How to Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast?

If you are planning to stay fit or get in better shape as part of your New Year resolution or want to try the gorgeous and sexy bathing suit for the summer season, there is never a bad time to trim your physique. Some might want to boost their normal routine and there can be others who want to trim the extra pounds so that they can be much happy and healthier.

Whatever the reason is, one thing you can count out is that you can easily lose the excess fat fast if you know the correct diet and exercises. Frankly, changing the diet and adding more workouts to your daily dose of exercises isn’t that easy. You might want to be aware of the procedures as well as the cheat days so that it isn’t about losing weight but about having a healthy and better life.

Steps To Lose Weight And Be Healthy

Having A Good Breakfast

One thing that you know or most people know is that all meals that you consume in a day are important and among that breakfast plays a major role. It is the energy providers for starting the day and being on the right track. The heartiest and best breakfast is the one that will fill you up, keep you satisfied and starve off the craving that you might later on in the day.

Make sure that you eat anything from 400-550 calories for your breakfast and try to make sure that you are adding good source of nutrients like lean proteins filled with required good fats like beans, eggs, nuts, etc and essential amount of fiber like fruits and veggies. If you are starting the day with a good amount of blood and sugar stabilizing mixture of nutrients, will assist you in lowering down your fat levels.

Workout Schedule

Have you ever try to pencil down your workouts in your day to day activities, just like how you do for dinner or meeting with friends. Frankly, this is the best way which can make yourself accountable. It will really force you to go for a specific time to make sure that you sweat or follow the pre-designed regime and stick to it.

Go For Real & Healthy Food

It is important that whatever you consume, it must be as a whole, i.e. nothing must be packed or processed. As salt is a preservative and foods which are packed and processed will have high amount of sodium in them. So, make sure that you plan carefully while having your meals. It is important that you go for foodstuffs which are fresh. That means that you need to fill up your diet with fresh veggies and fruits along with lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy.

Divide Your Workouts For The Entire Day

If you can’t spend a full thirty minutes or full hour in exercise at a single instance, don’t fret, You can go for shorter bouts of exercising all around the day. Latest studies and research have shown that various bursts of short exercise will give the same fitness and health benefits which are same as the amount of exercises done in a longer workout. Sometimes they can reap more rewards too.

You can go for a quick cardio in the morning, followed by a brisk walk in your lunch hour and then an after dinner session. Here you don’t need to do all the exercises at once.

Bring In Variety To Your Daily Exercise Routine

It is important that you keep your muscles guessing. This is possible if you try cross training and going for various kinds of workouts even you can tweak the usual routine. Here you need to work on gaining new muscles and beating all kinds of boredom, along with doing something new. There are various studies which show that you will enjoy doing your daily exercises and routine if you constantly switch workouts.

Add some Cross Fit exercises or go for yoga classes. If running is your style, go for daily morning run sessions and make sure that you add some speed intervals in your daily routine.

Try To Make Sure That Traveling Doesn’t Derail Your Fit-To-Be Efforts

Keep in mind that just because you away from the normal routine, it doesn’t mean that the healthy efforts you take need to go down the drain. Go jogging for few miles on the treadmill of your hotel’s gym, go for a walking tour of the city, do a quick workout in your hotel room, rent a bike and go around the city exploring new places and meeting people, etc.

Never Do Activities Which You Dislike

Here the concept is similar. If you don’t like an activity, you are not going to stick with it. It doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from activities which challenge you. However, if you really dread doing swimming or rock climbing, then it is not worth to push yourself in spending time in the pool five days a week or climbing small mountains for the thrill. Know your preferences, it should be something which you always look forward to.

Cranking Up Music

There are scientific studies that prove by listening to upbeat music while exercising, you can make tough workouts easier and enjoyable. This will provide the drive to indulge your free time into doing activities which are very much intense to the workouts you normally do. Frankly, it is quite easy and all you need to do is add your required and best highly fast-paced music to the playlist and go exercising.

Have A Budget & Follow It

Some people might think that being fit can be expensive however, it isn’t. Besides the outdoor activities like running, walking, hiking, etc there are variety of ways to follow some great workouts and that too without spending any amount of money. You can check out the various online videos or go to the low-cost community fitness centers and try to learn some new exercise or practice working out there.

Have A Group To Exercise With

By trying out group fitness exercises, it makes you accountable to specific place and time to work out. Plus, these are the best methods to make some new friends. In addition, such classes will provide the opportunity to do something new, especially in a supportive environment.

Go For Best & Fast Results With HIIT Training

Do you know what HIIT training is? This is an interval training which consist of high-intensity and short burst of exercises having slow recovery phrase. Frankly, such method of exercising allows your body to burn a whole amount of fat faster as the metabolism of the body begins to elevate till 48 hours after exercising. If you are shorter on time and want to get faster results, this is a quite effective option for losing fats.

Begin Your Day With Workout

If you feel that there isn’t enough time to work out during the day, try working out in the morning. Just thing how much fresh and active you would be if you jumpstart your day with exercise. There are variety of perks to exercising in the morning. Not only would you be energized for the entire day, the unnecessary time management commitments for the evenings get sorted. Try to set your alarm a bit earlier so that you can prep your workout before the night starts.

Avoid The Scale

While you are losing weight or trying for it, checking the scale regularly can be really bad. In a sense, it can be somewhat deceiving. Why? It won’t be taking into account that you have added muscle weight.

It means that even though you have made significant progress,the number on the scale won’t budge or sometimes it can go up. Keep in mind that a pound of fat is equal to a pound of muscle. But with muscles, it is smooth and lean, and you will be shedding inches even though you remain in the same weight. To have a clear idea, you can use body measurement tape for tracking your progress and size.

Go For A Personal Trainer

If you are really confused on how to start a fitness routine or have any kind of injury or health issues or want to know more on how to maximize the gym time, you need to think about going to a personal trainer/health coach. Taking the services of a personal trainer will assist in creating a training program that assist you in achieving your goals along with taking into account any kind of special consideration. No doubt, having a certified and experienced trainer will be the best method to start a healthy lifestyle or assist you in getting the weight loss plateau.

Going For Weight Lifting

Do you know that weight lifting can be one of the best and fastest method of losing weight? Those who are savvy with exercises are well aware that the best workouts won’t be having just cardio, but will even include strength training. Building muscles will assist you in losing all the inches around and make your metabolism go higher even after you leave the gym. There are various researches which show that weight training can be extremely beneficial for lowering the belly fat compared to the aerobic exercises.

Get Your Own Snacks

Sometimes you might hit up with a sudden urge. One minute you are feeling great and the next moment you are starving for a snack. All you have to do is avoid the vending machine and start creating your healthy snack which you can take to school, work or anytime you are out.

Most of the snacks are processed one which contains only carbs and are the perfect example of empty calories, which jack your blood and make you feel more hungry later on. Try to go for apple chips, or some kind of healthy smoothie, etc.

Have A Lot Of Water

Most of the time we assume that hunger is what bothering us but it is nothing but our body begging for water. So, it is important that you consume enough amount of water all along the day so that you can stay hydrated. Instead of worrying about water weight and a bloated stomach, you need to know that water reduces the overall bloating and weight.

By drinking water constantly, you flush out the fat toxins from your body. Plus, it will keep the body metabolism active.

Consuming Green Tea

Do you know that drinking herbal tea like white tea, green tea, rooibos and black tea can easily amp your metabolism? As per the various studies and research, compared to other tea, green tea is more effective in weight loss. This is because it has huge levels of catechins. So, it is recommended that you consume about 1 to 3 cups of green tea each day.

Increase The Amount Of Protein Intake

Increasing the protein intake is one of the best methods of losing weight faster and even burning fat. Many individuals don’t get enough of proteins in their diet. So, if your goal is to lose huge amount of weight, it is better if you can consume about your body weight in grams of protein each day.

Normal Dose Of Fiber

Food items that are high in fiber will assist you in feeling fuller and reduce your craving for sugar. Plus the fiber will help to balance the blood sugar and lower your cholesterol. However, there might be slight chance that you aren’t consuming the required amount. An average individual needs to get about 30-40 grams of fiber each day.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind that living a healthier life is a lifelong process and no one’s decision should derail your efforts. Hence, if you feel that you have eaten more than what you have consumed, then don’t skip the next few, rather go for one having good amount of organic food and proteins. The above given are the guidelines and if you want to really get the required results however, you need to follow them wholeheartedly.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.