Aqua Exercises for Getting Stronger


Are you looking to take a break from your normal fitness routine? Well, you can try out the aquatic exercises that EzFit Singapore provides. One thing that you would find easy to digest is the fact that water exercising provides a full-body kind of workout without any kind of disadvantages that land-related exercises bring with them.

Not only that water or aqua-based exercises would be great and refreshing in the sticky summer months. Just think about it! Immersed in water and burning calories rather than your skin.

Water Exercising Is What One Needs to Do

The denser the water is, the more resistance you can get from each of the kicks and pull compared to the land-based exercises. Also, such drills would be great and a feasible workout for you. One thing you would be surprised to know is that swimming laps build your upper legs and body. Additionally, if you are aware of what exercise you are doing, that can tone up the rest of your body and make you more ripped.

Most experts feel that using the pool to create muscle strength and mass, will really need you to do more than the regular swim sets. Here you would need to do high-intensity and short workouts, and that would need to do wholesome different approaches compared to most people that just take a lap in the swimming pool.

Doing Great Workouts in the Pool

When it comes to working out in the pool, it is more fun when you are around in the community pool or gym. When you do aquatic exercises, you burn fat and even get healed from many diseases. You can ease and get relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.

Now water is one of the major fitness tools that you can use. There are many ways in how the aquatic workouts would be beneficial. One of the major benefits is that they provide a good amount of resistance, which simply strengthens the muscles and even boost the cardio intensity. Also, these exercises would help in making workouts easier on the joints as water can support our weight.

It means that such water-based exercises would reduce the chances of getting injured and is great for people that are out-of-shape and overweight. Many health experts feel that working in the water is safe as bones and joints are not forced to bear the grunt of the heavy load.

Furthermore, many doctors feel that aquatic exercises can help to heal faster and recommend such exercises to people suffering from joint infections and injuries. Especially aquatic exercises are great for people that had surgery and even help them to remain fit and reduce the recovery time.

When you do pool workouts, you get better agility, balance, and even the best endurance. That is a great confidence booster for people that often shield themselves away from doing exercises. No doubt, pool exercises are the best fat-burners. You get to burn a high amount of calories in less time.

Benefits of Pool Based Exercises

As we all know water provides heavier resistance compared to air. When you work out in the water, you are doing the same kind of exercise that you are doing on the land and such exercise would be more challenging in the water.

Keep in mind that the heavier the resistance is the more engaged your muscles would be and that can even help you to burn more calories in a shorter time. When you do aquatic exercises, you are doing a great cardio workout and even increasing your endurance, strength, and flexibility. The kind of buoyancy water has, helps to provide extra supports to your muscles and even joints. Here this would allow one to work harder even while putting less impact on the body compared to what you put on the land.

Do you know that water-based exercises are great for pregnant women? It helps people suffering from osteoporosis, balance issues, fibromyalgia, joint injuries, etc.

Is There Any Need for Equipment to Do Aquatic Exercises?

When you are attending aquatic classes from fitness companies like EzFit Singapore, they would provide all the necessary equipment that you want.

But you do need to bring a swim cap, towel, pair of goggles, etc. Well, if you are going to work out on your own, then you should some gear. Some of them are – 

  • Foam Dumbbells – These are lightweight when they become dry. However they become heavy when you place them in water. You can easily get them at any online store. 
  • Wrist Or Ankle Weights – Such equipment are strap-on weights that help to increase the resistance of your arms and legs movement in the water. 
  • Hand Paddles and Resistance Gloves – Well, both of these equipment boost strength training in water. 
  • Kickboard – This is one of the best tools for various kinds of drills. Here this equipment can allow one to hold on and remain afloat even while doing all kinds of core and lower body-based workouts. 
  • Buoyancy Belt – Well, this equipment can help to keep your head just above the water. That allows you to do arm-based exercises even when you are not treading on the water.

Advice From Experts on Aquatic Exercises

Many experts clearly state that to make your whole core strong, you would need to strengthen the lower back of yours. That can help to hold in the pooch. Having strong muscles present in the abdomen is necessary for your back health. Back and ab muscles can keep one balanced and avoid one from compressing and slumping the internal organs.

Pool Exercises That You Can Do

The following are some of the pool exercises recommended by most health and fitness companies like EzFit Singapore.

1) Tombstone Drill

This exercise can convert the kicking a lot challenging by turning the kickboard vertically present in the water. That means the flat part would be facing the wall in front of you. Hence, start to kick hard.

Here the board would develop some extra kind of resistance. That means you need to engage your hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings more than what you must do in the standard kick set. Sometimes you won’t be feeling in such areas. That means you may be kicking from your knees. You should kick with a straight leg, but with a soft knee.

To get extra strength, you must do the tombstone drill for one to two lengths of the pool. After that leave the kickboard on deck and do one to two more lengths of sprint kicking. In such a case you might feel like you’re flying now that the resistance is off. It asks your legs to perform under fatigue, which helps build strength and power.

2) Gutbuster for Working Your Core

For doing this exercise you need to hold the kickboard right in your lap. Make sure to keep your torso in the vertical position. Bring your legs parallel to the surface of the water. That will make your body is in somewhat the “L” shape. With your back to the other end of the pool, you must begin doing a flutter kick and move down the pool.

If you’re like most people who try this, you’ll start leaning back partway down the pool to straighten your abs to make it easier. Keep in mind to control the urge.

When you are getting down the lane, just take a little break. Try to swim for a 50 and grab the board and try doing it again. Frankly, this exercise would get to all your core muscles, beginning from the rib cage to your hips, involved, and the inherent instability of flutter kicking in water helps all the stabilizer muscles.

3) Kickboard Pull and Press to Build Your Shoulders and Back

In this exercise, you need to stand in the shallow water and hold the kickboard like you would for the tombstone drill. Just grab the top and bottom in each hand and make sure to have the flat part facing the wall.

Then you need to begin with it close to your chest. After that push it away from you and pull it back as fast as you can. Of course, this can probably annoy everyone else in the lane with you. It would be better to do this during the non-lap-swimming pool hours.

Make sure to do this as fast as you can to fatigue and repeat it about three times. You must approach the exercise in an explosive motion if you want to entice your muscles growth.

Basically, you won’t need to do it for a minute each time. You can get yourself cranking around 10 to 15 seconds. This exercise works the pecs, shoulders, and upper back, and trains both the pushing and pulling motions in the same exercise. Always try to make it harder, dunk the kickboard deeper underwater.

4) Swim Using Paddles for Building Your Lats

Sometimes your strokes can be efficient. In that case, do a segment of your swim workout with swim paddles. These would add even more resistance, so you build your lats.

Make sure that the paddles are a little larger than your hand and must need enough holes in them to take away some of the stress on your shoulders. Just begin with a short set, and these can even be as little as 200 yards or meters. After that, you can gradually work up to using them for longer ones.

Now you might be a beginning swimmer. In that case, just wait a while before using paddles. Here the stroke errors involve the most common one of letting your elbow drop to the bottom of the pool would make a huge, unhelpful, injury-producing stress on your shoulders when you add paddles to the equation. Well, this can lead to pain, not muscles.

5) Dry Shoulder Treading Water for Strengthening the Arms

When you are at the deep end of the pool, try to tread water. Rather than keeping your head out, use your arms in to get your shoulders out, too. Begin the exercise by facing a wall and start treading.

Ensure to keep your hands at armpit level and try to sweep your arms and hands outward. This way the palms would be facing the sides of the pool, then sweep them back toward each other. Now the palms can face each other. Ensure to move them out and in as quickly as possible. If you do these really hard and fast, then you’re strong. That means you can get your sternum out of the water. This works the rear deltoids and forearms.

6) The Parachute Pull – Makes Everything Harder

Everything gets tougher and more muscle-building when you try to swim against resistance. With regular swimming, you’re trying to take as much drag out of your stroke as possible. To do the muscle-building job, you want to add some, and there are several ways to do it.

One is with a parachute that you clip around your waist. This would do exactly what you’d expect. It holds you back in the water. You get enough resistance that you’re going to fail quickly, and that’s what stimulates muscle growth.

On deck, it looks tiny, but in the water, it would be feeling like you have a whole Base-jumping rig behind you. You can also wear a swimming drag suit—these have little “pockets” in them that trap water flow and make swimming harder—or just wear a pair of baggy shorts in the water. However, it would be better if you try on commercial gear. That can provide a good amount of resistance and can keep you in the good form while doing the exercise.

Swimming Is a Great Exercise

During the hot months, and aquatic exercise can be a great workout. You can not only enjoy a great dip in the pool but even tone the abs and strengthen the core of your body. Some of the health companies like EzFit Singapore provide private training at the homes of people that have a swimming pool.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the training regimes related to aquatic exercises from EzFit Singapore.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.