Obesity in Asia

According to the recent findings of WHO, Asia is the home to about half of the world’s obese kids. Surprisingly, this caters to about three-quarters of the cases available from Africa as a whole. It is quite alarming to see a steep increase in the childhood obesity, especially among the middle and lower-income countries. And according to WHO, a high level of action is the need of the hour.

What Causes Obesity Among Asian Children?

One of the major reasons for the extreme cases of obesity among Asian kids is the side effects of urbanization and globalization. Also, the common misconception held by governments and cultures from all over the world even plays a major role. Nowadays, kids are being raised in an obesogenic environment especially where fatty foods are available in huge abundance and also being affordable choices.

WHO states that children are highly exposed to energy-dense, ultra-processed and nutrient-less food, which are not only easily available but are cheap too. Along with that, with urbanization, kids have lost what was remaining of the physical activity from their life curriculum. This is especially for the children living in middle and upper-income places. No doubt, the extreme convenience of urbanization is removing or reducing the lugging books to school, delivering pails from the well and various other common work which involved physical activities.

Nowadays, there are various countries are facing various issues related to malnutrition and that is common because of having nothing to eat. Besides having undernourishment, there are various kids all around the world who are suffering from malnutrition because of eating many things which are not nutritious and completely wrong for their bodies.

Also, making matter worse is the presences of stiff traditions present in various cultures that an overweight kid is healthy and quite well off. There is always an influence with regard to cultural norms and values about having a desirable and healthy body, especially among kids and women. And in certain cases, an overweight and obese body is something of a desirable profile.

Solution For Handling And Avoiding Obesity

Encouraging Healthy Eating

Keep in mind that tiny changes can create recipes to success. It is important that you provide a huge amount of veggies, whole-grain products, and fruits to kids. In addition, try to add non-fatty or low-fat dairy or milk products. Keep in mind that you need to serve a reasonable amount of foods and go for lean meat, fish, poultry beans and lentils for proteins.

Cook Favorite Dishes In a Healthier Manner

Making few changes to the favorite food of your kids is easy and healthy. All you have to do is make few changes to the recipes and it will surely become the favorite and yummy meals of your kids.

Engaging In Physical Activities

Kids need to be taught about the benefits of indulging in physical activities. They must know that physical activities can help in reducing blood pressure, strengthening bones, reduction of anxiety and stress, coping up with weight management, increasing self-esteem, etc.

Final words

The success involved in reducing obesity depends on various factors. Mostly, it depends on a number of involvement parents have and the strong commitment and lifestyle changes that children need to follow. As parents, you need to start somewhere and be role models.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.