Holistic Fitness Routine for Those Who Hate the Gym

Holistic Fitness Routine for Those Who Hate the Gym

Exercising and physical training is hard. Well most people know however these can’t be termed as an average workout. These ones that you might have been tricked into thinking that it can be fun and easy.

Of course, we have been trained and taught to assume exercise as getting sweaty, physical activity in a stuffy gym, squeezing in workouts during lunchtime, etc. If your way of living is somewhat away from the gym setting and you really care about fitness, then there are some unique workouts or physical activities you can try out.

Fitness Routine for Singaporeans

Now don’t get surprised if someone says that Singaporeans aren’t getting good amount of exercise. Unless you are really counting the keyboard typing and walking in between meetings or one cubicle to another. Seriously, it has been a worrying situation that many corporates have started to incorporate exercise and yoga in their daily routine.

Let’s get things in the right direction. Do you know the reason why many people never hit the gym? Well, the reasons are the following –

  • Commodities are expensive in Singapore. You won’t want to spend a whole lot of money just to get fit.
  • People are spending a lot of time at work just to make enough money to have a decent life.

Now not many people in Singapore know that there are many free and excellent methods to exercise. They just won’t have to leave the comfort of their home and most importantly avoid all kinds of excuses.

Check Out YouTube Workout Videos

It is not surprising to know that Singaporeans are addicted to online videos. Various surveys and studies prove that among ten individuals living in Singapore, almost nine between the ages of 16-35 watch online shows. So, instead of using the entire bandwidth to play your favourite games or watch your pop stars sing and perform, you can use the internet in getting fitter and healthier.

An online search will show about zillions of YouTube workout classes where all you need is an exercise mat. You even have the option to subscribe to various fitness channels to enjoy fat-burning workouts. Rather than spending a whole lot of money on yoga classes at some expensive and fancy studio, where everyone shows up in $100-$150 yoga pants, you can simply follow the yoga techniques available in various yoga related YouTube channels.

Body Weight Exercise & Training

You won’t require some fancy gym equipment to be in shape. And most importantly, you won’t need to pay $130-$150 each month to work out in a gym. Body weight exercises are often done to make your body strong as well as fit. So, it means that you can do push ups rather than bench press and other exercises.

In fact, there are many videos online related to instructional materials on doing bodyweight exercises, especially the ones you can do at home. Sometimes you might find the repetitive movement of working out in the gym as snooze-inducing. If not, then you can discipline in doing body weight exercise right at home.

Free Fitness Facilities in Your Neighbourhood

In most of the places in Singapore, you might find all kinds of fitness facilities right downstairs which are created using the taxpayer’s money. These are fitness corners which nobody uses like the jogging tracks, badminton court and even the street soccer pitches.

Now if you are the lazy individual who would want to take a damned lift down to the ground floor and walk about ten meters to the nearby fitness centre, then it is great. You are getting a free workout regime and after that you can hop upstairs within minutes to take shower later.

In case if you are living in a condo, then you do have a swimming pool or even the squash or tennis court right at your disposal. Of course, you are paying for it, so it might well be better if you use them.

Running Around Your Neighbourhood

Humans have two legs; however, it seems that most people only use it for standing, balancing or waiting for the bus. And when you are right at home, the four legs only rest on the chair or bed, taking rest for the entire day.

The cheapest, easiest and the straightforward kind of exercises you are doing is going around the block. It is the easiest and the best part of physical activity you will like.

Playing Video Games

Your spouse or kids might be extremely addicted to video games. They might even refuse to get out off the couch because of it. Well, what you can do in this situation is to limit them to those games which will require to move around. You can check them out online as we have seen such in fitness conventions.

Doing Exercising Session in The Privacy Of Your Home With The Assistance Of Ezfit Singapore

Sometimes a gym membership might not be your cup of tea. However, this won’t mean that you can’t give up on being fit. Irrespective of whether you have given up the gym membership or the weather is less favourable, it is important that you remain active and fit. In addition, the year-end feasting will be the added motivation for you to start working out.

Doing Exercises at Home Will Be Very Much Effective

Now even without using sophisticated exercising machine, you can still do and follow an effective workout. Well, it is possible if you have the correct attitude and guidance. However, experts feel that you need some more essentials to start with.

Essential Home Fitness

You can use elastic resistance band for training the muscles of the arm. Also, you can even use the band to train the shoulder, chest and hip muscles. Basically, it will provide the same kind of toning effect like most of the gym equipment, only if you are selecting the correct band resistance.

If you check out most of the machines present in the gym are using stacked weight as resistance. This is to add huge amount of movements which will provide a muscle building effects. Here you can use body weight to substitute the stacked weight for getting the same effect.

If you check out toning exercises like dips, push-ups, half-squats, and partial crunches are very much useful and can even tone your major muscles. There are other kinds of useful and affordable items like skipping ropes.

These are quite good for doing cardiovascular workouts, free weights for strength-training, gym ball and toning, thereby improving your flexibility as well as maintaining balance. In addition, having a good exercise mat is very much useful too.

Now if you are doing aerobics or cardiovascular training, the most significant item is to have a good pair of running or walking shoes. Keep in mind that inappropriate footwear will lead to huge amount of injuries. Sometimes you might be unsure. In that case, you can easily ask advice from a podiatrist, sports physicians, and even physiotherapist.

Furthermore, you can even try out DVDs and fitness books. These are easily available and provide huge amount of instructions for home related workouts. If not these, you can consult a fitness professional or instructor. The major thing here is to simply listen to your body.

Of course, you won’t experience any kind of pain while or doing exercises. There might be mild soreness for one or two days, which is very much normal. However, if you are having acute joint or bone pain which won’t reduce or subsides with time, then it means that you are doing something wrong.

Becoming & Staying Safe

For effective and safely working out at home, the basic trick is very much simple. You need to be focused and reduce the various distractions around you. Of course, you do have the option to change environment, add a variety and fresh air to your fitness regime. For that to happen you can start doing jogging, cycling, swimming and taking up in various sports.

Here the major target is to at least exercise for about 30-40 minutes at moderate intensity. This can be done for various days in a week, so that you can remain fit. Keep in mind that once you have established a daily routine, you can easily see that home workouts will be very much effective and best. And the best part is that each and anyone can afford it.

Do You Think Home Gym Is Worth Your Money?

Just before starting this, let’s think of the advantages of the home gym. Like a typical Singaporean, let’s think about the amount that you might be spending on the home gym. The following are some of them –

No Monthly Fees

Most of the time, things which are healthy are very much expensive. Just compare your $5 extra value meal to the $12-$15 salad bowl. Sadly, this is the major price you must pay in order to be fit and healthy.

If you check out the membership with at a good gym that is filled with various equipment in good conditions can range about $200-$300 each month. This will be roughly about $2400 each year. Frankly, gyms will provide better rates if you are committing for a longer membership period.

Sometimes a good gym might be far away from your place, and even you might have to wait in line or turns for using the equipment or even for showering. Rather than that, you can just set up a gym in your house with half that money.

No Need to Queue for Equipment

A common deal for many of the gym rats is this aspect of waiting to use the gym equipment. Sometimes you might take rest among two sets for about a minute or two. In such cases, there are chances that someone will come and make use of the equipment. Now using a home gym, you will easily save a good amount of time. And most importantly, you can make a healthy meal rather than sipping some protein-filled smoothie.


Sometimes you might be in a situation where you are ready and energized to go to the gym. But as you look outside and see that the weather is scorching with the sun glazing on the street, you end up thinking, Damm not today.

Here the convenience of the home gym is the major reason why people always think of setting their own gym. The best part is that you can work out anytime you feel. It is all about your convenience. You roll out of bed in the morning and then start the HIIT workouts or start doing some moderate exercise in the work breaks.

Avoiding All Kinds of Embarrassing Moments

There are many people who simply avoid going to gym just because they are ashamed. Of course, there are various individuals who are very much ashamed of their workout clothes, size and even the endurance levels. In addition, they are extremely triggered by other people’s body or how they might look at them.

Keep in mind that when you are working out at home, your major concentration is on the routine. The main point is that you can dress however you like. You have the command over the number of breaks that you want. Nobody will even comment or say anything about it.

A Good Amount of Motivation

Keep in mind that you are working out at home. It will be more motivational for you. The best part is that you can play whatever music you like (bye to the crappy gym theme music or songs). Plus, you can even exercise with your kids or partner just to spice things up.

Setting Up A Home Gym – Is It Worth

Keep in mind that once you have decided to have a full gym in our home, then you really need to set aside a whole room for it. It can be motivational for you. The best part is that you won’t need a reason to find an excuse for not having enough time to go to the gym. You have a gym at home, and you have the liberty of doing exercise at your time and convenience.

All you need is a good amount of determination. The most important thing is that you should understand you are going to make your body fit and your life healthier and happier.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.