How Exercise Helps One to Be More Beautiful Inside Out?

How Exercise Helps One to Be More Beautiful Inside Out?

You might have met someone who might not be physically attractive, but there would be something unique in terms of beauty. Something you can’t put your finger on their soul would seem to radiate and light up outwards. Most importantly, what holds the attention is their internal qualities, making you feel awe of them, thereby getting attracted with their presence.

If you are beautiful inside, it means you are comfortable in your skin and you showcase a lot of confidence. So, overall you will feel happy and this will translate into the beauty that you like, physical beauty. Sometimes you feel that you end up spending huge amount of money which seems funny and astonishing, as you feel beautiful outside, yet you do little to improve your internal beauty. Most people know that the people assume if appearance outside is flawless then people are flawless on the inside too.

No doubt looking on the outside is what we really want however, it is normal stature to pick up the flaws we have. And in this case, it is each flaw that our mirror shows and is considered as a healthier option. The important aspect what we need to keep in mind is that when we take care of the inside, automatically the exterior will be taken care of by itself. Frankly, there isn’t anything much beautiful and nice to see a person who shows huge amount of self-love and self-confidence. Of course, such individuals glow with appreciation and warmth, which is what they only have and this kind of gratitude gets displayed in their soul.

Real Definition of Beauty

With regards to a simple definition, you might come to the realization that beauty is a word that has endless meaning. However, it does bring out a definition of having or producing a positive energy from within, which isn’t something that is achieved by aesthetics and make-up. The important thing you need to consider here is that if you want other to feel that you are beautiful, you must feel the same thing about yourself and that too from inside out.

How to Attain Outer Beauty?

  • Having Good Hygiene – It is important to keep your body clean. Having regular showers along with usage of deodorant might be a good idea. It even includes wearing clean clothes and such kind of simple things will give you the power to make you feel good and look best.
  • Dental Hygiene – Similar to body hygiene, you even need to have good oral hygiene too. Always brush and floss your teeth every day and use mouthwash too. Teeth which are properly cared for will last for a lifetime.
  • Taking Care of Your Hair – The first thing people notice about you is your hair. You need to make it look neat, clean and most importantly shiny. You must wash it every day or at least every 3 days, in case if it isn’t oily. Use a conditioner and shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Try to brush everyday even if you don’t style your hair.
  • Taking Care of Skin – Using a shower puff every day in the shower for exfoliate the body is a great one. Try to rinse your body in cool water instead and you need to moisture your skin even after washing it each day. Always moisturize and wash your face two times each day.

Necessity of Being Beautiful Inside Out

Liposuction, cosmetic surgery, collagen, silicone implants and Botox aren’t the tools for being beautiful. There are natural and easy ways of being glowing from inside-out and staying beautiful. It begins and ends with ‘E’, and doesn’t cost to nothing. Most importantly, it will make you leave breathless and more refreshed. In the craze of being beautiful, we end up in spending millions on cosmetic treatment, but we simply overlook the most beneficial one which is exercising.

Exercising is the best way of getting a blemish-free and clear complexion skin, strong and healthy hair and fewer wrinkles. The best part of exercising is that it provides an overall revitalizing effect. In addition, by doing regular exercise, you can improve your blood circulation to the core, that too right to your toes, fingernails, fingers, and toe nails.

No doubt, exercising is beneficial for our body, and it even improves the strength of respiratory and circulatory system. That means getting oxygenated skin. So, if you want to look good, then get your sports shoes and work up your body to sweat.

Getting A Glowing Skin

Through regular exercise, you can improve the health of your skin. This is possible as exercising will improve blood circulation to the skin surface. It will also assist in providing required nutrients to the skin. You can do aerobic exercises to sweat and even helps in removing or reducing toxins by perspiration. No doubt, working out will tone the skin, oxygenate the blood, improve the circulation of the blood and gives a overall healthy glow.

Lifting Wrinkles

Most dermatologist feel that exercising can help in reducing the wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. By exercising, you produce collagen which is nothing but a protein that supports the skin structure. When you are exercising, you are toning and strengthening the muscles that are present under your skin, and this makes your skin look healthier. The stronger the muscles are the more support the skin will get, and it will be more elastic and firmer than before.

Preventing Acne

Acne occurs when there is an over production of the sebum and this will clog then pores. The sebum is normally released on to the pores and that too on regular basis. However, there are certain kind of hormones which can easily lead to overproduction like stress hormone cortisol and testosterone. Now any increase in the hormone will simply correspond to increasing the chances of getting acne on the skin.

Through proper exercising, you can easily correct the imbalance of the hormone leading to acne. One of the best parts of exercising is that it lowers the level of cortisol in the blood and relieves stress, thereby eliminating the extra production of the sebum, leading to blocked pores. Also, by exercising sweat is created and these so-called sweats will clean out the pores. It will even remove the dead skin cells, chemicals, and oils which get build over time. By flushing these so-called toxins out, you are removing the chances of getting existing acne and avoid any chance of getting the body inflamed to any kind of foreign particles present on the skin.

For Hair

Do you think exercise can assist in promoting blood circulation to your scalp and even the hair follicles? Yes, it will even ease the supply of nutrients present in the blood stream to the hair follicles. Most importantly, it will help in promoting the growth of hair and controlling hair loss. Plus, by exercising, you can make the scalp healthy and avoid any kind of clogging of the pores.

Through regular exercise, the follicles of the hair get nourished due to the flow of the oxygen rich blood. This will allow the antioxidants to rush to the area, destroying the free radicals before they end up damaging your hair. Here there is an added benefit, when you are exercising outdoors, the hair will get few sunlit streaks because of the natural highlighted effect.

For Breasts(females)

One of the perfect sports for increasing the tone and even improving the appearance of the breast is swimming. Of course, you do have the second alternative which is mostly in case there is any access to a pool, is to go and get trained from a fitness trainer or start doing simple exercises which will make your pectoral muscles strong. Frankly, by exercising with free weights in your hands is one of the best ways to keep the muscles under the breast tissue toned. The breast will look fuller and perkier. By following a consistent exercising regime, you can even lower the chances of having breast cancer and studies show that this is up to 33-35%.

Good Nourishment

Keep in mind that sometimes exercising alone won’t make you feel gorgeous or look good. You must collaborate your workout with the healthy food. Most health experts and fitness trainers recommend that you consume food that is rich in vitamin A. The regular consumption of food filled with Vitamin A will make your hair, nails and skin stronger and supple. For a good amount of vitamin A, you must have leafy greens, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

You also need to add some omega-3s too. Most people don’t have good amount of dietary fat, and this makes their skin flaky and dry, especially on the abdomen and arms. You need to consume good amounts of almonds, walnuts, and Cold-water fish. And most importantly, reduce the consumption of alcohol. Keep track of how much you drink as it can really affect your liver, body and other organs. In addition, you might have to cut back on the consumption of sugar. Following a diet filled with high sugar content will lead to the growth of bad bacteria in your gut and this will lead to low-grade inflammation, thereby leading to skin issues like dermatitis, and other skin diseases.

Becoming A Person Shinning from Inside Out Without Exercising

Doing A Positive Self Talk

It might surprise you to know that positive self-talk is the most powerful way to radiate beauty within. Not many people know that if you are drowning yourself in the tides of self-pity, negativity and bitterness, the outer beauty will get deeply influenced and catch on, thereby making each and every single person around you sad and dejected. Give yourself positive pep talk each day until it sinks in. What happens here is that this positive vibe will resonate with each cell present in your body. Of course, you might find it ridiculous initially, however, just contribute to motivate yourself until you yourself believe it to be true.


Some people can’t deal with their past and issues. Well, it isn’t good as you are giving permission to them to hang around and that will define you. Most importantly, this will seep through and make everyone see you in a negative way, irrespective of how much beautiful you are on the outside. Learning to forgive yourself and others will easily free you from the anger and fear. Plus, you get a lot of positive energy through the act of forgiving and this positive vibe will lead to true beauty and inner peace.


A true appreciation for one is self-love and this is regardless of the weakness. Keep in mind that it doesn’t happen, you really need to create it. Most importantly, you need to respect your body by providing it with nutritious food and even by going exercises like Pilates and yoga. It is all about setting boundaries and saying when to say no and allowing others into your life which provides a personal growth.


Beautiful people aren’t created like that. They have struggled, made mistakes and came from place of despair. But these hardships are used by them to take into a new light by converting themselves into a person they really want to be. Through self-respect you can easily remove the unwanted doubts that remind you of the mistakes, making you confused that you aren’t beautiful, skinny enough or have good manners.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, exercise is the best medicine to provide you the required lift in the long run. It is the major antidote for the daily pressures of life. Studies have shown that exercising can relieve depression, stress, anxiety and even common cold. Frankly, it would be good if you can implement exercising as a daily routine. Seriously, getting beautiful inside out without wasting money on cosmetics and treatment is way better and this makes your life positive and brings more meaning. Treat yourself to a holiday with the money saved!


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.