Adults and Kids Trainer Singapore

The biggest mistake an individual makes is while exercising. Whether it is a child or adult, mistakes are the same but the side effects it has could vary. Children tend to suffer the more as their hormones are growing as well as developing. And of course, there is a certain amount of physiological factors that one needs to consider when exercising.

The common injury is the bone injury. This is common among kids and adults. Often with regard to weight and child training, parents have the major concern and factor which is affecting the growth of the child and his bone. Now contrary to most of the popular belief, weight training can help in improving the muscular and bone system. It is often because children do not have qualified supervision that accidents happen.

Basically, growth problems are very much rare especially when children are provided with well designed and great programs along with qualified supervisions.

In fact, the growth problem often happens and most frequently in dynamic sports like swimming, tennis, baseball, etc rather than in weight training. Even there is another misconception that growth related injuries are often occurring when nobody notices it or simply forgets about it. Now it is actually very much painful as the top of the bones are quite brisk. Actually, it would be quite painful as you are cracking the top most part of the bone.

This will improve the growth present in the bone and in case if you get injured in the upper left thigh or femur, then your left one will just stop growing. And the right femur will continue to develop and grow. Do you know that kids have a higher heart rate and low amount of blood pressure? A kids heart is smaller and has less volume of blood when compared to adults, thereby it makes the heart of the kids to compensate on the beating by more often per minute.

In addition, the blood pressure of the child would be quite less when compared to adults as it is direct proportion to the size of the body. And it reaches for the adults late in the teen. Also, the children cannot perform well without getting oxygen. As we all know oxygen is the essence of life and without which one cannot survive. The same can be said about children too.

They have got limited ability to do various kinds of anaerobic activities which happens because of the limited ability to produce enough enzymes that can be used to provide good amount of energy ( which is in the absence of the oxygen). The basic survival of any individual is oxygen and it is what makes the body. In addition, it is important that kids have to be kept cool in the summer.

The sweat gland of the child is not developed fully and they become less effective while cooling down when compared to the adults. Adequate amount of water have to be drunk. In short, the exercises varies from kids to adults.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.