Weight loss Advice

Weight Loss advice

It is the time to lose weight and you are ready for it. Oh Boy! It isn’t a taxing job but the only irritating thing you have to go through is hearing the boring, unwanted, true and weight loss advice like to reduce servings, consuming more veggies and exercising more. Now what you need is proper advice or ideas which can assist you to lose weight and proper diets that you need to follow.

Losing the Excess Weight

There are many ways on how you can lose weight. Some methods consist of following different methods of consuming food or adding certain kind of nutrition food to your diet.

Most health experts feel that there are multiple ways of losing weight, but these can sometimes make you unsatisfied and hungry. If there isn’t any willpower from your side, then this hunger will make you easily give up and unfollow your dietary or exercise plans.

Here the plan is quite simple and as follows –

  1. Try to reduce the current appetite you have
  2. Try to lose the excess pounds faster and that too without being hungry
  3. Try to improve your metabolic health along with the current exercise or diet that you are following

Advice You Need to Follow for Losing Weight

Have Eggs for Breakfast

There is a huge amount of benefit in consuming whole eggs and one of them is losing weight. There are numerous studies which have shown that by simply replacing your grain-based diet that you have for breakfast with a good amount of eggs, you can have lesser calories for the next 30-34 hours and even be able to lose more amount of weight and body fat. Now if you can’t eat eggs for certain reason, don’t worry, there are other great sources of protein which can do the trick.

Have Water Before Meals

There are numerous studies which show that by drinking water, you can lose a good amount of weight and it is seriously true. Studies have shown that drinking water can boost one’s metabolism to about 24-38% over a certain period like 1 to 2 hours, thereby allowing you to burn a good number of calories.

There are studies that show that by having half a liter of water about half an hour before a meal can allow people who want to lose excess weight to reduce their calories and even 46% of their weight.

Drinking Black Coffee

It isn’t surprising to know that nowadays coffee has been extensively demonized. And most importantly people have lost or don’t know the importance of quality coffee which is filled with antioxidants and provide a substantial number of health benefits. There are various researches that show the amount of caffeine present in a coffee can easily boost one’s metabolism and increase the chances of burning fat. You do have to make sure that you don’t add the whole amount of sugar or any other high calorie filled ingredients to your coffee. In that case, it will lead to a negative benefit for you.

Cooking with Coconut Oil

Do you know coconut oil is quite healthy? It contains a high amount of special fats which is called as medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized in a different manner compared to other fats. Now, these fats can assist in boosting your metabolism (i.e. by 120 calories each day) and lower your appetite, thereby allowing you to consume 256 calories each day. Here it isn’t about adding coconut oil to make food that you eat but to replace some of the unhealthy and unwanted cooking fats with coconut oil.

Green Tea

Like black or normal coffee, green tea has numerous benefits. One among them is weight loss. Besides having a tiny amount of caffeine, green tea is even loaded with catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant. This works synergistically with caffeine present in green tea for enhancing fat burning. Frankly, there aren’t genuine evidence to support this claim, still, many individuals have reduced a good amount of weight after consuming green tea.

Having Glucomannan Supplement

Several studies have shown that a fiber called glucomannan can extensively lead to weight loss. This is a kind of fiber which absorbs a lot of water and remains in your gut for an extended period. Hence it makes you feel fuller and leads to having lesser calories. There are even researches which prove that individuals supplementing their diet with glucomannan lose more weight compared to those who don’t.

Reduce Amount of Sugar

One of the worst and unwanted ingredients in today’s modern diet is sugar and many people are consuming it in enormous quantities. Various health experts feel that the sugar consumption is highly associated with getting obesity and even type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, and other medical emergencies. If you are planning to lose weight, you need to cut back on the sugar consumption and read the labels to check whether the food is loaded with sugar.

Having Less Refined Carbs

Some of the common refined carbohydrates are grains or sugar whose nutritious and fibrous parts are stripped (this even includes pasta and white bread). Various researchers have pointed out that refined carbs will spike the level of blood sugar rapidly, and this can lead to cravings, hunger, and increasing the intake of food within few hours. There are various studies which have strongly linked refined carbs to obesity so if you are planning on consuming carbs, go for one which is of natural fiber.

Opt For Low Carb Diet

For getting the best usage of carb restriction, it is better if you go and try low carb diet. There are numerous studies which show that this type of diet can easily reduce 3-4 times as much weight as the standard low-fat and healthy diet, along with improving your health.

Having Spicy Food

Having spicy food like cayenne pepper which contains capsaicin, you can easily boost the metabolism of your body and even improve your appetite a bit more.

Brushing Teeth After Having Dinner

Even though there isn’t a clear proof of this, but many people (especially researchers) feel that brushing your teeth or flossing can help in reducing weight. Basically, once you have brushed your teeth, you won’t feel tempted to go for a light snack.

Have Food in Small Plates

In certain studies, it was shown that having food in small plates automatically makes people have fewer calories. Of course, it might feel like a weird trick, but it easily works.

Lifting Weights

Do you know the worst side effect of dieting? It is losing muscles which leads to metabolic slowdown, and this is what some people call as starvation mode. The best method for preventing such things to occur is by doing certain resistance training like lifting weights. Numerous studies show that lifting weight can make your metabolism high and avoid losing the required mass of muscle.

Following Portion Control or Counting Calories

There are several reasons on how counting calories and portion eating can be beneficial. Even studies have shown that by having a food diary and writing down what you have taken, taking photos of the meals you had, will instantly assist you in losing your weight.

Consuming More Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and veggies have various properties making them quite effective for weight loss. Not only do they have fewer calories, but even contains a good amount of fiber. They contain a good amount of water which provides them low energy density.

Extensive studies have displayed that people who eat fruits and vegetables weigh less compared to the ones who consume a lot. In addition, these food are quite nutritious and super healthy, therefore consuming them is very important.

Have Healthy Food Around You If You Feel Hungry

By having healthy food close to you, you can avoid consuming unhealthy foodstuffs, especially when you become quite hungry. There are few snacks which are easy to prepare as well as being portable like handful of nuts, whole fruits, yogurt, baby carrots, hard-boiled egg, etc.

Doing Aerobic Exercises

Are you aware that aerobic exercises are the perfect way to remove bulky fats? They are the perfect way to burn unwanted calories and even help in improving your mental and physical health.

Consuming More Fibres

Doctors and physicians recommend fibre for weight loss. Now there are mixed reviews about this but there are studies which display that viscous fibre can increase satiety. Also, it can assist in controlling one’s weight for a prolonged period.

Defeating Food Addiction

If you have the urge for extreme food carving and can’t avoid controlling it no matter how hard you try, then you have got food addiction. In such case, you need to get help.

Chewing Food Slowly

Sometimes it can take a certain while for the brain to conclude that you had enough food to eat. Certain studies show that chewing food slowly will make you eat less calories and can increase the production of hormones that are directly linked to reducing weight.

Going for More Proteins

One of the major ingredient for losing weight is protein. Consuming high protein diet will boost one’s metabolism by 70 to 90 calories each day, along with making you feel satiated which might make you eat to about 441 lesser calories each day. By adding good amount of proteins to your diet, and that too without restricting anything, you can easily and effective lose weight.

Getting Good Sleep

You might find sleep to be underrated but like exercising and eating healthy, this is important too. There are numerous studies which show that poor sleep can contribute to obesity and even links to an 80% increased risk of obesity among children and 60% among adults.

Avoid Calorie Filled Drinks and Sugar-Filled Soda And Fruit Juices

No doubt sugar is bad and the same is about sugar in liquid which is literally worse. There are numerous studies which show that sugar in liquid form is one of the major causes of obesity in modern diet. One study clearly showed that sugar-filled beverages lead to 65% increase risk in obesity among children. This is even applicable for fruit juices which have the same amount of sugar like soft drinks. It is better to have whole fruit rather than fruit juices.

Consuming Whey Protein

If you are really struggling to get some good amount of proteins in your diet, then you need to take supplements. There are studies which show that by replacing certain part of your calories with whey protein can reduce your weight and even increase your lean muscles.

Going for Single, Whole Ingredient Food

If you are planning to be a healthier and leaner person, then the best thing you can do is eating single and whole ingredient food. Such kind of food is naturally filled, and it is quite difficult to gain weight if most part of your diet is just based on them. You need to keep in mind that real food won’t need a huge list of ingredients as real food is the ingredient.


Losing weight is easy and is something that every individual can do. If there is proper guidance and knowledge, it becomes easy for each person to achieve the required weight loss goals. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out some of the tips given above and see how you can remove the extra calories from your diet.

It is important that one looks at this as a long term goal than a short one. You want to lose the pounds and keep them off for good. We have seen too many yoyo diets around. Apart from that, you should still be able to indulge in your sinful food once in a while. What’s the point of living if you have to feel miserable in achieving the desired body?


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.