to three minutes, then take rest for about forty seconds. Repeat this procedure for about six to seven times. Through this exercise, you can increase your breathing rate as well as heart rate.

6) Superman

Put your hands right under your shoulders and knees right under the hips. Then you need to lift one of your arms forward and then the opposite leg backwards to alternating sides. You need to do this exercise for about thirty to forty times (or more) and then take rest for about thirty to sixty seconds. Repeat this for about five times. This exercise is done for strengthening your glutes, belly and even the back muscles.

7) Bridge

In this exercise, you need to make sure that your feet are firmly placed on the ground along with the knees right over the heels. Then lift the hip as much as possible until you feel comfortable. After that, you need to slowly try to lower them.

Try to perform this exercise for about ten to fifteen times or more. Take rest for thirty to forty seconds and then repeat this exercise for about five times. You need to do this exercise for strengthening your glutes.

8) Chair Dips

In this exercise, you need to hold on to the seat of your chair using your feet and that too about half a meter just away from the chair. After that try to bend your arms making sure that it is lower to the hips to the ground. After that strengthen your arms. Continue to do this exercise for about ten to fifteen times and then take rest for about forty to sixty seconds. Try to repeat this exercise for about five times. Through this exercise, you can strengthen your triceps.

9) Chest Opener

To do this exercise, first, you need to interlace your fingers right behind your back. Then you must stretch your arms and open the chest in a forward manner. Continue to be in this position for about thirty to twenty seconds. By doing this exercise you can easily stretch your shoulders and chest.

Staying Safe

During the quarantine period, to be safe you need to remain inside. Also, to be healthy you must continue exercising, even it means that you are stuck in your home. Well, if you are mentally and physically fit, there is no harm in being inside your home doing the exercises that you like.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.