30 Ways to Be Healthier & Fitter

30 Ways to Be Healthier & Fitter

Whenever it is related to exercise, we only think about getting fit and becoming active. However, the only roadblock we come across is with starting or transition to this glorious way of leading a happy and active lifestyle.

Let us talk about the elephant in the room, your main issue is maintaining a healthy way of life or following it. Sometimes it is difficult to handle the truth! Some might blame their DNA whenever they are ogling the handsome and healthy body of other people. You ought to know that these people follow a healthy habit and lifestyle that makes them the owners of such gracious bodies.

Healthier Ways to Live

Making some tweaks in our day-to-day life can be the best way to become healthy. Some of the major ones are –

1) Drinking Green Tea

Not the black tea that is filled with whole milk and honey. Also, avoid the bottled sugary concoctions. Here, it means plain and simple green tea. This is a super potent nutrient that is great for your health. Studies show that EGCC which is exclusively found in green tea breaks down the fat and finds out the hidden new fat cells.

Dieticians recommend drinking green tea first thing in the morning as your breakfast. This way your body will absorb the nutrients present in the green tea especially after the hours of your last meal.

2) Place Water in Your Nightstand

The first thing you need to do in the morning is hydrated. This is one of the best healthy habits to follow; to make sure that you are following it, keep a huge glass of water right near your nightstand. Not only it helps in preparing you for the day, but it will help in cleaning the digestive system.

3) Going for A Walk During Lunch Break

Certain research done all around the world found out that more than 40% of Americans lack vitamin D. This is the vitamin that helps in strengthening one’s bones and assisting in boosting immunity and mood.

The best way to get a good amount of vitamin D is by just stepping outside. You might have noticed your co-workers stepping out for 20-30 minutes during lunchtime. Well, they are doing so to get some vitamin D.

4) Go with Natural Not Artificial Ingredients

Sometimes artificial sweeteners would be great to just toss into your morning coffee, however, just resist them at all costs. They are simply filled with huge calories and that does not mean that they would be doing good to your body.

People who are fit and healthy try to avoid all kinds of fake stuff as they feel that artificial sweeteners would end up disrupting the whole-body function and this would trigger a huge hunger response.

5) Try to Freeze Food for Last-Minute Emergencies

Sometimes your fridge is full, but your freezer would be empty. In that case, you must make a shift. Frozen veggies and fruits are often frozen at their peak. In case if certain produces are not in season, then you would get the good quality ones. Most importantly, frozen foods are cheaper, and they last for a longer time.

6) Consider the Colours Not Calories

Time and time again, this would be the primary gospel of various nutrition experts – ‘Not all calories are the same’. A handful of almonds compared to the same amount of fries would produce different effects on your body. Of course, keeping portions under control is necessary for maintaining weight at bay, this is still the best way for getting a balanced plate of an essential diet, one that can be checked through the various colours present.

Filling your plate with reds, greens, and yellow can help in creating a balanced and rich filled diet. This will fuel your body and provide the necessary energy for various workouts, weight loss, and muscle recovery.

7) Have A Fit Company

Sometimes you are hanging out with your friends and when they order pizza, you go with it. If you are ordering something else, and then you would be considered an outcast.

Here, you must hang out with like-minded (meaning fit minded) people to make sure that you are sticking to your goals. If your friend wants to try and go for the HIIT class, then be in the close company of him. It is easier to be on the healthier side when you have a same-minded healthy partner on your side.

8) Hear Your Body

Frankly, at the end of the day, you need to be in tune with your body’s version of what is considered normal. This is the best thing you can do, and it is necessary to recognize when your body must take rest and when it needs to move.

If you check healthy people are more in sync with their bodies. They hear the signals altering them whenever they are dehydrated, hungry, inflamed, etc.

9) Avoid Overeating and Feeling Stuffed

Healthy people eat until they are satisfied, nourished, and not hungry. They never try to eat until they feel that they have made the most of their money or they are comfortable or filled up. Eating until you are full is the best way for getting a fat stomach and less of a flat stomach. Make sure that you avoid such habits.

10) Cook at Home as Much as Possible

Of course, homemade chicken and broccoli might not be super good like the ones that you order from the Chinese restaurant. However, these home-cooked ones would be healthier. By cooking at home, you gain control of the calories that you are going to consume and will put weight on your wallet.

11) Select and Choose

Sometimes navigating a restaurant menu must be a hard thing to do. This is the most common syndrome that people go through when they are on the diet-losing plan. You would not have dressed up properly for steamed veggies and grilled chicken, still, you can lower the damages. Fit and healthy people avoid the breadbasket and go for the tall glass of water.

12) Go with Dressing on The Side

One of the oldest tricks in the trade is to order your salad dressing on the side. Do you know salads are the best ways to fuel your body with healthy, fresh food but never drown them in dressing as it will push the calorie count to a high level?

13) Have A Healthy Consumption of Food

Various research support the advantages of having or taking healthy fat like the ones found in nuts, olive oils, and avocado. The best part of fit people is that they are not afraid of being fat, they just keep the portions at bay. The best thing about healthy fat is that they contribute to a greater feeling of satiety.

14) Avoid Judging Others

The hardest part of being on diet is sticking to it and trying to be social. At times, going with your friends to a bar would be a difficult thing as you have to say no to the drinks and food, which can derail your commitment and diet to be healthy.

But people who exercise have the will power in these social gathering and they can easily select to move around and avoid the temptations.

15) Consuming Carbs Every Day

One thing you might like about carbs is that they provide the required energy for your body to function properly and making it through the day. As not all calories are created equally, the same way carbs are not created in an equal way.

Most of the complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and oatmeal take a long time for your body to break down and the result is that it provides your body with a good supply of energy.

16) Making A Habit

Sometimes you might take up the activity of running, and what can make it tiring is getting out of the door just to find out where your shoes are. You might ask where your tracksuit or water bottle is, and the frustration would make you avoid going or following the routine. After a point, you realize that all these are just the core aspects of your laziness. Regular physical activity and planning for it lead to the formation of sustainable behaviour.

17) Keeping Workouts Sharp and Simple

Most health experts feel that workouts must not take long hours. Sometimes a well-structured and 15 minutes workout can be effective if you are really worried about the time.

18) Cheating Is Good, But Do not Derail Your Diet

It is fine if you fall off the wagon just for one meal or one day. Do not turn it into a long-term thing. Of course, allowing yourself to have or consume some of your favourite food at times is good for your sanity. However, it is important to be realistic. You need to balance your diet and try to make sure that you stick to your healthy habits.

19) Avoid the Scale

At times weighing yourself would be the best indication regarding where you are and where you need to be in terms of the weight. It is not still the perfect indicator of fitness and health. Your annual check-up with your doctor would be the perfect way to know where you are standing in terms of fitness and health.

20) Always Take Care and Count Your Steps

Well, you must think about the number of steps you have taken each day. Have you walked around 10,000 steps today? This is the minimum recommend one and you will not be considered as a sedentary person if you have achieved it.

The best part is you will not need to strap a pedometer or other kind of tracker. You can easily use your iPhone or the latest iOS system to automatically help you in counting the steps.

21) Adding Balance Training and Resistance When You Get Older

Most doctors and health experts clearly state that when we reach around the age of 40, we begin to lose our muscle mass. At times resistant training like press-ups is necessary. These exercises will help in maintaining muscle mass and sometimes help in slowing them down.

22) Try to Work Out at Home

If you do not have the time to hit the gym, you could workout at home. In the living room, you can easily do a normal routine like arm or leg exercises. Try to even do certain squats and half-press ups, triceps dips, etc that help you in gaining better cardiovascular workout and metabolism lift.

23) Have Dessert Occasionally

Of course, we all are humans, but keep in mind that there is a difference in treating yourself. You must put a stop and say no when it goes overboard. Indulging in a dessert once a while is great, but do not make it a habit that can compromise your health.

24) Intelligent Snacking

Of course, snacking is not your enemy. It is when you snack excessively and it tips the scale, not in your favour. A good snack will make your metabolism fired up; however, it will make your energy level and hunger steady all around the day.

25) Lifting Weights

Most people opt for cardio to lose weight. These cardio exercises will burn calories and keep your heart rate up.

26) Order on Rocks

Some people know that beer and mixed drinks taste good as they are loaded with a good amount of sugar. It is okay to cheat one day for some good drinks. Sometimes you can compensate it with some fruit juice to gain health advantages.

27) Remain Active Outside the Gym

Sometimes it might be a tough task to make it to the gym for weeks. People following a healthy lifestyle never put a stop to their healthy activities. They keep themselves vigorous by taking walks every day during lunch, playing tennis, etc.

28) Be Ready for Parties

Birthday events and parties are hard to be avoided. Hence, you cannot skip them. In such a case, you must plan and make sure that you are adding extra workouts and not skipping desserts.

29) Avoid Cream Based Dishes

Go for healthier food choices like soup. They can be the best way for filling up your diet and gaining more veggies into your body. Cream-based dishes are strictly a no-no.

30) Skipping Holiday Specials

You might feel bad to skip the holiday specials, but fit people are humans, and they can do it, so can you.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your health is important and in the same way making sure that you follow proper healthy tips. Have a great life and make sure that you are healthy by following the tips given above.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.