Invest into Your Health as The Same Way You Do For Money – Part 1

To enjoy a happy and long life, it is necessary that you don’t take your health for granted. Rather than wasting your time on other things, you need to make it as one of the top things in the list of your priorities. Naturally, this will easily help you in improving your chances of experiencing a bright and fun-filled future. Plus, it will make you less worried, as you can take comfort in the fact that you are looking after your body and mind.

Sometimes you might be overconfident that you are a healthy individual. Well, there is no harm in that but there is always the room for improvements. Frankly, there are multiple ways to invest in your health and most of them are right in front of you. After all, it is all about taking some positive steps which can really make your life better and healthy.

Begin Exercising to Become Healthy

It is the best thing to do if you have an impressive exercise plan. No doubt, working out on a regular basis will be the best way to strengthen your body. Plus, it also helps in improving your mood. In this way, it will be quite easy for your body to get rid of diseases, illness and infections; if it gets used for pushing to it’s limit.

In addition, making an extreme effort to become fit and active will easily help in trimming down excess weight. This is one which can be quite dangerous for your health. However, the best part is that you will already be having a huge amount of exercise and workout activities in your life, and this is something you can try to step up. But if you are a stranger or novice in working out, you must really consider in signing up for going to a gym or getting a gym membership.

Of course, it might sound expensive in the short term. But in the long-term, it will provide you with the necessary incentives that can keep you moving forward. There are certain gyms which provide you with the required chance to work with personal trainers and dieticians. Frankly, this will come in handy when you have no or little knowledge about having a healthy lifestyle.

Evaluating Your Diet

There is another way to improve your lifestyle and health. It is nothing but evaluating your diet. Rather than getting yourself accustomed in consuming whatever you want or like, it is necessary that you take a good amount of control of your drinks and food. So, try to create a meal plan which you can follow all around the week.

In this era of digital world, there are some quality apps which you can download to your devices. Right from reminding you to drink enough amount of water, they can even provide the required calorie count for each of the meal that you consume or going to consume. Plus, it is important that you endeavor a huge amount of time by spending it in the kitchen.

If you are making up with ready meals using the microwave, then you are not going to get you the required nutrition. But if you are really preparing the dish from scratch, then it will be very much easier for you to be on the top, especially on the ingredients which you are going to digest into to your body.

Surrounding Yourself with People Who Are Health Enthusiasts

Besides diet evaluation and exercising, it is necessary that you surround yourself with fellow health enthusiasts. Frankly, this is one of the best ways to increase the chances of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now if you aren’t having a lot of foodies and fitness freaks in your friend’s circle, then you can try online. You can check online and go to some online forums which can make you get in touch with like-minded individuals. Basically, online platforms can be a great place to share your concerns and queries related to your lifestyle choices. It is all about being open in establishing connections at your gym. Try signing up for some exciting exercise classes like spinning, which might encourage attendees to communicate with one another.

Have A Good Sleep Routine?

It is necessary that you endeavor to invest in a good sleep routine. If you want the necessary energy, you must complete all the required steps. And most importantly you need a plenty of sleep too. One of the best ways to get good amount of sleep is by updating the interior design of your room.

You can even invest in new bedding and make sure to ban technology from your room. Sometimes you might have a hard time to sleep, especially in silence. In such case, you can simply buy a white noise machine. If you are woken up by any kind of loud noises, you can install double glazing in your bedroom and go for noise cancelling headphones.

Staying Healthy

Taking in Good Nutrition

Keep in mind that eating a poor diet is dangerous. It will reduce mental and physical health. Studies show that two-third of people who eat fresh veggies and fruits daily report of having no mental health issues. So, now compared to those people who have mental health issues and consume less healthy food and more, they are bound to be unhealthy and sick. The feeling of being well-being can simply protect one. This will ensure that our diet is full of required fats, vitamins, complex carbohydrates and minerals.

Expensive to Be Unhealthy

Frankly, about two-third of American adults are either obese or overweight. As per various studies conducted worldwide, it was found that a healthier diet can simply prevent roughly about $71 billion per year in terms of medical cost and also in saving lives. This number can be a little underestimated as it simply accounts for the diet-related coronary heart diseases, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Here it won’t include other diet-related illness. What might shock you is that seventy-five percentage of the health care dollars are just spend on treating preventable and dangerous diseases.

Helping to Manage A Healthy Weight

By consuming a nutritious diet that is filled with vegetables, fruits, dairy, whole grains and proteins, it will help in maintaining a healthy body weight. Most nutritionist and weight-loss expert state that there is no one diet, or a diet pill or surgery that allows people to eat as and what they want, and still expect to reduce weight and improve their health. It is all about having a healthy diet and exercise program, and these will help in achieving the required goals.

Make sure to use food as its purpose. If you are eating healthy makes you often think of food you can’t have, then you really need to refocus. Here your thoughts must be on the food that you are allowed to have. Most importantly, it can be better if you put a new spin on the old recipe of food, to make it healthier. And you won’t have to give up on your favorite food. Here, it all about having a balance. Simply try to add a huge variety in terms of vegetables and fruits to your meals. This will surely assist you in controlling your weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Maintaining Your Immune System

Not many people are aware that our immune system is our defence. The protection against diseases. However, poor nutrition is the major cause of immunodeficiency worldwide. Here it is all about maintaining your immune system. For that you need to intake proper minerals and vitamins. A well-balanced diet which consists of vegetables, fruits, and food having low in fat, will assist in supporting your healthy immune system.

Slows the Effect of Aging

Food stuffs like berries, tomatoes, nuts, avocados, and fish all have certain minerals and vitamins. They are very good for the skin. For example, tomato is rich in vitamin C and this helps in building collagen. And it helps in making the skin look firmer and slows the premature aging. Also, in the same way, berries are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. These help in promoting cell regeneration for new skins.

Providing Required Energy

The human body gets energy from liquids and food that is consumed. Here the major nutrient for our body in the form of energy is fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The carbohydrates like starchy veggies and whole-grain breads are the best method for prolonged energy as they get digested in a slow way.

In the same way, water is important for transporting nutrients and dehydration will lead to reducing our energy. Most importantly, the deficiency in iron may lead to fatigue, low energy and irritability. Food items that are rich in iron consists of poultry, seafood, dark green leafy veggies, and peas. For absorbing the iron from such food, it is better if you consume vitamin C at the same time. Try to include vitamin C rich food like kiwi, broccoli, leafy greens, peppers, tomatoes in the meals that is filled with iron.

Reducing the Risk Of Having Chronic Diseases

As per various studies, it shows that the risk factors related to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes are increasing for people who are in younger age. This is as a result of unhealthy eating and gaining weight. Among adults who are within the age of 22-70, diabetes is the major cause for blindness, kidney failure and non-traumatic low extremity amputation. Most dietary habits are established during childhood and these get carried on into adulthood. Hence, it is crucial that we teach children the significance of having a healthy diet early on.

Healthy Eating Will Lead to A Positive Mood

It is a common factor to know that diets which are low in carbohydrates will simply increase the feeling of tension. But the diets which are high in carbohydrates will have a more uplifting effect on one’s mood. Also, a diet which is rich in proteins and somewhat moderate in carbohydrates and low in fat will simply have a positive effect on one’s mood. This is because it will provide adequate amount of iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

Like how the food affects our mood, in the same way our mood will have a drastic effect on the food choice that we make. When we are experiencing a feeling of sadness, this is more likely because of the unhealthy food that we choose. Also, people feel happy when they select healthier food.

Increasing Focus

One of the major impact foods has is on the way we think. Now when the body is low on glucose, then the brain won’t be getting any amount of energy. And it needs energy to remain focused. Also, diets which are high in cholesterol and fat will simply damage the brain. It will start to build plaque in the brain vessels, thereby damaging the brain tissues and leading to strokes. Eating vegetables and fruits all around the day will help in keeping one’s healthy and engaged.

Healthy Diet Will Make Your Life Long

It is important for your body to survive and for that it needs food. However, the process of breaking down of food nutrients or the so-called metabolizing will lead to stress. In the same way, overeating will lead to huge stress to the body and it will shorten the lifespan.

Importance of Having Good Nutrition

Keep in mind that the food choices that you make will affect your health. That too every day. It will have a drastic effect on how you feel today, tomorrow and the future. For leading a healthy lifestyle, you need to have good nutrition. Along with that a combined physical activity and diet will help you in maintaining and reaching your desire weight. Also, it will lower the chances of having any kind of chronic diseases like cancer, and heart related ailments. Plus, this will even promote your overall health.

Keep in mind that your body is the mechanism to life healthy and comfortable life. So, there is no harm in investing in it for your future. As in your old age, it is better to live by yourself rather than depend on others. What’s the point in having all the money you need but to be in bad health? Something for you to ponder about.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.