High Heels – Good or Bad?

Being fashionable is what most women want and the excellent makeup, stylish outfits, beautiful high heel shoes, and fashionable jewelry purchased by most of the feminine crowd is a clear example of this craze. Especially with highly glamorous and attractive high spike heeled shoes or any kind of high heel shoes. They are so compatible and can be worn with all kinds of wedding dress, trousers, and evening gowns.

What Makes Them Highly Purchasable?

Such elegant and beautiful shoe makes women a style icon and gives their leg a slender and attractive look. And not only that it gives them a sexy look and provides the required confidence to dwell in this male dominant market. Of course, some may not initially like high heels shoes, but their confidence builds up when once they start wearing them often. And one thing the women need to keep in mind with regard to high heel shoe is the comfort level.

Women should avoid wearing heel shoe for an entire day. If the heel of the shoe is more than two inches than the prescribe one then it could create a lot of discomfort. There are few interesting tips which you could. The first important thing that you ought to do is to take small steps while wearing the high heels.

What makes High Heels a Bad Sport?

Firstly, the biggest disadvantage of wearing a high heel shoes is disrupting the posture. As you are wearing these shoes, the foot gets pointed downwards. So, there is a great amount of amplified force and stress on the front of the foot. This would make the body to align and adjust so that balance can be maintained.

In addition, it affects the way women walk. It is a common sight to see various women walking down the side walk in high heels. And you can easily see them walking as if there are limping. This is because of the downward position caused while moving the legs. Another thing that needs to check out for is the balance. A posture of a woman while walking coincides with the way he or she walks. While the shoe is worn, a woman is not in the right standing position and it is crucial for maintain the balance. The high-heel shoe would cause the ankle and foot to move in an outward position and sometimes such kind of things would disrupt the balance of the women while walking.

As per most of the doctors and medical professionals, wearing and using high heel shoes can greatly affect the back. Researchers feel wearing high and classy shoes would lead to spine flattering, lumbar spine (low-back) or thoracic spine. So, what happens is that by wearing high heel, the body gets positioned in the leaning forward manner and in response for creating balance women would lean backwards. Sometimes, this would put an extra burden on the back and spinal cord, thereby leading to frequent back pains. Frankly, wearing high heel shoes is a fashion statement but one can still be fashionable without having them.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.