Personal Training in Landed Properties in Singapore

Personal Training in Landed Properties in Singapore

Personal training is becoming a popular kind of exercise instruction in Singapore and other major countries around the world. Before indulging in the ways and means of personal training or home-based gym, let’s check out what personal training is all about.

Personal Training – Why You Might Like Training at Home?

In simple terms, personal training is a customized means for achieving fitness goals and that too with one-on-one interaction with personal trainers. Most importantly, it incorporates scientific and safe exercising instructions, dietary advice and training guidance, behavioral modification, lifestyle management, motivational strategies and other basic personalized inputs, which aren’t found in any other generic kind of fitness programs.

A personal trainer helps in creating an exercise discipline and regularity over a long period of time. More importantly, it even enhances the basic chances of getting one’s fitness goals, that too in the shortest possible time. Now in Singapore, personal training is simply referred to as an investment on oneself.

Truly no other form of training can really place you on the fast track of getting success, that too as quickly, conveniently and safely. With one-to-one session of a qualified and professional coach or trainer, it is possible. Most importantly, the beauty of personal training is that it is wholly personalized or customized to suiting your gender, age, fitness level and current health status, as well as dislikes and likes.

Now over the past few years, personal training in Singapore has developed and grown by bounds and leaps. Most importantly it has now become extremely widespread among various populations and even affordable to various people. So, irrespective of whether the fitness goals of yours is to bulk up or lose weight, improving sports performance, or becoming fit and healthy; the assistance of a Singapore personal trainers is quite beneficial. Also, it will even help you to achieve more than what you want.

Benefits of Going For Private Fitness Training

Want to keep up your new year’s resolution of getting into proper shape? Well, it is possible with the best Singapore personal training services. Now there are multiple exercises and training programs available online, and it can be really frustrating to try out all the available ones without getting the required results.

This is because each body type and fitness vary from one individual to another. In such cases, you need the help of professionals to tailor the program as per your needs. In addition, with one-on-one personal training, the chances of getting injured is less as there is an experienced coach to guide you step by step. The best part of having a trained fitness professional at your service is that you get to set realistic goals and they will easily help you in achieving them in a systematic manner.

Training Right at The Comfort of Your House

Many individuals assume working out like a task to be done and that too without any amount of planning. Often, they simply categorize it in their minds like something like a punch list items, similar to shopping for groceries, taking out the trash, etc. But what they never realize is that by having a hazardous approach to fitness will lead to limited or poor results.

Exercising or working out is not like the basic day-to-day activities. There involves a honed technique to getting the required results. It becomes easy for personal trainers to create a good workout routine, meal plan and the entire strategy in being able to achieve the goals of the client. Some of the major benefits of doing exercises at home with personal trainers are –

Getting Faster & Better Results

Often left to their own devices, there are many people who simply wind up doing hardcore exercises on cardio machines right at the gym. Some even move from one piece of exercising machine to another.

With the assistance of a personal trainer, one can make sure that individuals spend their basic time in doing the right kind of exercises using the correct equipment. In addition, personal trainers are simply ideal for people who commit a good amount of time at the gym each week. With the assistance of a personal trainer, you get the maximum results in very less time.

Avoiding All Kinds of Injuries

Now if any person uses any given gym equipment that he or she is not familiar with, they are most likely to get injured and have incorrect form. Keep in mind that lifting weights in an improper form is the basic recipe for serious or lasting injuries. With the assistance of a personal trainer, you can easily teach individuals the correct form and even correct them as they are doing exercises. This will easily reduce the risk of getting injured.

Gaining Muscles and Losing Fat

There are many people who embark on a fitness journey. All they want to do is build good muscles, lose fat and sometimes even both. But there are various individuals who aren’t even aware of that. What they end up doing is spending a long time doing cardio and avoiding the basic time to do strength training. It becomes easy for individuals to strike a proper balance to burn unwanted fat with the assistance of a personal trainer by building muscles.

Breaking Through Plateaus

It is common even for the extensive experienced gym-goers to go through the dreaded plateau. When an individual does not see the required results, he or she loses the interest to go to the gym. All together, they avoid working out.  With the assistance of a personal trainer, they can easily find out some of the latest and best techniques to really push beyond the plateau, thereby keeping the individual extensively motivated.

Setting Up Realistic Goals

It can be disheartening when you fail to get to your fitness goals. In life people go through huge amount of failure and when it comes to health and wellness objective, it can really make them hate working out. But at times getting failed in the gym goal can be a great self-fulfilled prophecy.

If individuals set realistic goals like losing 5-10 pounds each week, then he or she is looking for disappointment. Here the assistance of a personal trainer can help you to set up some realistic goals and fitness regime that you can easily achieve.

Making Clients Accountable

Commonly, people end up falling off the wagon when there is no one to hold them or make them accountable. Like for example, it is very easy for individuals to roll over and turn off the alarm clock when there is no one to wait for her or him. A personal trainer is someone whom an individual can rely on as he or she will be the one expecting him to arrive. This is better as it provides a great push to get up and hit the gym rather than hearing the blaring alarm alone.

Challenging Clients to Do Better

When people exercise alone, they end up falling into some boring routines. With the assistance of a personal trainer, you can mix up the various workouts and get some new challenges into the table. Just imagine personal trainers as cheerleaders, where they push clients to get to their personal records irrespective of whether it is faster running time or lifting heavy weights.

Creating A Lifelong Exercising Habit

Besides achieving the personal goals of their clients, personal trainers even help them in revaluating their views on wellness and health. The best part of having a personal trainer is that they allow their clients to make sure that fitness is their major priority in their life. Somewhat it is not just an item to check off from their to-do list.

Now some individuals struggle with the basic physical limitations. This makes them believe that they can’t exercise or do any kind of workouts. Having a personal trainer means creating a workout regime that easily suits their fitness level as well as even help in establishing the basic small goals that assist them to become successful.

Advantages of Setting Up Gym Equipment and Machines At Home

There are various individuals who can extensively benefit from having or owning an exercise machine at home. Some of these individuals are:

  • Individuals who don’t have any reliable transportation to areas where they can exercise
  • Individuals who are not residing in locations that are convenient to health clubs or gyms.
  • Individuals needing a better and greater schedule for exercising.
  • Individuals prefer to work out in shorter intervals, especially all day.
  • Individuals who are not able to go out due to budget constraints, health concerns, or even the weather.
  • People who want to incorporate frequent breaks while working out.
  • people wanting to work out safely at home.
  • individuals who are self-motivated as well as self-directed.

Home Gyms Help People to Have Individualized Workout Regime

Individuals who purchase as well as properly incorporate the home-based gym instruments into their fitness routine will end up having the convenience of using equipment at any time. For example, if a person wants to work out in the morning, a home exercise routine is preferable rather than driving to another location. This is common in locations where they don’t open early as per the convenience of the person working out.

For seniors, this can be a great advantage. They can even incorporate various kinds of physical activities like exercise videos, walking program, and even interactive fitness videos as well as equipment. Senior citizens can do the following things with home exercising machines –

  • moderate and intense aerobic exercise
  • preventive and therapeutic exercising
  • movements related to muscle strengthening
  • exercising for promoting flexibility and increasing the range of movements
  • managing health risks
  • becoming less sedentary

Frankly, such recommendations are very much specific to seniors, especially ones having functional limitations and chronic conditions. Even, it is recommended for senior people who want to be physically fit and ones who incorporate at least 25-30 minutes of moderate exercise every day or most of the week.

Home Exercising Equipment Will Help in Saving Money

Now working out with home fitness equipment and machines will not only encourage having a flexible routine but it will even help in saving money in the long run. Keep in mind that you really need to try out quality items as they might last for many years and have very less maintenance cost.

Most importantly, those people who are aware of what kind of exercise to do or prefer can simply focus on purchases based on individual preferences. This is better than purchasing to use equipment as well as supplies which won’t fit well with the individual needs of people exercising in the gym.

Some of the basic examples of home base gym equipment, supplies and machines are –

  • Multi station strength machine
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bike
  • Stepper
  • Free weights like kettle bells, barbells, etc
  • Rowing machine
  • Elliptical
  • Resistance band
  • Step for floor exercising
  • Blocks
  • Mats
  • Balls

Older individuals who are physically fit and more active will experience and have better health, along with lesser incidence of conditions. Also, it is even related to complications like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, obesity and low bone density. The major benefit of having a healthier lifestyle is that it will incorporate into having regular physical exercising and lead to the possibility of having less healthcare costs.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Using Home Based Gym Equipment

Individuals who are self-motivated as well as want to work out safely from their home will easily enjoy buying their own gym exercise equipment. The best part is that they can customize them as per their own requirements and routines. This will help them to focus on the physical needs.

Of course, the initial cost might seem to be on the higher side. But having such exercise equipment might be more than a huge bargain especially when the equipment is of the best quality and even well-maintained. No doubt physical fitness is overall a great investment, as it simply reduces the cost of healthcare and even improves the quality of life.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.