500 Calorie Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes

500 Calorie Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes

At times you would have done various solutions for exercising and losing weight. Nothing would have provided the necessary results and strict diet that you have gone through still never helped you to reach your calorie goals.

Now the conventional wisdom would tell you that cardio exercise can get your heartbeat racing and that would help in burning maximum calories. Irrespective of whichever exercise you do, whether it is the cardio outdoors or the treadmill at the local gym, workouts are going to help you lose weight even if you are a beginner.

Good Weight Loss Leads to Great Reduction of Excessive

Weight loss is all about eating healthy, burning calories, and being in good shape. Having less food and moving more is the major hack for shedding excess kilos in less period. However, there is a huge difference between burning calories and burning fat.

Frankly, both have different effects on the human body and even their outcome would be greatly different.

Difference Among Burning Fat and Calories

Here the calories from the beverages and food that is consumed by you would immediately get stored or used as the energy reserve. Also, our body would convert unwanted calories into the triglycerides that are stored in the fat cells.

When you are exercising, your body is drawing the energy from the recently consumed calories and the energy stored for fuel. Now when you are decreasing the calorie intake, and you are increasing the physical activity, the energy portion expands, and this comes from the fat stored in the body.

Burning More Calories Like 500 Calories Is Great

If you are eating more calories than what you are burning, then you would not lose any weight and fat from the body. Here if you work out for a good amount of time at the gym and consume the same amount of calories, as soon as it gets depleted, that would be stored as the triglycerides present in your body.

That means, burning fat would provide only temporary solutions to your weight loss issues. Hence, if you want to lose excess body fat, the possible solution would be to develop a calorie deficit.

Doing 500 Calorie Workout with Interval Workout

Sometimes you would be wondering which exercise would burn out most of the calories. In that case, running along with an interval workout would be the best one. Just think about it. You can reduce a good amount of weight when you are jogging at a seven MPH pace and torching around 700 calories for an hour.

Most experts feel that such a high-intensity interval running plan would be great for all kinds of fitness levels. At times, the beginner’s plan would be quite challenging and even for the 500-calorie workout. Now you would not be fond of the treadmill, then be free to take the 500-calorie workout routine outside.

When there is no digital speed control, it is best to go for a comfortable run for somewhat three-minute intervals and even be on the uncomfortably fast or on the verge of the full out spirit, for the shorter sprints.

Do Stair-Climber Challenge for Your 500 Calorie Workout

You will not get stoked when you are climbing the stairway. Well, some people would find that difficult and you need to know that you are not alone. Just shake things up and gain faster results using the stair-stepping 500 calorie workout using dumbbells.

When you are adding weights to the functional movements, you would be able to work more on the muscles at once and even be able to increase the calories burn. At times you can use a set of three to nine pounds of dumbbells for such a 500-calorie workout and that would be based on your fitness level.

Sometimes you might feel that you would lose your balance. Just stay safe by putting the weights down right on the console unit that you would find at your footing. Otherwise, just carry on the dumbbell in the grocery bag position and that would mean putting on each at a hand as if you are holding on to the two grocery bags, with the arms down by the sides.

Interval Cycling Ride for the 500 Calorie Workout

Do not be satisfied with just spinning your wheels on the stationary bike and you can kick things up the notch with the cycling interval ride. All you must do is put the pedal to the metal and then ride your way for completing the 500-calorie workout that you would be doing at the gym or your home when you have your stationary bike.

Plyometric Rep Challenge

Unlike other exercises, plyometric exercises are the best way for burning calories and even building muscles. Here the routine would combine all and some of the best jumping moves you could for killer cardio workouts right at the gym, outside, or even at home.

Here how it would be working is that you would be doing each of the moves through the indicated number of reps. After that, you should do a full 500-calorie workout circuit as fast as possible resting as required.

For acing your whole moves through this 500-calorie workout, you should do –

High Knees

Make sure to run in place and try to bring your knees right to your chest as much as high you could. Then try to pump your arms as fast as you can.

Bodyweight Squats

Here you would have to stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then you need to place your hands behind the head or straight out from the shoulders that you prefer. After that, you need to push your hips back and bend your knees to the lower right into a squat.

Here the thighs need to parallel to the ground. Then press back up to the standing position. This would be one rep.


Here you would have to begin with the straight-arm plank position along with keeping the hands a bit slightly wider compared to the shoulders. Then you must brace the core and squeeze the glutes as much lower to your body until the chest is touching the floor.

After that, you would need to pause right at the bottom and then try to push back to the starting position as much as quickly as possible. This would be one rep.

Alternating Lunges

Here you would have to stand tall along with keeping the feet hip-width apart. Then you need to step forward using your right foot and then try to bend both knees. This would make sure that the right knee would be over the ankle, and the left heel needs to be lifted. After that, you would have to step back to the starting position and then try to repeat the procedure using the left leg for completing one rep.

Butt Kicks

Now stand tall using your feet hip-width apart. Then kick heels up to the glutes and try to pump your arms back and forth as much as fast as you can. Then continue to the faster pace until the 75 reps are completed.

Mountain Climbers

Here from the full plank position, do an alternative running knee right into the chest as much fast as you can. Then keep the core engaged for the whole time and then try to push speed as much as you can without making any compromise.

Leg Raises

Here you would have to get down on all the fours using your palms flat right on the ground and shoulder-width apart. Then without allowing the back to rise, you would need to keep the core engaged as much as you can, when you are bending the right knee and lifting the leg up till the right thigh is parallel to the floor.

Continue to slowly lower the backdown and that too to the starting position. This would be one rep. Just go with doing 25 reps on the right side and then repeat to the left.

Quarter Pounders For 500 Calorie Workouts

This is one of the best calorie-crushing circuits that would incorporate into a quarter-mile sprint. Also, that would be done in between the bodyweight exercise for helping you burn around 500+ calories, allowing you to tone the whole body at the same time.

Furthermore, the tool would guarantee to beat huge boredom. The best part is that your mind will not wander for the second one.

Cross Chops

For this exercise, you need to have and hold a weighted ball or the dumbbell using both your hands right in front of your chest, arms extended, and stand with your feet wide. Now both knees and the pivot feet should be bent to the left, thereby allowing the lowering ball to move to the left shin. As soon as possible try to straighten your legs, raise the ball overhead and pivot to the right side.

Falling Push-ups

Here from the kneeling position, you can allow yourself to fall forward onto your hands. Then slowly try to lower your body into the push-up and return to the kneeling position.

Floor Jacks

Here you should lie face down right on the floor or the mat. Then you would need to extend your arms and legs right into the X shape and try to do the ‘jumping jacks’ in this position.

Normal Running

You need to think of running as one major kind of freestyle cardio exercise that would help you to burn out the calories and lose a good amount of weight faster. Also, as it needs no equipment, you can easily do it anywhere and at any time.

Various research shows that when you do normal running, it can help you to lose weight. You can even try to run on a treadmill, but keep in mind that it needs to be consistent. Here the key lies in burning maximum calories for running at a steady and fast pace for around 40 minutes. A 30-second break can be taken for catching one breath.


Well, swimming is the best sport that is not only functional if you are looking for ways to lose weight but also, something that is extremely fun. This exercise would easily torch the calories and create the best endurance levels.

Sometimes you will not lift the weights due to weak knees and back injury. In that case, swimming would be your answer on how to lose a good amount of weight. When you swim around for 30 minutes each day, you can somewhat burn around 500 calories.

Sand Running

Of course, running is the best means of burning a good amount of calories and losing great weight. Still, soft sand running is the best cardio regime that would provide you with the best and effective results.

Well, running on the soft sand would need a huge amount of effort compared to running on flat surfaces. Each of the feet would be touching the sand, and as it sinks, the force put on leads to increasing the energy usage to just move ahead.

Frankly, running on the sand can help you to burn around 30 percent more calories compared to running on the treadmill. Also, running barefoot on the sand is better and advantageous as the pressure would be small especially for your muscles to work harder.

Is Burning 500 Calories A Day Good for Losing Weight

Well, scientifically, it is right. Burning 500 calories each day is best for a reasonable weight loss each week. Sometimes you would want to lose a pound fast, in that case, you would have to burn 3500 calories. Hence, when you are burning 500 calories each day, right at the end of the week, you would be burning 3500 calories that means you would be losing a pound of fat.

Also, there are other ways to lose calories. One would be gardening right in your backyard. You can even lose some good calories by cleaning your home while listening to your favourite music. Well, it is easy to lose 500 calories, and that too in a fun way.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.