New Year Resolutions For 2021 With Personal Training from Ezfit Singapore

New Year Resolutions For 2021 With Personal Training from Ezfit Singapore

Are you the person that creates the New Year’s resolution just to break them and that too within a few months? You might be starting the year with the best intentions, but you would have to be focused at first. However, you end up going back to your ‘bad old ways’ within a few months.

Well, you are not alone if your new year’s habits are not sticking with you. Countless people fail miserably when they are not able to keep up their New Year’s resolution, especially when it concerns being healthy.

Being on Track with Healthy New Year Resolutions

Well, there is good news. There are some best and easy ways to get yourself on a healthier act. Sometimes with the assistance of various health professionals like the ones offered by Ezfit Singapore, you might be able to start the new year in a fit and healthy manner.

Break Your Goals Into 4 Weeks Blocks Or 27 Days

In case your plan is to lose around 40kg.However, if you prepare yourself that you are going to lose around 4kg in the next four to five weeks, then you must do that and try to do it again especially when you want to lose around 40 kgs.

Get A Plan You Trusts and Works for You from Ezfit Singapore

Go for simple eating and exercising system that would make it easy for you to start. Here you should make sure that it should not be something that would work for you. The resolution is about you and your journey, so plan it well and try to know that it is for your best.

Take Small and Specific Goals

As per the suggestion of the health and nutrition experts of Ezfit Singapore, you need to go with small and achievable goals that would lead to success. Sometimes we would have a certain unrealistic expectation of success.

We get too much exposure to the online and other media that might make you feel that the transformation would be tough. Sometimes you will not feel like that it will not be matching your expectations. Here two of the major errors you would be making while creating the health and fitness goals would be trying a lot all at once and not ensuring that the goals are specific enough.

As soon as you have found out where to begin, try to make your goals as specific as possible. The goal that you should have is to exercise a lot more often and that needs to be very much vague. The goal that you are going to set will not tell you where, when, how and for how long that you can do this.

Most importantly, the goal that is set by Ezfit Singapore would be measurable and specific. Think of your goal as the measurable one like running for 20 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6 pm, etc.

The health and exercising experts at Ezfit Singapore recommend that the goals that you are going to take on should be something that can be accomplished rather than to avoid. For example, setting the goal to consume less chocolate will not provide you with anything that can help you to move forwards. However, you can set a goal that can be to snack on fruits, which can help with focusing and measuring.

Determining the Readiness

Here you must make sure that both mentally and physically ready to begin the exercise program that Ezfit Singapore tells. You could start the fitness regimen and as soon as you discuss it with your doctor, and you have to make sure that you are healthy enough to begin.

As soon as you are physically cleared for proceeding, think about your mental readiness. Here you should think about how likely you are going to stick with the exercise program as soon as you begin. Such factors to think about, there are three most significant aspect like –

  • Have good confidence in your exercising ability.
  • Gain encouragement and support right from those that are close to you.
  • Participate in various enjoyable forms of exercise.

Creating A Plan

Just before you begin the exercise program, you must answer three major questions. The first one is when will you exercise. Here you need to find out the three days and times that are convenient for you and try to stick with these days, so you are working out at the same time each week.

The second one is what kind of exercise would you do. Here the best kind of exercise would be the one that you are going to enjoy. Here you should not worry about what each person is doing. All you must do is choose the exercise that works for you. Select activities like cycling, walking, swimming, running, dancing, golfing, handball, basketball, and tennis. The third aspect is how much time would you spend exercising.

Here you should begin a little as ten minutes per session and then try to slowly build up to at least 30 minutes per workout.

Bring A Friend

Now not many people are aware that you might know someone that would also be exercising on the New Year. Just begin the fitness journey together with him or her. Here this would increase the chance for you to be more successful in terms of weight loss and provide you with more fun.

Now for that, you would need an exercise that can be something that both of you would enjoy. Well, this would be a huge challenge however, it would be worth it as the exercise partner would be the support system that you need, a positive social experience, and somewhat an inspiration.

Of course, there would be times when you will not be feeling like working out. In that case, a partner can be the major motivation for you to get going.

Take the Resolution as Something in A Lighter Vein

Think of your resolution as a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You are much more likely to be successful if you take it easy at the beginning. For instance, you may see people exercising at an extremely high intensity, but you should start with low-to-moderate intensity workouts. You may know people who train six days a week, but it is fine to start with three. You may see people engage in a diverse array of physical activities, but 15-minute walk three days a week is a great place to begin.

Gain A Realistic

The biggest issue with the New Year’s resolution is that they would be somewhat impractical. Of course, setting goals is a great idea, but you should make sure that they are feasible as well as realistic.

For example, the goal for losing 12 lbs by the end of Easter can be somewhat reasonable and something that is achievable. The same is the goal for completing the 5K run by the end of the taxing day. Well, in the same the goal to complete the marathon right at that date would be somewhat unrealistic and potentially unsafe for any newbie runners.

You can think of it as building a house. You begin slowly and that would be with low intensity and duration and then develop a solid foundation of fitness. Later, you can create the foundation based on the fitness to improve.

Home Based Personalized Training Services Right at Your Doorstep

At Ezfit Singapore, you can enjoy your New Year resolution with a personalized trainer that would help you to achieve your fitness goals. They provide personalized training for fat-loss, fitness, conditioning, and strength that can improve sports performance.

All you need to do is set your goals and we would help in achieving them. Of course, we take huge pride and even the privilege of doing a great part in guiding you towards your goals. Most importantly, we would motivate you right from the starting of the program so that you can get the required results.

Additionally, we would bring the fitness to your doorstep and that too at the required time. We would even help in upgrading and updating the techniques followed by us. Also, we would be using the latest fitness tools that are available in the market for gaining the best results and even variety among them.

There are great reasons why an individual would require the services of the best personal trainer for your New Year resolution. With Ezfit Singapore, you get a good personal trainer that would develop the best fitness program that would easily help you to achieve your New Year resolution goals. This means that if you want to achieve the best results faster, selecting a good health coach at Ezfit Singapore would be the perfect option for you.

Ezfit Singapore Provides the Best Convenience for Your New Year Exercises

Here just think of it. You will not need to commute up and down from the gym. During the New Year and with today’s current COVID-19 restrictions, you can have to pack the gym bag or face the evening crowds and the stuffed locker rooms. Our personalized trainers and gym coaches work out any time at the day or night, as per your convenience. Frankly, Ezfit Singapore is one of the best Singaporean private PT firms.

Embrace the New Year With The Best Fitness Journey

Right from the first session, Ezfit Singapore will find out the starting point and the necessary physical fitness goals. As soon as these aspects are done, then their trainers would work together with you for creating the most customized and appropriate workout plan for gaining the best goals.

All over Singapore, most people prefer Ezfit Singapore compared to traditional and personal training services is because we prepare our customers for achieving great success. Not only that, but we also provide all the required training tools and equipment that you would require and take them as they leave. This would help one to save a lot of money on many gym equipment and you can avoid the cluttering of the home and garage with the exercising items.

Gain Required Fitness Without Any Excuses

With the health services of Ezfit Singapore, you will not feel the laziness to go to the gym at the beginning of the New Year. Of course, for some people that have passed the age of 35, it would be downhill if proper efforts are not put into it.

Now, there would be various excuses and reasons. If you are feeling that this New Year, you are ready to break the shackles of being unhealthy and overweight, then Ezfit Singapore can be the best partner for you.

Ezfit Singapore Provides Perfect Solution and Perfect Results

Most of the health programs developed by Ezfit like the 120 days are focused on many health aspects like exercising, proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other things.

The best part is that these can be done right from the luxury of your home.

Commitment Provided by Ezfit Singapore

The only commitment that Ezfit Singapore can provide you is that for the brand-New Year, you should be on a strict diet and be extensively disciplined for three to four months. Of course, with their way of exercising and mental fitness training, you would be able to see the changes in the best and holistic manner.

Being Healthy Through Ezfit Singapore’s Health and Exercise Tips

Here the biggest concern that each person would have is the excuses and the laziness that they might end up with while committing to any program. Here one thing is sure; you will not be starving in this program.

Each of the programs that are created by Ezfit Singapore is based on having the right stuff and learning to balance food, lifestyle, exercising, and gaining a holistic approach to the whole New Year diet and resolution.

Wrapping Up

The best part of New Year resolutions is making one. If you can follow that, then it would be a bonus. You get to be healthy and lose pounds and with Ezfit Singapore as your partner, it would be a fun ride.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.