Importance Of Water

Nowadays, all people carry bottled water with them whenever they go outside. Surprisingly, this has become the second most important and popular drink besides the soft drinks. However, recently water lovers got a shock of the life when they realized that the benefits of drinking water were oversold. The traditional aspect of drinking eight glasses of water seems just a normal guidelines. However, this does not mean that water is not important. In fact, consuming plain or any kind of water is quite necessary for your health. Just like the basic nutrients and food, water in liquid state is the basic nutrient of life and for the human body. The following are some of the major benefits of the drinking water and other fluids each day.

Maintaining Balance of Body Fluids

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Controlling Calories

For many years, dieticians have recommended to consume drinking water in order to lose weight. It is the major aspect which helps in reducing weight even though it does not have any kind of magical effect on reducing weight still you can substitute it with higher calorie beverages.

Energizing Muscles

If cells cannot maintain the basic balance of electrolytes shrivel and fluids, then it can lead to muscle fatigue. And interestingly, if the muscle cells don’t have any major fluids, then they will not work properly and the basic performance will just suffer. It is important to have enough fluids while you are exercising or doing heavy activities. Various studies have stated the importance of the consuming water and they even have guidelines that talk about the fluid intakes during and before the physical activity is done. As per these guidelines, it is recommended that people have about 17 ounces of fluids just two hours before exercising. Furthermore, it is important that people start to take fluids as much as early and have them at regular intervals in order to replace the loss of fluids while sweating.

Keeps Skin Good

The human skin has got various water and this functions as one of the major protective barriers for avoiding any kind of excess loss of fluids. However, you cannot think or assume that over-hydration will remove all kind of fine-lines and wrinkles. Of course, dehydration can make your skin look quite wrinkled and dry and this can be improved through the proper hydration tactics. As one is properly hydrated, then the kidney will take over and dispose the excess fluids. To conclude, water is indeed the elixir of life and is something which sustain the entire living creatures in this world.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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