Professional Fitness Coaching in Singapore

Professional Fitness Coaching in Singapore

Do you know the fitness coaching industry is huge and competitive? Well, now you know, and there those who work full time as professional coaches who can make a decent living doing it. People who can earn, live, working and doing their passion can be found out using five basic and unique qualities. And these will provide a long-term success.

What are the major qualities which can define successful coaching in Singapore? How can you create as well as build them? The good thing is that you are in luck. A simple discussion and question with some of the professional coaching staffs can help you know and learn what makes them different as well as unique from most of the other competitors.

Major Principles for Successful Fitness Coaching in Singapore

The following are some of the major factors for successful fitness coaching in Singapore –

Successful Coaches Are Like Guides

Most often coaches become wholly responsible for the progression and fitness of their clients. Now this occurs whenever the coach is fully invested in the progress of their client especially when it becomes to the point of good obsession. Here this is easy to understand why.

Frankly, the reputation of the coach is based on the result of the clients and when they get coached. For making sure that their clients get the necessary results that they require, the coach will put themselves in the shoes of their clients. This is figuratively like “spoon-feeding” them all the necessary factors for reaching the prescribed goals.

But as a coach, it is not the major role of yours to take part in the client’s journey. As always, you need to allow your athletes and clients to take charge and direct their own fitness journeys. Besides that, it will allow your clients to be responsible for their own progress in order to achieve their goals. This will allow them to experience the powerful moments of self-discovery, personal fulfilment and growth in their fitness journey.

As a fitness coach, you are nothing but a client’s resource in the pursuit of achieving their values and goals. So, as their coach, you can’t force your client to go in a specific direction or achieve their basic goals. It is important that you allow them to enjoy the space to find out their fitness objectives and get guided in the journey.

What Can Be Done by You?

Here it is all about providing enough coaching and direction to the client for being successful and getting growth. Most importantly, you should not become the cheerleader of the client or their acquaintances. Now this might seem to be counterintuitive, but such kind of coaching will not provide the better results in the long term. This is especially when the client starts to consider their own setbacks and failures.

Successful Coaches Are Aware of Lack of Short-Term Solutions

This is the age of viewing 60 day full physically transformation in most of the ads. And in such case, it is common to come across clients who are not aware of how long it might take to really complete a physical transformation so that they can reach the goal.

Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a single day. So, you can say that it is same for the capabilities of athletes and even the health of the client. Frankly, it is not something that can happen overnight. Being a coach, it is your responsibility to make sure athletes and clients can achieve the required success in their results. But it even becomes your responsibility to make sure that clients can recognize and understand the significance as well as the time needed to achieve their objectives.

It is all about being transparent with your clients regarding where they sit. Also, you can somewhat be optimistic regarding the future and still create a major foundation of trust among them. Now this is the trust that will assist your clients in succeeding for various years.

No client or athlete will be able to avoid the major aspects of fitness and the foundational building process. Hence it means that you need a strong foundation and without that they might get injured or will end up not progressing.

What Can Be Done by You?

The most important aspect is to be honest as well as transparent with your clients. This is about how long it might take them to simply reach to their desired goals. Here it is all about doing so in the first encounter or consultation as it might cost your clients upfront. However, you can make up for it simply by considering the client’s dedication for reaching the goals.

Successful Coaches Are Always Best Listeners

The most important aspect of coaching is simply listening. Here it is not just normal listening; however, you need to do active listening. For some ‘active’ is just additional word, but it is different for best coaches. That word can be night and day. Keep in mind that active listening will need one to fully concentrate, respond, understand, and remember what was said during the conversation.

Not only it will help you to create strong relationships, however, it will lead to simply asking some of the best questions. Such questions will lead to getting the right answers for clients. Professional coaches will exhibit good interpersonal skills. Most importantly, they will recognize the desires and needs of each of the individual clients. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, every human being really wants to be feeling loved, respected, acknowledge and even listened. You can demonstrate your commitment to such client’s relationships and even progress by hearing intently.

What Can Be Done by You?

Here it is all about using free resources like Google calendar. It can be used for organizing the flow of the whole workday. Also, it will consist of consultation hours, training time, and fitness programming into the whole layout of each of the day. In addition, this will allow you to be greatly focused on the given task of the hour rather than simply worrying about what you will have to do next.

Successful and Experienced Coaches Build Trust

Here you need to realize that most of the client’s success is highly hinging on the ability of yours to build a good trust. Most importantly, when your clients trust you, they will follow the coaching program that you have provided. Now the only question is the establishment of trust.

Here the trust is the combination of all the above given points. For creating trust, you really need to establish the clear expectations in the starting. So, it means that not only you need to recognize the goals of your clients, it is important that you try to motivate them in achieving those goals.

This will really help your clients to understand that you have invested some time and effort in their progress. Furthermore, it will even assist you to find out when their goals won’t align with their standard motivation. As a good coach, it is your responsibility to provide a transparency to your clients. This is to establish that you are looking out for their best interests.

Most importantly, through this process, you are just laying the foundation of providing a honest personal conversation down the road. Most importantly, never underestimate the effects that family and relationships have on their clients, in terms of negatively and positively.

What Can Be Done by You?

Here it is all about demonstrating that you are caring, competent, and consistent. These are much important to creating and building trust. Here these three major points are called as “triangle of trust”. Here it is critical for developing all the three right at the same time for creating a successful relationship with clients.

What separates the amateur coaches from the professional ones are trust building, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills. Keep in mind that fitness is a business that will need the mastery of basic human interactions and even a good understanding of individual motivations. Most importantly, you can’t shy away from such kind of stuffs, if you are really planning to make a career out of becoming a professional coach.

It is incredibly useful if you have good knowledge about the intricacies of program design and energy system training. Also, you need to master the intangibles and the basics of having a good communication. These are the differentiating factors among the excellent and good coaches.

Need of Hiring A Good Fitness Coach

If you check out, a personal trainer or coach is just a term that suggesting about fitness professional. He or she trains their client on one-to-one basis or simply on personal basis. So, this way he or she will easily know what the limitations and requirements of the clients are and then continue working on them.

It is important to learn the proper technique and form for executing them in a safe, effective and injury-free manner. Keep in mind an injury can affect a person badly, i.e. both in mentally and physically. This sometimes makes a person averse for exercising for lifelong time. Furthermore, there is a chance of getting a small injury and it can hinder the exercise program very much.

Using the services of personal trainers, you can get accustomed to the technique and form of doing exercise in correct manner. Plus, it will constantly keep an eye on you to check whether you are going wrong. In addition, they will conduct fitness test and assessments which are prior starting the exercising regime. Also, this will assist trainers to understand the weakness and strength of the client and even design an exercise program as per your liking and requirement.

Any individual trained under an experienced personal trainer will simply tell you what a great amount of difference it can make to have a motivating trainer with you while working out. With experienced trainer, you can easily push the limit and understand making it easy.

Most importantly, they will have a clear understanding of the limits of the clients and easily know how to bring out the best out of their physical abilities. All this in a 45-90-minute session each time. Such kind of effective and sporting technique which is in a calculated progression and scientific training method are very much beneficial. Also, these are the ones that one cannot be able to enjoy without the usage of a qualified and experienced personal trainer. No doubt a personal trainer will easily help clients in every method to achieve the improvements in the physical fitness.


There are different levels of coaches. Find one that understands you best and take it as a investment to your own personal health. The top guys are pricier for a reason cause of their experience and methods, not forgetting being much more educated than the rest. I guess it is right to say, you pay for what you get. Ask around people you trust on recommendations and read reviews and press releases before you embark on your journey.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.