Personal Training for Fat Loss in Singapore

Personal Training for Fat Loss in Singapore

Personal Training for Fat Loss in Singapore

Some people might feel that losing weight is a hard task that involves making a huge amount of sacrifices in terms of food and exercising. It is not like that, as you can take the necessary steps and follow strict exercises and diet to be fit and healthy.

It is estimated that more than half of the population in the world is looking to lose weight each year. They follow diets as well as personalized training to shed off the extra pounds. No doubt personal training burns the extra calories and plays a major role in losing weight. Along with the advantage of controlling your weight, personal training and exercising add other major benefits like making your bones stronger, improving your mood and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

Working Out to Lose Fat

Some of us might be living a fit lifestyle all year long. However, the occasional junk food we consume starts to show effect. Since you are well-aware of the various exercises and losing weight strategies, you feel the time has come for you to begin a good diet plan and start working out to achieve your goals.

However, in the case of women, when they decide it is time to lose excess fat, the first thing they do is begin with cardio and weight training exercise, where cardio is given more preference. Now it might be due to the fact that calorie-burning advantages aren’t recognized, we assume weight training is just to create muscles and not burn fat or we feel that we can’t just focus on losing fat and lifting at the same time, or it might be that we don’t know how to do a great weight training program. Frankly, whatever, the reason is, for some they might end up putting the weight back on track when it is the time to lose fat.

24/7 Metabolism Boost

You might have heard this statement that muscles burn fat. Right from your dietician to your trainer, they would have given you this tip or detail that building muscles will easily burn fat. Well, how does it happen? Frankly, muscles won’t burn fat however, they would just increase your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).

Regarding the adipose tissue aka fat, it requires no energy to be present in your body. Hence, once it is there, it will be present until you take some initiative to use it as an energy source. Now skeletal muscle tissue is called ‘active tissue’ as it needs a certain amount of energy for maintaining it. For sitting, each of your muscles will be using about 30-60 calories each day.

Workout and Diet

Using a correct diet and workout, each female can put around five pounds of muscle in a single year. Let’s assume that your metabolism would be using 50 calories each day, just for sustaining the muscles. Hence, this would mean that you might burn around 250 calories each day (which is 50 calories per day x 5 pounds).

Now a pound of fat will require 3,500 calories so you will end up losing 26 pounds each year and that too without spending any amount of extra minute in doing cardio. Now women might brush off such kind of advice as they won’t want to get bulky or big. Here our society is extremely familiar with how to lose five pounds of fat. We can view how our bodies end up changing when we lose or gain five pounds of fat. Here the only thing unfamiliar is what these five pounds of muscles are. Muscles are denser compared to fat.

In most of the gyms, trainers will be having the replica of five pounds of fat as well as five pounds of muscles. To gain a better idea, you can ask the trainers working there or just inquire with the front desk person if you can have a look at it. Surely, you will be surprised to see the huge amount of volume difference and there is no need to worry about adding the five pounds of muscles.


Now the amount of time you send on the cardio would be great and the best method to burn stored energy. However, doing cardio means you are burning calories. However, with weight training, it is a different ball game. It will make your metabolism right at the elevated energy using the rate at an hour as soon as you have done training. A great bonus in doing weight training.

Health experts term this afterburn effect as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). This would mean that after doing the weight training, the body will need a continuous supply of oxygen and that too at a high rate.

Doing Weight Workout

Now the growth of the muscle tissue can be stimulated. If you are utilizing light weights and doing rep after rep, the muscles will have to apply the same kind of stress to it and even so with its response. It would mean that even though you are eating cleaner and being on a reduced-calorie diet, your muscles won’t grow.

Various individuals that are on diet sometimes lighten up their weight as they feel that being heavy is only required during the bulking up phrase. Female dieters won’t want to lift heavy due to the fear of getting bigger compared to smaller ones. Well, somewhat these are kind of myths you might come across. Various health experts feel that women mustn’t shy away from heavier weight. Women don’t have the required testosterone for getting the required physique just like most bodybuilders.

Doing heavy or lower weight workouts will burn more calories while working out due to greater exertion. Also, this will make sure that you are not losing any amount of fat-dissolving muscles. In this workout, you would be using free weights as machines are created for targeting individual muscle groups. Plus, it will reduce the whole amount of muscles that are involved in moving the weight.

Here the exercise will be extensively compounded to hire more muscle fibres for working and releasing the muscle-creating and fat-burning hormones. Plus, you can stay on your feet rather than lying down or sitting to do as many exercises as possible.

Personalized Exercise You Can Do for Weight Loss

Some of the exercises you can do are –

1) Walking

The best exercise for weight loss is walking. Not only it is convenient, but it is also the best way for beginners to start their exercise without needing to buy any equipment or feel overwhelmed. Besides, it is a low-impact exercise, meaning it won’t put stress on your joints.

As per various studies, it is estimated that a 70kg individual will burn about 167 calories each 30 minutes by walking at a moderate pace of four mph.

Another study was conducted on selected women having obesity where they had to walk for about 60-70 minutes, three times each week, thereby reducing their waist circumferences and body fat.

2) Cycling

Like walking, cycling is a great exercise for improving your fitness as well as losing weight. Now traditionally, cycling is done outdoors, still, there are various fitness centres and gyms having stationary bikes allowing you to cycle while being indoors.

Various studies show that a 70-80 kg person will burn around 260 calories by cycling for 30 minutes on a stationary bike and that too at a moderate speed. Frankly, cycling is great for weight loss and even helps in improving the overall fitness of a person. Also, it will even help in increasing insulin sensitivity and lower the chances of getting cancer, heart diseases and death compared to the ones who won’t cycle regularly.

No doubt, cycling is best for people of all fitness levels whether they are beginners or athletes. Being a low-impact and non-weight bearing exercise, it won’t put a huge amount of stress on your joints.

3) Running and Jogging

Another great exercise to lose weight is running and jogging. While they might seem to be similar, still there is a great difference among both which is that a jogging pace is somewhere around 4-6 mph while the running pace is faster and clocks at 6 mph.

Various studies and experiments show that both running and jogging helps in burning harmful visceral fat. This kind of fat is called belly fat and this wraps around your internal organs and is linked to many diseases like diabetes and heart disease. No doubt, both running and jogging are great exercises. They can be done anywhere and are very easy to incorporate into your weekly routine. Initially, you can start with jogging for about 20-30 minutes and that too 3-4 times each week.

Some people might find running or jogging outdoors hard on their joints. In such cases, they can run on softer surfaces like grass. Nowadays, most of the treadmills have built-in cushioning, which might be easier on your joints. By incorporating this on your weekly routine, you can burn the belly fat that is commonly linked to various chronic diseases.

4) Weight Training

A popular choice by people looking for losing weight. Various studies show that 70 kg (155 pounds) of the person will burn around 112 calories every 30 minutes of weight training. Also, do you know weight training will help in building strength and even the promotion of muscle growth? They would help in raising your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) or the calories that your body will burn.

Doctors and health experts recommend that an individual should do at least 11 minutes of strength related exercises at least three times each week. This will lead to a 7.4% increase in the metabolic rate. Also, another study showed that 24 weeks of hardcore weight training will lead to a 9% increase in the metabolic rate among men. This is equal to the burning of 140 more calories each day.

In the case of women, the metabolic rate increase was somewhere around 4% which is roughly 50 more calories each day. Also, various studies show that our body will continue to burn calories after many hours of doing the weight-training workout as compared to aerobic exercises. No doubt, weight training can assist in losing weight by burning calories while doing and after working out. Also, it will create lean muscles, thereby being able to raise your metabolic rate.

5) Swimming

A fun way to lose weight and get in shape is through swimming. Various online researches show that a person weighing around 70 kg can burn around 233 calories on each half an hour of swimming. A 12-week study was conducted on 24 middle-age women and it was found that swimming for about 6o minutes and for 3 times each week will drastically lower the body fat, avoids heart disease and even improves flexibility. There is another major advantage of swimming is that it is of low-impact nature or that would be easy on your joints. This is great for individuals who have injuries or suffer from joint pain.

6) Interval Training

Commonly called high-intensity interval training (HIIT), this is a broad term and exercise that are referred to as short bursts of intense filled exercises, being alternate to the recovery period. A typical HIIT workout will last somewhere around 10 to 30 minutes and it will easily burn a lot of calories. A study was conducted where nine active men were asked to successfully do HIIT exercises. They were able to burn somewhere around 25-30% more calories compared to the ones who were doing other exercises like running on the treadmill, weight training, etc.

Wrapping Up

Personalized training for shedding your excess fat is great. Not only you get to activities that allow you to lose weight, but it would make you feel healthy and energized. Just think about it. You get to be on top of your game in terms of health and even be able to live a long and healthy life. However, before you start dieting or doing any exercise, you should contact your physician or doctor for reference.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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