10 Killer Muscle Building Tips

Developing muscles is not as simple and easy as you thing. There are quite a lot of fundamental rules and wisdom involved in getting the best and strong muscles within short time. The below given are some of the awesome tips that you could follow in shaping up your body as well as your muscles.

Rigorous Training

It is not important that you do rigorous training or work outs everyday in a week. Some may be able to do workout everyday but others may not have the time to do so. You could do three to four workouts in a week and that is quite enough to ensure that you get strong muscles.

Workout for 60 Minutes

The response of the hormone is quite significant in the workout. It is important that you keep in account of the catabolic and anabolic hormones. While exercising you need to ensure that the catabolic hormones are less as they help in breaking down the muscles while the anabolic hormones need to be high as they help in building muscles.

Doing complete exercise and lifting heavy weights

The core of your workout and regime work has to be squats, chin ups, push-ups, military presses, etc. In addition, if you are planning on using any kind of free weights, then you do have to make sure that it has to be close to the heaviest which you can get.

Enhancing resistance and training

The fundamental concepts in developing muscles is progression. You need to realize that continuously doing the same thing again and again, it is not going to take you anywhere. If you had a tough time in squatting 100 pushups and after some time you need to increase the number as doing these pushups will later on become easy. Challenging yourself with more heavier weights is what is required.

Setting up the Workouts

It is important that you set or plan your workout in certain limits. For example, if you are simply able to do press for about hundred pounds of weight then you need to realize that about 70 to 80 percent of the given range would be about 70-85 pounds.

Limiting to about 14-18 sets

Most of the time, people often disagree on the number of sets they do for a single workout. While some may feel that one set is the best while other may feel that three is perfect. But as you are working on 70% to 80%, this matters quite less. The most significant thing is to push yourself in order to reach and get the high involvement and development of your muscles.

Modifying the Regimen

As you start to workout for four to eight weeks, your body will slowly start to adapt to the given workouts and as you continue to do the same kind of workout, it will simply lead to the growth of the muscles or plateaus and even the overuse of the injuries. Changing things once in a while would be the best means of developing your muscles and it is something that you do need to do.

Eating Properly

It is important that you eat properly so that you can gain good amount of muscles. Most of the time beginners and the individuals who often use steroids can get muscles without eating a lot.


Having a good sleep is quite important as it helps in the recovery and growth of the muscles. It is important that you avoid stressing stressing a lot and get good amount of sleep.

Maximizing the Ability to Recover

It is important that you have a good recovery process for your muscles. In case you push yourself to do consistent and hard workout, you do have to give a good amount of time to recover as continuous exercising can simply cause wear and tear to your muscles.

Frankly, the above given ten steps can easily help in getting the required muscles.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.