How To Get Six Pack Abs In Singapore?

How To Get Six Pack In Singapore?

Do you know what is the pinnacle of fitness? It is getting the six pack abs. Each and every person you see hitting at the gym thinks of the ways and means of getting a toned six pack abs. Of course, it is not something that can’t be achieved but if you do keep it as a goal, it will be somewhat difficult unless you have certain plans to achieve it.

Seriously, at times you might think what makes people really worship a six pack figure? Maybe it is the way your body is shaped, showing the various toned abs which looks like a hard stone. No offense, it is not bad to have one, as you display a healthy lifestyle and health. What would be your next steps? Well, it involves making a modification to your diet as well as lifestyle. It might not seem easy but definitely once achieved, it will be something that you might find hard to forgo.

Always Concentrate On Major Aspects – The Diet

One of the major things which various individuals, even trainers simply overlook is diet. One of the major and necessary tools which you might need for having great abs is good diet. Irrespective of what you have come across or heard, which even includes the latest and hyped fat reduction pills, you must keep in mind that abs are created in the kitchen, not in the gym.

Simply by consuming supplementary pills or fanciful workout gadgets can’t get you to achieve a good six pack. You need to follow various steps to be on the track to getting a six pack abs.

So, how is it possible? Let’s check out.

Getting A Good Six Pack Abs

Consuming sweet potatoes

It is common knowledge that to get six pack abs, you need to have sufficient amount of carbs. But it is not all kinds of carbs. You need to avoid certain carbs like French fries and go for something like sweet potatoes. Do you know that these orange goodies are filled with carotenoids and these don’t allow the calories from converting into fat and other fiber? So, this makes you sated and will make you eat less and the presences of vitamin C provides you with the required energy to work out.

Sit Ups

Even though there are various people who have rebuked the sit up exercise, it is not something which you can wholly avoid. Various research and gym experts feel that this classic move indeed got some good effects and as its primary function is to provide and work on your rectus abdominals that ultimately helps in giving you the required six packs. However, a full sit-up can really work on the flexors of your hip and even help in stabilizing the core muscles. Basically, the key aspect is to do this exercise in a correct manner.

Working The Obliques

Frankly, when it is related to the core muscles, there are many people who simply concentrate on the abdominal muscles, and they ultimately forget the obliques (which is the side abs). Keep in mind that these clandestsine muscles are very much significant. They are the ones that keep all the things tucked in. For getting a good oblique workout, you must go to the pulley machine and start doing some presses.

Stop Consuming Beer

A glass of beer has about 150 calories and these are just empty calories. So, in other words, they are just useless. If you are a regular beer drinker, you need to know that consuming simply hundreds or thousands of beers each week is useless. These calories just add up as fat. You could go for a good alternative like tequila. This has half of the calories of alcohol and even zero carbs.

Leg Raise Exercise

Do you know how to get a ripped midsection? Various certified trainers and gym experts say that it can be easily done with hanging leg raises. Exercises like sit-ups and crunches are targeted on the top section of the core muscles and by doing hanging leg raises, you are targeting the lower ab section. Most experts feel that to get the best results, one needs to perform three sets before starting any workout routine.

Be Calm

Various studies have shown that stress can really spike the cortisol level of your body. This will in turn make you less energetic and lazy. So, if you are planning on keeping the cortisol level low and removing the unwanted belly fat, you really need to De-stress yourself.

Have A Good Night Sleep

It is recommended to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep. This will help your body to lower cortisol which accumulate belly fat.

Perform Interval Training

If you are looking out for the methods to burn the calories and display the well-toned abs of your belly, you need to try out HIIT (high-intensity interval training). The best part of the HIIT is that once you trigger it, you will instantly trigger the required post-exercise oxygen consumption (this is also called as after burn or EPOC). It means that you will go on to burn the necessary calories as long as you are following the prescribed routine.

Do you know how this so called standard HIIT works? It involves a one-minute strenuous exercise followed by a thirty second of complete rest. Continue to do this for four to six times in a routine. Keep in mind that in this exercise you can do anything like biking at full-stream and then followed by casual pace, sprinting which is then followed by a brisk and slow walk, etc.

Opting For Stability Chops

If you check out most of the core exercises, they hit at a particular part of your core. These core exercises are targeted to your obliques, rectus, etc. However, it is different in regards to high-cable split stability chops. Seriously, this is a great exercise which can just hit your entire midsection. Frankly, this won’t be quite strenuous on each muscle fiber of your body like other exercises.

Consume Food With Enough Calories

Now the math you need to follow is quite simple. You need to keep adding the required calories and this is the best way to keeping your weight down. However, you do have to ensure that it needn’t go too low. Sometimes you might eat very little and this will definitely slow down the body’s metabolism. Hence, it will lead to a serious effect on your body.

One of the main things you need to keep in mind is your body doesn’t know when the next meal is. In other ways, when it is the time for your body to burn off those extra calories. It will simply hold on to them, just like a furnace which constantly requires fuel to continue to burn.

Consume Good Amount Of Creatine Supplement

There is no doubt that creatine works twofold. Not only it helps in building your muscles and retaining water, they provide the required pop and give you the needed and ever-lasting energy. It means that you can have the required energy for a grueling workout session. To make your efforts more valuable, just add a scoop in the water bottle that you take with you for each workout.

Treating Yourself

There is no harm in treating yourself. A small treat and indulgence per day will make sure that you don’t overdo it, especially on weekends. Most importantly, while you are indulging in treating yourself, make sure that you stick to the required 150 calories or less.

No doubt, this is a tiny trick on being on track and if you are really planning on treating yourself, go for a dark chocolate (i.e. a bar which has about 70% or more than the cacao ratings). There are various studies which show that the flavanols present in dark chocolate can easily reduce diseases related to heart by 40%-55%.

Start Doing Inverted Pulsating Abs

You can think of this insverted pulsating ab as a high-level move that is similar to super crunch. For this exercise, you need to take a decline bench, keep your back in straight position and place your arms on the side. Then you need to slowly lift your neck, head, and shoulders away from the bench by almost two inches. Continue to be in this position for two seconds. You can do 20 push pulsating abs three times in a day.

Have More Water

Keep in mind that you need to be hydrated irrespective of your fitness goals. It is important that you drink up if you are really thinking of keeping your abs in shape.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that your body is made of two-thirds of water and you really want it to be in that way. Keeping the water level as per the required way will avoid any kind of water retention and makes sure that your body is void of all kinds of toxins. Also, it even helps to remove the excess salt which ultimately reduces the bloat. Keep in mind that if you are puffy, then you won’t be getting chiseled abs. Plus when you are hitting the urinals, the pee should be somewhat clear.

Have Bananas

The food item that is quite high in potassium is the banana. Besides being a great nutrient, it even reduces your blood pressure and even assists in lowering the belly bloat.

Weight Lifting

Now for each pound of muscle, you really need to burn off the additional 6 calories in an hour, and that too with weight lifting. Of course, you don’t need to bulk up like the Avengers, but putting few pounds to your frame, will immediately melt the calories and unwanted fat. All this with zero effort.

Perform Bicycle Kicks

In this exercise, you need to lie on your back, keep the arms behind your head and be in a crunch position with the legs raised and bent at about 90-degrees. Then you need to kick your legs forth and back, like how you are riding a bike.

Now while you are doing that side-by-side you need to twist the upper part of your body’s torso, especially in the tandem using your legs. For gaining maximum tone, you need to continuously do this as long as you can go for. Once you have easily mastered it, it becomes easy.

Have Lean Proteins

Pork, chicken, and fish are good meats which are high in proteins and less in fat. So, they will easily build your muscles and even help in boosting energy. All this is possible without compensating the macros. And if you are going for beef, try to go for one which is grass-fed as it will be high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Wrapping Up

Getting sick pack in Singapore is easy. There are various gyms and health clinics which provide you with enough diet and exercising plans which once followed will give the required results. Of course, some might want the assistance of trainers who will guide you and that too is available in Singapore. However, the only aspect you need to be familiar with is which or what kind of health clinic and gym you need.

Make sure to research and check out with your friends or colleagues before opting for one. Keep in mind that to get six pack might seem tough but with a good exercise and diet plan from the best instructors or advisors, it can be worthwhile.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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