How to have a beach body

How to Have A Beach Body?

Do you know what is the biggest key to getting in shape for summer? It is starting beforehand of summer. Yes! To get the best and healthy beach body, you need to follow certain rules like exercise, supplement, diet, and mental health.

Let’s check how these factors that can assist in bringing out the desired beach body that you always wanted.

Four Factors for the Best Beach Body


One of the major factors for having a healthy body is good diet. Sometimes you follow a diet which makes you feel light and slim, but it won’t be the one that provides you with the best nutrients. Lack of energy, tiredness, fatigue, sleepiness, mood-swings, etc can be some of the major health issues that you might end up with.

Well, the time has come to make changes to your diet. There are various foods which you can start to consume that provide you with the required nutrients to make you feel healthy and active. You could start your day with fruits and proteins like a glass of grapefruit and egg white. This is one of the best low glycemic index food example.

Now you must never compensate on the meals that you take and should try to go for at least six small meals in a day. This will not fill you enough but will surely make you feel that you are eating a lot. Your six tiny meals mustn’t exceed the 1200 calorie limit for a day and should be filled with required proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The basic rule in being fit is to have good amount of protein and it needs to be one gram for each pound of body weight.


Besides following a healthy diet, you even need to go for various supplements like vitamins and minerals. Now, this is somewhat a personal preference and it is better if you consult your physician or a dietician before starting.

You could try various energy drinks or green tea which can easily help in cleansing your body and removing harmful chemicals from your body. Some supplements help in improving your digestive system and in removal of unwanted toxins.


Besides food and drinks, to get the desired beach body, you need to be motivated. And for that, you need to visualize-visualize-visualize. It depends on your mentality and how you perceive yourself with the perfect abs and toned beach body.

Try to incorporate yoga and meditation. Even if it is for ten to fifteen minutes, do it to picture yourself in what you will look like with the end result. Here the key lies in seeing yourself on the beach and showing off your best physique.


Lastly, to get the toned beach body, you can’t avoid following a strict exercising regime. Keep in mind that the beach bodies you adore and admire, are not only buff but they are toned too. If you really want to get into the best shape, you really need to do cardio for about 45 minutes every day.

You could have a rest day on Sunday, where you can relax and allow the muscles to relax after a vigorous exercising for 6 days. Always follow the instructions of your health coach and check out which exercises provide you the best results.

Wrapping Up

Getting a toned and great beach body might seem tough but it surely is something worth trying out for. It helps you to be healthy .Give it a go!


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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