Why Do Kids Hate to Exercise Nowadays?

Ask any expert or a child psychiatrist on the necessity of physical activity for kids. Each of them will clearly state that on an average a kid needs about 40 to 70 minutes of exercise everyday. But that is not the shocking news. The brutal blow on the face is that most of the kids hate the idea of exercising.

What Makes Exercising A Non-lustrous Activity For Kids?

From the viewpoint of a child, it is not difficult to see why they dread exercising. One major reason is that they are self-conscious about how their body is, so they might not prefer swimming. However, they could try other physical activity where one can wear loose clothes like martial arts, baseball, etc. Now there could be certain kids who don’t like team sports and for these kids, they will be opt for running or swimming which is an exercise that can be done alone. Sometimes there could be kids who don’t like to get sweaty, they could try yoga or some form of sport indoor.

Exercising As Daily Routine

What makes kids hate exercising is that it is considered as a daily routine. Rather than driving your kids to shops or school, you can get them to cycle or walk to these places. Also, instead of parking your vehicle next to the shop, you can park further away and ensure that the children assist in carrying the shopping bag to your vehicle.

It is all about creating an interest among your kids in exercising through basic chores. Entice them to take share in doing the chores around the house. Instead of vacuuming the stairs and carpets, you can ask them to brush them. Also, ask the kids to scrub the kitchen floor rather than using the electric or automatic floor cleaner. This isn’t abusing them but look at it as a form of movement.

Making Exercise Fun

Most people get confused that exercising is all about swimming or running. However, it is more than that. It is even about throwing a Frisbee, playing in the park, kicking the ball, riding a bike or flying kites, etc. Do you know dancing is also a good form of exercise? Whether kids dance with their friends, or at home , it is a great exercise to burn some calories.

In addition, distractions like a competition to identify the most trees or flowers, or a treasure hunt is indeed a great past time and is a good mind exercise too.

Exercising As A Family

There is no doubt that kids watch and learn from their parents. So, if a kid sees adults exercising and having a great time, then they will really enjoy exercising and foresee it as something that is healthy as well as fun. Plus exercising as a family strengthens their family bonds.


Exercising is indeed a great physical factor for kids. Some kids might not like exercising. But it is all about creating an interest and making them enjoy it. It is simple and something which each parent must do in order to make their kids healthy and active. We at EzFit Singapore do customized programs for kids and families to get moving and have fun through exercise.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.