The Benefits of Starting a Wellness Program on Your Worksite

Are wellness programs good? Why do you have to consider starting a corporate wellness program for your employees? The answer to these questions is very much simple. Just think! The more healthier an employee is the more productive and active he or she will become. Also keeping the employee trim and fit can be good for your business.

The biggest advantage of corporate wellness program is it reduces the number of absenteeism. Yes! There are various studies which have shown that people who constantly exercise once or twice in a week and ones who exercise more than four times in a week would be having about 45% and 30% less absences respectively when it is compared to the individuals who don’t exercise.

Another question that comes to your mind is why should you design a new wellness program and get it successfully promoted to your staffs and employees. As said earlier, an exercising or relaxation program would give the required motivation for you to put in the best of your abilities in your work. It would provide the necessary interest in completing the given task at the designated time. Another extensive advantage is increasing the productivity. For an organization, one needs a productive employee who would achieve the given task in the required time.

As per a recent research it was found out that healthy employees are five times more productive and active when compared to the ones who are not. In addition it leads to lesser costs. Of course, there is the need for investing money at the initial stages of the program but when compared to the benefit it brings about is great. There are various studies which indicate healthy and active employees claim lower compensations, health care costs, disability management claims cost, etc.

There was a study conducted by the Harvard University which stated that for every dime which is spend on the sound wellness program, a firm can save about $5 on the medical cost of the company. Isn’t that great? In addition, a sound wellness program can bring about satisfaction in the job. Not only that, it helps in enhancing the loyalty and increasing the job retention rates as most of the employees consider it as something of great benefit.

Furthermore, having a good wellness program helps in promoting teamwork among the employees and subordinates. It is easy to build camaraderie and rapport among the employees by offering them a chance to spend a great amount of time with each other and doing things beside work related. It develops a bonding which is quite necessary for the successful functioning of the company’s productivity.

Such wellness program makes the employees realize the necessity of being healthy and active. It promotes a healthy living when most of the employees are stuck up with the monotonous work and lifestyles. Frankly, wellness programs are great not only for the employees but even for the firm. It encourages them to be proactive and create a better attitude at their workplace and life.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.