Workout During the Summer Break with EzFit Singapore

Workout During the Summer Break with EzFit Singapore

It is common for people to use their summer months to get away, especially for a vacation. Now living in a splendid country like Singapore, it might be good if you can concentrate on being fit. Seriously in the summer break, you might want to avoid falling behind. So, if you are on a vacation, then fitness travel can be a great way to make your body healthy and fit during this vacation

Vacation Fitness

As your vacation is looming, you can feel yourself getting and becoming more anxious. It will even be about your workout progression too. What about the weight training? How can I do the ab crunches? All these questions will be hovering in your mind. It is common especially when you are hitting the gym week in and week out, without skipping a workout. But now things are different. You are going to be away on summer break that builds into a vacation that can go into a week or two. So, you might be wondering whether you can stick to your exercise plan as per norm.

Frankly, there is no reason why you can’t maintain some good degree of workout schedule, especially on a vacation. The only thing you need to do is to make it your priority. Some of the steps you can follow are –

1) Check and Scrutinize Your Expectations

First and foremost, you need to do is check out if your expectations are realistic. It is all about finding out if you can make progress just like you did while working out at home when you were on a vacation. Well, it might be not. Now there might be few people who end up devoting too much time and extreme attention to the workout.

Well, it is fine if you have the determination to exercise and succeed. Here you need to remember that the goal is to keep up and maintain your current fitness levels. This will help you to pick back where you left off from when you are back home. Now if this can be your expectations, you will end up becoming less frustrated with the process.

2) Make Sure to Call Ahead

Always make sure to call ahead to the hotel or resort where you staying to check whether what kind of equipment is available. Of course, you might not get a full-scale gym, still it is great to see and check out the hotels that provide some good fitness equipment. This will indeed make you get those sessions a bit easier. If they don’t provide anything in terms of equipment, then you really need to plan accordingly. Make sure that it should not make you give up.

3) Bring the Resistance Band

Now if there aren’t any equipment at the hotel you stay, try investing in resistance band. Such things can be easily placed in your suitcase and they even come in various resistance levels. Most importantly, they can be the perfect challenge for your muscles to keep you on track.

Now with the resistance bands you can do the same kind of exercise that you did in your home gym. Even the same ones you did using the set of dumbbells. Frankly, this will easily put you back on track with the same kind of workout style as and when you do at home.

4) Get Up 20 Minutes Earlier

Lastly, it is prioritized. Most of the time, there can be a great chance that your days will be filled up with holidays, and the workout will be the last thing on your mind. Just make the commitment to get up 20 minutes earlier and do a faster paced workout. Now your intensity might be high, still you don’t have to push it more than 20 minutes for challenging your body as well as burning your calories in the process.

In doing so, you can continue with your day to day affairs, making you feel good as you have already done something positive for your health. It is just about planning and you really need to make sure that the holiday does not put an end to your workout routine. Most importantly, you need to follow some smart strategies, which can make you become fit and get you right on track where you left off when you get back home.

Go for Water Sports

One of the best ways to stay cool and fit at the same time is water sports. Now going for a swim in the lake, pool or ocean is just like the full-body workout. In water sports, you can spend a huge amount of time canoeing, kayaking or any activity that makes your arms work in a fun way.

Most importantly, if you have access to a boat, you can try wake boarding or water skiing. By surfing, you can strengthen your whole body. It will be so much fun that you won’t even notice that you are time passing. Also, you are somewhat near a flat water, just stand-up paddle boarding and this can be a great option for working your arms and core.

Utilizing the Gym

No doubt summer can be filled with high humidity as well as hot weather. This can really make exercising outside unpleasant. Well, you should not make it as an excuse for not working out or skipping exercising. Sometimes your hotel might have a rental unit as a gym, just take advantage of the machines and equipment.

There are various other tips and tricks for sticking to your rigorous workout regime even while traveling. Just follow some fitness videos or exercising DVD. You can even do bodyweight exercises or try to go for indoor classes.

There is a great method you can simply focus on your physical health while you travel, consider going on a trip that is entirely focused on fitness. Relax and unwind on a yoga retreat in Bali. Learn to surf at a camp in Costa Rica or San Diego. Trek up a mountain like Denali in Alaska or go on a backpacking trip through the Rockies. Spend a few days hiking the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. There are trips and activities for all personalities, preferences, and budgets, so find one that works for you.

Become Competitive

Sometimes you might be on a trip with friends or family. With them you can get some exercising while still having fun and hanging out. You can even play some sports or group games; this is an awesome method of bounding with them while on vacation. Simply get each member of your friends or family together for playing a game of touch football, beach volleyball, or just go for races on the lawn.

Playing on The Sand

If you are vacationing on the lake or beach, where there is a whole lot of sand, just take advantage of the landscape. No doubt, sand is the best workout surface. Just imagine the shifting and soft surface that can work on your muscles and make it a little harder while it will still be easy on your joints. You even have the option to go for a run on the beach just to strengthen your basic calf muscles or do some basic yoga for the balance challenge.

Methods & Activities You Can Start Doing to Become Fit

As the summer has come, and for health enthusiasts, it is the time to unwind, relax and recover from the rigours of the last season. However, if you really want to be somewhere near the best, especially when the new season starts. In such case, you must really think about the summer health and the extensive fitness regime you want. Some of them are –

1. Play Good Football to Be Fit

It is really one thing to be fit while it is the close season. However, being football fit is somewhat a different proposition. Now if you are returning to the field of play after a long spell, especially from the competitive action, you might experience stiffness. Also, you might have to suffer from aching muscles too afterwards.

It is all about being close to match the fitness as much possible. Make sure that your body experiences somewhat a ‘football-like’ movement on regular basis all through the summer break. Here rather than relying on the jogging and gym work, you do have the option to go for interval sprinting sessions all around the close season.

Here it is all about the constant stop-start of the dribbling and shuttle-run along with the use of the slalom training poles that will simply replicate the kind of movements that your body will undergo during the average match. Also, this will even allow you to hit the ground running when the season finally begins.

2. Continue to Play Football

As previously explained, one of the greatest methods to become ‘football fit’ is to continue playing football all around the summer. Frankly, it is not necessary that one replicates the cut and thrust of the competitive game, still you can make your body acclimated to the match conditions.

Basically, this is the best method to be fit and conditioned among seasons. You can always take part in various recreational football with teammates and friends. But always keep in mind that you must not overdo things. This means that sliding tackles and unnecessary physical feats are somewhat out of the question.

3. Consume A Mixed and High-Quality Diet

Nowadays, many footballers even the professionals one always tends to sometimes over-indulge. This is most of the time after the rigours football season. Of course, there is nothing wrong in enjoying some delicious treats that you can’t enjoy during a given season, however, you can’t let go of the chance to gorge on the things you like.

Basically, you really need to restrict the intake of your fat to not more than about 20% of the daily calorie allowance. Also, you should never restrict the consumption of carbohydrates to whole grain and wheat. Load up on the carbs just before you start the high-intensity activity and make sure to fill up on the proteins afterwards.

Fresh fruits and vegetables must be the prominent one in your season diet. It is if you are in the standard plan of sticking to the principles of the healthy diet. In that case, you can easily enjoy the few close off season treats.

4. Being Hydrated All the Time

It is important to be hydrated round the clock if you are really planning on being healthy, fit and conditioned all around the summer break. Most importantly, you must continue to be in the regime of the regular exercising and resistant training especially when your body is not getting the required amount of water.

5. Be Strong and Take Occasional Breaks from Gym

It is important to maintain the body’s muscle and that too for a variety of reasons. Now keep in mind that a strong lower and upper body will assist in burning calories in a ready manner. Plus, it will even protect you from major injuries. But it is a good idea if you want to rest from the gym where the opportunities will show by themselves. Think about investing in some dumbbells, resistance trainers and leg toners in order to make your strength level up. This is without wasting the summer break in the gym.


In Singapore, you might come across various gyms and fitness programs catering to the summer times. There is no harm in checking them out and if you are happy with one, then go ahead with it. Lots of people really want to enjoy their summer times and even be on the fitness track too. For those, this kind of exercising experiences that they get from various exercise programs and fitness centers can be great.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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